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Where Can You Get The Lift You Need For Your Business?

Young entrepreneurs are the life and soul of emerging markets. This has been proven with the meteoric rise of e-commerce, solely brought to the forefront of international economies by the millennial generation. The fundamentals of the successful business are consistency, and so far millennials have shown themselves to be one of the hardest working business people ever. There is no such thing as a weekend or a late night anymore, purely just another day at the office. When you work so hard, there should be a way you can reach out and show the world that you’re worthy enough to get the right amount of investment. It’s’ significantly important that you achieve this because sooner or later, your business will need to expand or perhaps take a risk on releasing a new product. The market itself shifts a lot and trends come in and out of fashion. So what routes do you have in order to get your business off the ground?

Business exhibitions

Business expos are some of the best events to go to as a young entrepreneur. Here you’ll meet all kinds of people from all the industries and sectors of business from around the world. You’ll be showcasing your business plan, and highlighting the relevant graphs and evidence that display your growth and revenue margins. You simply don’t know who you’re going to meet, and virtually anyone who you bump into could be your ticket to a brighter future. Other businesses will be there, and you should use this time to mingle and form networks. As you’re young and new to the world of business, building lines of communication with businesses and companies in industries that might not specifically be yours, but somehow connect, will provide useful down the line.


Get an eagle-eyed vision

Never allow yourself to think you can do it because some lines of expertise are simply too complex to understand totally. This is where analysts and private equity investors like Chris Pivik come in. It’s their passion to analyze certain markets, and give you the best options and advice about where you should invest your money. This is an eagle-eyed vision that puts you right in the center of your investment and financial plan. As a business, you need a safety net, because the global economy is always going to be through ebbs and flows. Some might say you need a healthy amount of investors to prop you up should disaster strike. However, this means you’re not independent and rely on others who may also have a stake in your company. Analysts will give you the option, to go it alone, and be totally self-reliant by making smart investments into other sectors, industries, businesses, and banks.

These two are simply the best routes any young entrepreneur can go down to find the funds they need to expand their business. Sometimes it’s great to have investors, and or other businesses that will give you money in return for an increased profit. But, with the expertise of analysts and experts in private equity investments, going it alone and reaping all the rewards is simply a chance too attractive to miss.

Find The Right Role For You In Business

You have spent four years or more in college studying business, and now you have a decision to make. What is the right role in business for you? If you have a solid business qualification, there are a number of roles that you could fill and many lead to high levels of pay and a great deal of other benefits. That said, it’s fair to say that not everyone is suited for every business role. To find out which one you are best suited for, it’s important to examine the job requirements as well as who you are as a person.



Almost every business these days has an HR department. This is either an outsourced service or an inhouse team that is on the payroll. Most people who enter into HR at some point studied law. However, it’s important to realize that most HR workers have a full law degree under their belt. This isn’t always necessary, and there are lots of HR workers who had no knowledge of the law before they took the job.

Working in HR, it’s important that you are able to pay attention to detail. An example of this would be during the recruitment of a new worker. You have to make sure that no detail is missed that could cause that worker to be an issue for the employer.

HR workers are often also great communicators. They have to be because throughout the day they are required to interact and connect with a wide variety of people including their colleagues. So, if you have an interest in the legal side of business and have great communication skills, this could be the right position in business for you.


You might think that becoming a manager or the leader of a business sector is the dream position. However, don’t be so sure because managing can be a very stressful position in business. Don’t forget there will be a lot of people looking for you to tell them what to do and how to do it. If you can’t take on this position effectively, the business will struggle. Managers also need to be fantastic leaders with a strong knowledge of how to get people on board with an idea and ensure that they fall in line.

It’s easy to assume that managers always have experience in different levels of business, but that’s not true. It’s quite possible, with the right degree, to gain a managerial position straight out of college. However, you might want to think twice about doing this. A lack of experience and a perception of being green will make it difficult to gain the respect and trust of the people you are managing.

Procurement Specialist

What is procurement? A procurement specialist will work within a business to get employers anything and everything that they need. To work in procurement, you might need representation from a procurement agency. Agencies like this are always on the lookout for individuals who could excel in this field. But what does that mean exactly? Procurement professionals tend to understand how to set up a deal, close it and most importantly, keep all the details in order. Both attentive and charming, procurement pros are agents in business centered on getting things done for their boss. This is a role that is becoming more popular however it takes a certain type of individual to succeed here.


Every business needs marketing and marketers are always in high demand. Again, some are hired as permanent members of the team, and others are outsourced. But what would make you a fantastic marketer? Well, you need to understand what makes people buy and what impacts buyer behavior. In this case, a marketing degree isn’t necessary. A typical business management course will explore many of the key areas of the consumer side of a purchase.

Financial Pro

Or finally, you might be best suited for handling the financial side of a business. This would be perfect for those who have just left college with an accounting degree. However, any knowledge of financial management could prove to be beneficial. People often think that accounting in business is a dying service and is slowly but surely being replaced by automatic software. However, many businesses still favor having an individual manage their business books and accounts. If you’re interested in this type of role, make sure that numbers don’t bore you and ensure that you are able to spot patterns and trends in finances.

We hope this helps you discover which business role you are best suited for.

Business Talk: What Do The Magical 10% Do Differently To The Rest?

The opportunities for young entrepreneurs have never been better. Modern tech, growing populations, and economic climates allow those with a winning model to achieve great results. And you only need to look at the host of successful 21st-century startups for proof.

However, it’s believed that up to 90% of new businesses close down before reaching any of the goals they set out to achieve. So, if you’re going to start a company in the future, it’s vital that you follow in the footsteps of the magical one in 10. Here’s how:

#1. Follow A Dream

As a young entrepreneur, gaining inspiration from the success stories before you is great. However, far too many fall into the trap of chasing the business model that they think will make the most money. Financial rewards aren’t the only key element to remember, though. In truth, emotional satisfaction is just as vital.

In today’s climate, even niche ideas can find a big enough market to thrive. If I can turn my passion into a fully fledged business idea, there’s nothing to stop you doing the same. Apart from anything else, that love for the work should lead to greater enthusiasm from the customers.

#2. Appreciate The Audience

Every business has its place in the market. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the failed 90% fail to ever truly pinpoint theirs. Quite frankly, researching your demographic is one of the most significant tasks of all. After all, those results will influence virtually every future decision you make.

This is especially true with regards to marketing. Design campaigns that will spark engagement and excitement from your key audience. The business will instantly be better than most. Sales figures alone won’t guarantee success, but they will put you on a far smoother pathway. Do not forget it for a second.

#3. Understand The Demands Of Business

Doing something you love is one thing, but making money from it is another. An appreciation of the requirements is crucial. Low overheads will buy you more time in business. So, if you can afford to operate from the comfort of your home, you should. Likewise, searching for the best value for money in all transactions is crucial.

The staff will be your greatest asset by far. Therefore, you must accept the legal requirements as well as the need to hire suitable candidates. A Qdos contractor can help the business ensure that its activities are completed in a professional manner. Aside from the direct benefits to the operation, it will provide the emotional confidence needed too.

#4. Use Time Effectively

It’s the oldest saying in the book, but time is money. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency or sales figures, using your time in an effective manner is key. In the modern climate, that often means embracing the latest tech for communication. Aside from speeding up processes, this can increase accuracy throughout the company.

Perfecting this part of your operation immediately won’t only bring short-term rewards. It’ll also give you the best chance of growing and expanding the company far sooner too. Given that sustained success is the ultimate goal, that has to be a plus point.


Careers for the Young Woman

Many young ladies are leaving high school and entering college with only one concern on their mind, what are they going to do? In America, what we do is considered a factor in who we are. The importance of what we do with our lives is a top priority. There are certainly no “wrong” answers when it comes to what we want to do with our lives but when you are unsure of which direction to go in, it becomes a daunting task. Today we want to share with you some top careers for women entering the workforce today.


Acting is a top contender for careers amongst young women. You can easily begin on stage, television, or even movies. It’s not an easy career to obtain, but if you have the willingness to learn and tenacity to work hard for it, you could become successful. Acting classes are an absolute must. Private coaching can be available. Most importantly, if you don’t do well at an audition, ask for constructive criticism. It helps to know what others see in your abilities and what needs work. One thing that can help spark the passion to get started, or keep going, is to go to famous locations related to the acting field. For instance, you could visit West Hollywood or attend a Broadway show.

Be an Entrepreneur

Most people think that starting their own business does not involve young women. However, women are becoming very successful entrepreneurs daily and all over the globe. All it takes is a strong passion for something and filling a need. Carrie Green was 19 years old and in law school when she started two businesses to help generate income. She had no idea what she was doing but she learned every step of the way. She got her law degree and founded the Female Entrepreneur Association and has now released a book. A large part of her success was her willingness to learn; she avoided telling herself what she couldn’t do and focused on what she could, and did not give up on herself. Some entrepreneurial ideas:

  • Owning your own brick and mortar retail shop
  • Selling your handmade items online
  • Writing and self-publishing your own eBooks
  • Open a yarn truck (like a food truck, but for fiber arts)
  • Start a traveling spa clinic
  • Start a Neighborhood Nanny Network

Look at what you love to do in your spare time and ask yourself, “Do I want to do this all the time?” and “How could I make income from this?” If you get stuck, look for local Women’s Business groups and look for connections online. Women are most successful when they have other women entrepreneurs supporting them!


Women are natural caregivers. The medical field is perfect for natural caregivers. Becoming a doctor is a perfect fit for the woman who wants to help save lives and heal souls. Becoming a doctor is by far not the easiest task. It can be roughly 9 years of schooling; 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical, and one year of residency. You will need to be sure you have excellent grades and get as many grants and scholarships as you can possibly obtain before taking out any loans. However, the ability to help people take care of themselves and heal is well worth the journey!

Landing your dream job is no easy task. We highly recommend you reach out to career counselors to help determine which direction you want to go in. No matter what field you are in, networking is crucial for success and you should start that as soon as you can. Be open to unusual twists and turns in your journey and don’t be afraid to take chances. You will be a success!

How I Turned My Passion into a Thriving Business

One of the darling dresses that can be found at daintyjewells.com

You’ve probably been told at some point, “Follow your passion and don’t give up.” It may not sound like revolutionary advice, but it’s truly some of the most important advice I’ve been given. It was my mom who first said these words to me, and if I hadn’t taken them to heart, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

At sixteen years old, I was passionate about upcycling tops, skirts, dresses, and even custom-embellished headbands. My intention wasn’t originally to start my own company; designing was a creative outlet for me. But my friends and acquaintances showed so much interest in owning one of my unique creations that starting my own business seemed to be the next logical step. Dainty Jewell’s was born, a company rooted in pursuing my passions that, after years of hard work, a few setbacks, and many successes, has become a provider of more than 80,000 pieces of clothing. It’s so exciting to watch my dream come to life! If you have a dream you’re passionate about, here is my advice to you:

Turn your passion into profit. In attempt to make extra money, I began designing headbands, shoe clips, and small accessories. Because my father was a traveling minister, I was able to sell my pieces all across the country. It wasn’t until people began encouraging me and complimenting my work, however, that I toyed with the idea of launching a full-fledged business. I was frequently asked about doing retail, so I finally decided to introduce a new clothing line on Facebook. I started my business with ten pieces, and it grew from there. Whenever you’re passionate about something or you just want to make a little extra money, try combining your passion with business savvy. It’s scientifically proven that following your passion brings deep satisfaction.  

What matters to you now many times won’t matter years from now. As I was starting my business at the age of sixteen, most people my age were totally engrossed in school activities, sports, dating, college applications, popularity, and adolescent drama. These things are huge when you’re a teenager, but they’re only a blip on the radar when you look at life on a large scale. While my peers were obsessed with matters of short-term significance, I was bootstrapping a business and learning how to manage my finances. I made sacrifices, such as choosing work over hanging out with friends, and I often chose to focus on my business when other things were calling for my attention. In the end, all the sacrifices were worth it. It’s the best feeling in the world waking up each day knowing I’m exactly where God wants me to be, doing what makes me happy.

Go against the grain. Dainty Jewell’s offers fashionably modest clothing for women and girls. The pieces have a classic elegance and vintage look (think Jackie Kennedy) with sleeves to the elbow and skirts to the knee. In a culture where dressing modestly isn’t celebrated, Dainty Jewell’s has still managed to be wildly successful. My pieces have been featured in USA Today, People StyleWatch, and BuzzFeed, and they’ve been worn by dozens of well-known fashion bloggers. I chose from the beginning to emphasize modesty, not so that Dainty Jewell’s would stand out or be unique—although those things became positive consequences of my decision—but so that I could be true to my belief that women and girls can and should be able to dress modestly and still look fabulous. Going against the grain and what society deems as normal has served my business and me well.  

Rely heavily on your support system. I can’t preach this last piece of advice enough! Surround yourself with positive, influential people who encourage, support, and love you. Your support system will be there when times are good and when times get tough: you need them for both. I would be nowhere without the encouragement and support of my parents, close family, and friends; without moral guidance from my pastor; and without the love and business advice of my husband. I’ve relied heavily on these people throughout the years. They’ve given wise counsel, lent an ear when I needed it, encouraged me, celebrated with me, and even rolled up their sleeves and helped me at times. My support system has been instrumental in the growth of my business and an asset to me personally.

Do you have a dream? A passion? A burning sense of purpose that sometimes keeps you up at night and energizes you in the day? Embrace that passion. Use it for good. Follow your passion, and never, ever give up.


About Charity Walter & Dainty Jewell’s: Charity Walter, a modern southern belle who grew up in North Carolina, began designing at the age of sixteen with the intent of upcycling and creating unique pieces featuring custom embellishments, dainty details, and decorative confections. After inspiring friends and acquaintances with her unique creations, the idea of creating her own company was born. Dainty Jewell’s remains dedicated to providing affordable and fashionably modest clothing to women of all ages because Charity believes dressing with ladylike class is a privilege all women should have access to. Combined with her intuitive business sense, Charity’s ability and passion to design clothing for every body type and age group is a gift that has enabled Dainty Jewell’s to soar in excellence for quality, customer service, and integrity. For more information, go to daintyjewells.com.


So You Want To Become An Entrepreneur?

Have you decided that you want to try and make it on your own and become an entrepreneur once you have left college? That’s a great decision, and you will find that it will provide you with a lot of independence in a very rewarding line of work. However, it isn’t simply something that you can just become overnight. You will need to work hard so that you can learn all the skills and knowledge needed to set up your own business. Ready to start working towards your career goal? Here are some important things to consider.

Be Inspired By Others

There are lots of people out there who started early and made their fortune at a very young age. For instance, just look at Mark Zuckerberg and all his success with Facebook. There are lots more success stories about young entrepreneurs. You should start reading all of these stories now. That way, you can discover people who impress and inspire you. We all need heroes and role models throughout our lives who we can look up to and motivate us to do our best. It is also a good idea to try and learn about the mistakes that all these successful people made in their journey. Learn from these, and be sure to never make the same mistakes that they did.

Do Well In School And College

If there is one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common, it is the fact that they are so hardworking and driven. And that started long before they had even set up their own business. So you need to follow their example and start to put in a lot of effort at school and college. Work hard, go to college to learn the basics of business, and you will find life as an entrepreneur a whole lot easier!

Become A People Person

Even though you will be the boss of your very own company, you will have to rely on some others to help you with various jobs and tasks. To ensure you become a great boss to all your employees, you need to try and improve your people skills. Sure, you could outsource these tasks, or rely on useful resources such as financial software or an HR tool, but there is nothing that beats having people working by your side to develop your company. And the best way to get people on board and to stick with you is to become a great people person.

Get Plenty Of Experience

You will need to have a lot of experience under your belt to succeed in the big world of business. So whenever you get the opportunity, you should take as much work experience as possible. Even better if it is closely linked to the industry that you want to eventually work in. This will give you a fantastic view of how businesses are run and what makes a fantastic leader and boss.

Good luck on your future career as a brilliant entrepreneur!

Hitting The Big Time As An Entrepreneur: What You Need To Know

laptop-businessIf you’re at school or university at the moment, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your career. What will you do when you finally get released into the big, wide world? It’s be fair to say that there are a lot of opportunities and choices to be made. Perhaps too many choices.

Career advisors like to get students to focus on something specific – like accounting. They do this out of a sense of responsibility. They want you to have a stable middle class lifestyle where you go to work five days a week and can afford to go on holiday in the summer.

But there is another route, one that you careers advisor will rarely talk to you about. This route is called entrepreneurship. And as far as careers go, it’s probably the most exciting out there.

Is it fair to call entrepreneurship a career? Probably not. It’s not something that is set down by somebody else. It’s about you, as an individual, finding opportunities in the marketplace to meet people’s needs.

The Startup Revolution

You might not be aware of this, but right now we’re in the midst of a startup revolution. More startups are starting each year than ever before. Entrepreneurs are starting new companies at breakneck pace. It’s all been made possible by the falling costs of entrepreneurship. In the past, it used to cost of fortune to start up a company. Finding an office, paying for equipment – it was all very expensive. But today, many businesses can be set up on the cheap. Some can be started without spending a single penny. For instance, sites like www.yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk prove you don’t have to pay for offices. You can just have an office front for your business while you work from home. And also, most new startups aren’t focused on building big, expensive physical projects. Instead, they’re concentrating on building new apps and software, all from their computer.

What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Unfortunately, academic life doesn’t prepare you for life as an entrepreneur. It’s not just about being book smart. You have to be street smart too. Plus, there’s nobody telling you what to do as an entrepreneur. You have to find your own way to organise your team and meet the needs of your customers.

Many entrepreneurs start their journey by talking to entrepreneurs who have already been successful. Often this provides insight into how they should go about starting their own business. Being an entrepreneur takes a couple of fundamental character traits. It first takes a person who has grit and perseverance. Entrepreneurs do indeed make plans for their futures. But 99 times out of a hundred, those plans fall by the wayside. There’s always an issue or a problem that throws them off course. Entrepreneurs need perseverance to accomplish their goals, even when things get tough.

Second, you need to be somebody who is willing to adapt to the circumstances. Your customers don’t always want what you think they want. Adapting to their needs is your top priority. Entrepreneurs need to be flexible, easy going and not wedded to any particular product. www.entrepreneur.com has a list of typical entrepreneur traits and characteristics you can read.

Teen Launches Jewelry Design Business While Fighting Cancer

Teen Launches Jewelry Design Business While Fighting Cancer

linda cifuentesI’m Linda Cifuentes, a 17-year-old jewelry designer and cancer survivor who firmly believes in never giving up. I believe this way of thinking gave me the strength I needed to start a new life in America, to pursue my dream of becoming a jewelry designer, and helped me fight cancer.

I was born in a small town in Colombia and lived in foster care for many years before I was adopted at 13 with my two younger sisters by my loving new family from San Diego, CA.

After being in the U.S. for only two years, I fainted and my mother took me to the hospital. That night I was hospitalized and was told that I had a tumor that covered one-third of my chest cavity. The diagnosis was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. Can you imagine my feelings? I was terrified and did not even know how to pronounce my diagnosis. Losing my hair was so painful. I had never been to a hospital before, and to be honest, it scared me, yet I was determined to fight.

While undergoing chemo, my mom brought me beads to make jewelry and lift my spirits because everyone knew I loved jewelry. A male nurse asked to buy a pair of earrings and soon, others followed. This was the beginning of my jewelry designing business, Linda Designs 4U.

With the help of Make-a-Wish Foundation, I met high-end jewelry designer, Ivanka Trump! Even today, she guides me in my growing business and is my mentor.

A portion of all proceeds of Linda Designs 4U goes to help children in foster care who are fighting cancer. I want to share my story and hope to inspire other teens to never give up – to stay positive, learn the lessons life is teaching you and fight for your dreams with a smile on your face, because miracles happen everyday.

Check out the article and video on People Style Watch that features Linda meeting her mentor Ivanka Trump! http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2012/08/08/ivanka-trump-jewelry-helps-young-girl/

Below are the links to the Linda Designs 4U website, Facebook and Twitter:

Website – http://lindadesigns4u.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Lindadesigns4U

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Linda-Designs-4U/394586530615400?fref=ts

Changing the Dialogue

Changing the Dialogue

by Patricia J. Moser and Barbara K. Moser

The dialogue needs to change.

Women are constantly inundated with studies and anecdotal commentary that shows how women haven’t achieved a presence in the upper echelons of corporate or other career pursuits. Lots of discussion and rationale is offered as to the “why not” of this reality, and numerous suggestions on how to alter this trend.

As long as the focus is on “haven’t” or “can’t” this will continue to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you read:

  • Research by Catalyst suggests that at the current rate of change it will take women 73 and 47 years respectively to reach parity with men in the boardroom and as corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies.

  • An article in Harvard Business Review titled “Women and the Labyrinth of Leadership” details the barriers women face in climbing the corporate ladder.

  • Female doctors are paid less than male counterparts according to a joint study by University of Michigan Health System and Duke University.

An antidote to this negativism needs to be found, as with articles and books like those mentioned, it is easy for women to get paralytic and determine that it is not worth trying – the future is already in the cards.

This is not to say that there is an overwhelming number of women who have “made it” and that the barriers for women to achieve success are illusionary. Women will face obstacles on the pathway to significance and success, that are not present for men.

Yet the reality is that women, in many different fields of endeavour across the globe, have achieved the extraordinary. Unfortunately,  most of us haven’t heard about them. Why? Because women are often quite satisfied in making a positive difference in the world with little or no fanfare. As Virginia Woolf once famously said, “throughout history, anonymous was a woman.”

So what is the difference between those women who have achieved significance and success, and those who haven’t? There are several traits that these women possess such as persistence, resilience, confidence and passion, and seeing obstacles as opportunities waiting to happen.

Wake up
How many times have we driven too fast, focused on large highway signs and missed the desired off-ramp because we missed the less obvious arrow at the side of the road? Unfortunately the road to success is often marked in the small print, not with a neon sign.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

This insight comes from astronaut, engineer, physician, dancer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Mae Jemison, who has found success in many different arenas. Her amazing journey from the south side of Chicago, to becoming the first woman of color in space reveals that she created her won pathway to success. She allowed herself to take advantage of every opportunity offered and refused obstacles to block her in her pursuits.

Never Take a Job for the Pay or Title
Southwest Airlines is the most profitable airline in the US, with the fewest number of customer complaints. This is in no small part due to Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus, who guided Southwest for over 30 years, and was considered the “beating heart” of the company. Her devotion to the welfare of her employees and their well-being is what ensured that Southwest could continue to operate profitably and without diminishing the customer experience, whilst other airlines floundered. To ensure success Colleen advises “Never take a job for the pay or title – take it only because you have a passion for the cause to which the company or organization is dedicated. Then it just doesn’t feel like work and you will find that success is easily attained because you are completely committed to what you are doing.”

Everything is Possible
Most of us do not have to worry when we pursue our career that we may be killed because of it. This is however the reality for Dr. Sima Samar, the Chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. She fled Afghanistan for Pakistan during the Russian invasion after her husband was rounded up and arrested with over 500 other educated people, and was never to be heard from again. Dr. Samar founded the Shuhada Organization, which during the Taliban regime were the only high schools that girls were able to attend in the country. As well this organization ran underground home school classes for girls in Kabul. She advises women to:

“Build our capacity and self confidence – everything is possible. It might be difficult, but not impossible.”

From a woman who has paid a heavy price for her commitment on a personal level, this is advice that truly resonates. Dr. Samar has said that her work may only be a drop in the ocean, but at least she feels that that drop is something positive.

Avoid the Naysayers
How often have we stopped before we’ve even begun? “Chicken Littles” abound and warn us of potential dire consequences. Others are quick to raise an eyebrow at an idea or concept, making us doubt our ideas, our dreams and following the well-worn path instead of that which is less or has never been travelled.

“Believe in yourself and your aspirations. Don’t let doubts or naysayers stop you from achieving your dreams.”

So says Heather Reisman, CEO of the largest book retailer in Canada and one of its most successful entrepreneurs. She knows about naysayers, yet at each turn in the road she recognized her own best route to success. As she says, “The only  difference between those who do, and those who don’t, is that those who do-do!”

A lot of our doubts and so-called naysayers are coming from report upon report from researchers and the media.  Women still face obstacles to attaining significance and success, but we need to start focusing on those who have achieved the pinnacle and what it is that allowed them to do so. There is no question that there is still a long way to go, and that we need to continue to do research to understand the gaps. However, let’s start tempering the “can’ts” and “haven’ts” with “haves” and “can.”

Let’s change the dialogue.