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Meet Dutch Fashion Designer Lecy Lau

My name is Lecy Lau, I am 19 years young, and I live in the Netherlands. For four years straight now I been running my own brand called LECY LAU. I hope other young girls get inspired by reading my story.

My whole life I have always been into fashion, but to actually start my own fashion brand…I never thought about that. It just happened! Even when I was young, I always liked to design my own clothes and turn a basic piece into something unique. When I was 15 years old, I designed a pair of denim jeans by myself. I received many compliments on the jeans and people really wanted to buy them from me, so I asked myself, why not? I made the jeans for a couple of people and sold them. Then even more people wanted to buy them, and before I knew it I had so many orders that even my mother needed to help me to make them because it was just too much to do it all by myself! Then I received the question from different people, asking if I had more clothes to sell. I really liked the feeling of seeing other people happy with something I made for them. From that moment I knew what I wanted to do. I was fifteen years old when I made my brand official and started spreading my clothes all over social media.

Even after four years, every day I’m learning new things and getting so much joy out of designing. There have been ups and down, both personally and professionally, but every difficult situation makes me a stronger person. I challenge myself to be the best version of me. There is one thing I really don’t like to do, and that is competing and judging others, because we all try to do our best and I just don’t think you will get any better by making conclusions about somebody because of what you see from the outside. I know a lot of people do this to each other, and most of the time it makes them bitter, jealous, and unfocused. I just like to mind my own business, really, and do what feels and is best for me. I just want to tell all girls, as long as you work hard and don’t give up, you will get where you want to be.

“You learn as you live, you only lose when you give up everything.’’ That is the quote that keeps me focused. I love to see and read motivational quotes and stories from other people; I learn from them and get inspired. I just think you can’t have enough of them!

I am thankful for getting up every single morning, and going to my own office to work on something that I love to do. I enjoy my work every day, and I hope that every single girl will one day get her dream job, too. It doesn’t matter if it is for yourself or for a CEO, the only thing that matters is that you have fun with what you do, something that is really your passion. Stay true to yourself and don’t settle for anything less. No matter what you have been through, or what you are going through right now, you deserve the best.


Lots of love,

Lecy Lau


Check out her clothing line at http://lecylau.com/

Clothes: The Ultimate Wearables

Do you remember how you felt when you first heard the term wearables? What a strange and exotic word – but mostly just strange. These days, a wearable is a piece of technology that can be worn like an accessory. From Google Glass to the Apple Watch, the list continues to grow.

As technology develops, so too can the wearable industry. Many people don’t think of the development of clothing technology when they think of wearables, but this is the first thing we put on and should be the first “wearable” on our minds for daily use. Let’s look at a few ways clothing technology has changed.

Dual-purpose Clothing

Both brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers are always looking for ways to have their products serve multiple purposes. Along with function, fashion is being more and more considered by consumers when making their decisions on clothing. Being able to properly combine the two with technology that takes clothing to the next level is the goal both retailers and consumers are looking for. One example of a company that is advancing the way men look at clothing is Mizzen+Main. These products aim to give clean styles incorporating performance fabrics that are wrinkle-free and machine washable. Serving the purpose of office attire and casual outing appropriate is a strong dual purpose that is on the rise more and more.

Compression Clothing

There are numerous benefits of compression clothing. For some, it reduces swelling. For others, it helps them perform more efficiently and cuts down on soreness after a workout. But one of the greatest benefits of compression clothing is that it does all these things while still looking like regular clothing.

Aside from major clothing items like tops and bottoms, a category of compression clothing that should not be overlooked are compression socks. They can be a great help without looking like medical equipment for those struggling with plantar fasciitis, for example. That is not to say that compression clothing is a replacement for a necessary medical equipment, but it is a great tool to help with medical conditions on a regular basis. How many people could have thought that technology of clothing and socks has evolved to address medical issues the way they are doing so today.

Change Is Coming

Technology in the clothing department continues to advance. From smart bras to smarter underpants, you can be covered with electronic smarts from head to toe. It turns out smart clothes are the ultimate smart wearables. Google has partnered with Levi to make a Jacket with a touch gesture area for controlling smartphones. There are pants that can charge your phone. There are shirts that can read your heart rate. Clothing technology will continue to change and adapt to the way we as consumers will need our clothes to function. With the constant change in technology in our clothing, the term wearables will no longer be limited to things like the devices around our wrists.

Your clothes do not have to sport touch screens to be smart wearables. Activewear dress shirts and compression clothing also fit the bill. 

Clever Clothing For Cash-Strapped Students

Living on the money you’re expected to as a student is never easy. At this time in your life, you’re finding more and more out about yourself. And, it’s very important that you can express this through the clothing you wear. Most students want to wear designer clothing, with huge price-tags and famous names. But, the bridge in price between these options and regular clothing is massive. And, far too much for most students to be able to afford. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. This post will be taking you through some ways that you can start making these items yours.

As a student, you’ve probably already figured out how sales work in superstores, where you buy your food and other essentials. And, these principles can be applied to clothing, too. To start, you should never buy a garment at full price. At some point in its life; it will be on sale. So, it can be much better to wait for the clothing you love the most. In most places, sales have to be rotated by companies to make sure that they are staying within the law. As another way to get around the law, companies will also have coupon codes. The restrictions on these are usually much more relaxed. And, there are loads of websites to help you. For example, if you were looking for a new handbag; finding a Rebecca Minkoff coupon could get something you would otherwise be unable to afford. This work will usually pay-off. And, the results will be loads of lovely new clothing.

This next idea will take a little more work than the first one. A lot of the clothing you find in charity shops and thrift stores is found during house clearances. This means that the people who have given them to the store may not know exactly what the items are. And, if they make it past the employees at the store; some incredibly cheap deals can be found. Most people are clueless when it comes to designer clothing. So, the odds are that anything that goes in will end up on the shelf. To find deals like this, you will have to visit these stores as often as possible. This gives you the chance to support a good cause and get some great deals at the same time.

If you’re willing to put in extra effort; you may not even need to save money. Instead, you could be earning it. As a student, you have a skill or study that you’re currently working on. In most cases, this will be related to something that you can sell. For example, an art student could sell their work on a website like Etsy. Or, a computer science student could use websites like Freelancer to get developer work. The money that you make from these ventures can be set aside just for your clothing. Using the saving methods above; you will be able to save loads and make the money you earn going even further. And, this is all while growing your wardrobe.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on your wardrobe. A lot of people are very interested in clothing. But, don’t think that they have the money to pursue their outfit dreams. With the right work, even a student can spend their days looking great. There’s loads of proof; so, you just need to go out there and take it for yourself.

Make Over Yourself (Without Changing Too Much)

This time of year, a lot of us are starting to think about making a few changes to our lives, whether that’s pulling up your grades at school or college, updating your apartment, or finally trying to decide what you want to do with your life (spoiler alert: you never have to figure things out 100% – you can keep on changing yourself indefinitely!). Something that’s a whole lot easier to do is to give ourselves makeovers. You don’t have to start slapping on thick layers of foundation and investing in a complete new closet full of clothes – here are some ways to make over yourself without losing the essence of who you are…


Master A Makeup Look

One of the best ways to feel great about yourself when you leave the house is to be confident that your makeup is on point. Not many people except for Instagram stars and beauty vloggers have mastered how to put on an entire face of makeup perfectly – and remember that makeup trends move so quickly that not even contouring is in fashion any more, so it’s best to stick to the classic looks. Blend in some BB cream with a sponge (you don’t have to use an official beauty blender – most drug stores will make cheaper versions), and fill in your eyebrows. Decide whether you’re going to be a lip or eye girl, and perfect either a perfect black eyeliner wing or a gorgeous crimson lip. No matter which you choose, keep practicing until you know how to do it right first time.


Get Your Hair Cut

Getting your hair cut will blow away all the cobwebs and make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. There’s nothing worse than knowing your hair’s grown too long for its style and that the ends look a little ragged – so it’s time to get a whole new look. If you aren’t confident about styling your hair, ask the stylist to make sure that you can still tie it back if you want to. When you get home, make sure that you practice curling and flat iron techniques so you know that you can easily style it any time that you want to.


Invest In New Underwear

The number one best way to look good in your clothes and to have a clean silhouette is to get new underwear. You don’t have to buy underwear that will hold in your stomach – on the contrary, don’t let yourself be comfortable all day – but you should definitely buy a bra that fits you and that you can jump around in without worrying that you’re about to pop out of it. A lot of women are wearing bras with a back that’s too big and a cup that’s too small, so get professionally measured to figure out your real size.


Change The Way You Look At Clothes

Finally it’s time to change your attitude towards clothes. A lot of us dress in an attempt to hide the parts of ourselves that we don’t feel good about – our thighs, our stomachs, our upper arms – but instead why not focus on showing off the parts of your body that you love? Wear rings to draw attention to your beautifully shaped hands, wear v-neck shirts to show off your pretty collarbone, wear sandals when you’ve had a pedicure. Focusing on what you love about your body will make you feel better about it.

Great Tips For Beginner Cyclists

cyclingCycling’s a stunning sport. It can take you from gloomy streets right up into the sun kissed hills, depending on where you travel, cycling can take you anywhere, and be a really great way to see the world whilst doing something you enjoy, and something that is also extremely good for you physically. Cycling is great for the legs, it can increase your leg’s muscle mass substantially, but its primary an aerobic exercise, essentially meaning your heart gets a great workout, not only this but your lungs get exercised too. There are a great many physical benefits for getting on a bike. Here, we have some tips for beginner cyclists to help you get started.

Wear The Correct Clothing

Wearing the correct clothing is vital to a cyclist, however it’s important to note that it depends on what kind of reason you’re getting on your bike. If you’re using it to get to work then decking yourself out in lycra may not be needed, choose the right wear for the right situation. If you’re using your bike as a part of exercise or competition then you certainly need the right gear. Just like runners use compression gear, cyclists need cycling shorts. Shorts offer a clutch of great benefits, primarily they are made of a special material that allows stretch, with a cyclists movement in mind they stretch and move perfectly, so you don’t even notice any resistance that you would if wearing sweatpants for instance. The cycling short’s most useful because of the padding. If you’re spending hours in the saddle then padding is quite literally vita, otherwise your trip will be one of misery. They’ll help prevent chafing between your legs and give you some cushion for when you sit. They divert pressure from your perineum and help promote blood flow. They also promote great aerodynamics, which of course is quite significant when you’re on a bike, especially if competing. A correct cycling jersey does the same, and they’re slightly larger to cover your back as you learn forward in the saddle.

You need to choose the right helmet too, firstly it’s illegal to ride without one in many countries and it can save your life, but if you get the wrong helmet it can pull at your hairs and move on your head as you’re riding. It can also rub and itch if it doesn’t edge sweat away. There are many things to consider when purchasing a helmet.

Keep Exercising

There are going to be days you just don’t want to to go outside, it may be pouring with rain or hail, or perhaps you’re snowed in. In these instances you’ll probably still want to get some exercise in, then what better than to get a similar type of exercise on a spinning bike. This way you can keep up with the same style of exercise your usual bike affords so you don’t lose your edge in down time. There are some amazing spinning bikes out there, and reviews do help you choose. They can increase your cardiovascular activity and allow you to train for longer, they’re also great for your legs. Spinning bikes are designed to offer a realistic alternative to actually cycling, and while they will never offer you the same experience they’re still great when you can’t cycle.

Choose The Right Bike

Nothing is more important than choosing the correct bike. I’m sure you know there are countless bikes out there, each offering different pro’s and con’s. If you’re a beginner you should be careful when choosing an amount to spend. If you think you could give cycling up then don’t splurge, but if you know you’re going to take it seriously it could pay off in the long run to invest in a good bike. You of course need to analyse which kind of bike you need. There are countless types of bikes out there. If you’re going to be cycling up hills and across forest trails you’ll need a mountain bike, if you want to compete in official bike races then you’ll need a road bike. These are all things you must consider before buying.

You also need to ask yourself practical questions like where are you going to store it? Make sure it can be kept in a locked garage or shed, otherwise it’s at risk of being stolen. You also need to consider where you are in relation to what you want to do. For example if you want to mountain bike but live nowhere near any hills or trails then you’re going to need to install bike transport equipment on your car, which can be quite costly. Cycling can be a wonderful sport, provided you think it through properly before undertaking any commitments.

Tips For Buying Clothes For The Guy In Your Life

It’s a new season and you may feel like it’s time to help your man get into a new wardrobe. You want him to look stylish, but you know he’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

Maybe it’s his birthday, or maybe you want to get him a gift for a holiday. There can be as many reasons to buy clothing for your guy as there are pieces of clothing to choose from.

Whether you are planning to shop for him or with him, it can really help to have some ideas of what guys like and what is in style. Not only do you want to make sure you find the right look and the right fit, but you also want to make sure you find the right materials as well.

Understand His Style

By learning to understand your guy’s style you will be able to ensure that when you do head out shopping for him on your own you will be able to find clothing that is just right for him.

You can learn to do this by going shopping with him for clothing once in a while. Pay attention to what he wears. Get a feel for the stuff he feels comfortable in and the stuff he wears most often.

Buy Him Quality

Even if you want to help him change his style up some, you don’t want to go too far off track. Plus, you want to make sure that you buy him quality clothes. You can find great branded clothes in many styles for men.

If your guy prefers a preppy look, you can’t go wrong with an order from Johnnie-O.com. They offer high quality branded clothes that have that fashionable ‘West Coast prep’ look that is in style right now.

You can get him something as simple as new polo shirt, or get him a whole new outfit. You may even find something for yourself!

Getting Him To Change

Even if surfer isn’t his style, you may be able to get him to adopt a new look if you go about it the right way. You don’t want to force him into something uncomfortable though.

Find things that somewhat go with his style, even if they aren’t a perfect fit to his particular look. You want things that he can blend into and maybe he’ll find he likes this look

When you do get him a new piece of clothing, especially if it’s something out of his normal style, make sure you compliment him on it and let him know you like that look.

You may not realize it, but if you make sure you take time to always look good and dress in style you’ll start to rub off on him as well. Lead by example.

It’s really not all that difficult to help your guy get a new look, stay in style, and even update his style. You just have to go about it the right way. Don’t try to completely change him, you want him to be comfortable and sometimes guys are just comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans!

Dressing Up Your Self Esteem

by Veronica Williams

bridesmaidsDon’t you find it interesting that when we put on new clothes how good it makes us feel inside?  It’s as if putting on new things makes us feel clean, shiny and refreshed.  Some might compare this with the feeling we get when we accept the Lord Jesus as our personal savior.

What other things make us feel good inside? A healthy and positive relationship with God as well as the basic things we need in life to nurture our bodies.  Our physical bodies need to be sustained and once this has been achieved we can then consider our spiritual and emotional life.  It might also be argued that in order to have a good and healthy self-esteem we need to feel loved, appreciated and encouraged.  Can we buy the things we need to have a positive self-esteem? I personally don’t think so, thus going shopping for clothes, while it has a ‘feel good factor’ will not enhance our self-esteem for very long.

I like to look and feel good as well as the next person, but have realized that my physical appearance is only a small piece of the picture and I also need to have a spiritually healthy outlook and attitude.  Essentially I am arguing that God needs to be at the center of my life.  I need to be able to praise and communicate with him on a daily basis, and I need to know that he answers and directs my footsteps.

The thought of shopping for my sister’s impending wedding was somewhat daunting.  She had asked her future sister-in-law and our two cousins along with myself to be bridesmaids and we were having a meeting to look at materials and styles for the bridesmaid’s dresses. I believe the fact that we were having a meeting to communicate our individual views and ideas would also offer an opportunity for us to feel included and a sense of being valued in the coming event.  I was loved enough by my sister for her to wish me to be included in her wedding party, I was appreciated and my views would be taken into consideration when we looked at the style and material for the dresses and I was encouraged to understand the importance and significance of marriage in a spiritual context.

In our discussions we considered a variety of factors, not least of which was our body shapes and sizes.  If we think about it, we are all individuals with our own special requirements and physical shape. How we look and how others view our bodies may affect our self-esteem.  If we receive many complements and positive comments about our looks, then we would probably not focus on anything negative in our appearance.  On the other hand, if others are inclined to pointing out our negative qualities this could in time have a detrimental effect on our self-confidence.

I personally believe that we are all attractive and all have certain good qualities. Some people, especially teenagers with changing hormones and body changes, may tend to see the negative in their physical appearance.  I reiterate our hormones may make us moody and even temperamental.  However, if we have the correct moral barometer in place we will be able to accurately assess our individual needs and have an understanding of our internal and external beauty.  There is a chapter in the scriptures (Psalm 45:9) which refers to girls as being daughters of the King.  It says that young woman are essentially princesses with all the connotations that the word implies.

As the bridesmaid meeting progressed we discussed in depth the material which we thought would suit each of our skin color and hair.  We also gained an insight into each others views and preferences.  We agreed on material and color, however we varied in tastes and the length and style of the dresses.  Finally, we decided that all the dresses should be long but we could choose different styles for the bodice. Each of our differing tastes were accommodated!

We all have different tastes and its okay to select or prefer one thing above another.  It reflects that we, in caring about each other’s preferences,  are also showing that we love and care for one another. In having an open discussion we learned more about ourselves and each other and most importantly Christ was at the center of this pre-shopping expedition.



Are You an Expressionista?

This excerpt was taken from Expressionista: How to Express Your True Self Through (And Despite) Fashion by Jackie Walker and Pamela Dittmer McKuen, and reprinted with permission of Beyond Word Publishing/Atria Books, Hillsboro, Oregon.


expressionistaAn Expressionista is someone who knows her personal sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it, no matter what anyone else says. She doesn’t need to impress anyone or follow the latest television star. She checks out the latest trends and celebrity appearances or peruses style sites online when she feels like it, but ultimately she makes up her own mind about what to wear. She believes she looks great—and she does.

Are you an Expressionista? Find out now.

Answer the following statements yes if they are true or mostly true for you. Answer no if they are not true or mostly not true.

1.  Before the big party, your friends call you to see what you plan to wear.

2.  You don’t mind when you can’t buy something new for the big party—you’ll just think up something different to do with your hair or nails.

3.  It doesn’t bother you when someone makes a rude remark about something you’re wearing.

4.  You don’t have a lot of clothes, but you mostly like everything in your closet.

5.  Sometimes you give your mom or older sister fashion advice, and she takes it.

6.  You like to experiment with colors and combinations you haven’t tried before.

7.  You don’t judge people by what they wear or how they look.

8.  You don’t buy something just because someone else does or because it’s popular.

9.  Sometimes you borrow something from your dad’s or brother’s closet to wear.

10.  Clothes are fabulous, but they aren’t the most important thing in your life.


Scoring: How many yes answers do you have? Expressionistas have lots of yes answers. Here’s how to interpret your score:

9–10 You are well on your way to becoming an Expressionista! With this book you will learn about Fashion Personas and how they relate to your independent sense of style. You’ll also be able to help your friends and sisters find theirs.

7–8 Sometimes you feel very secure in your clothing decisions, and sometimes you’re just not sure. As you learn more about your personal style and find creativeways to express it, you will make Expressionista decisions all the time.

5–6 Keep trying out new looks and new ideas until you find the ones that you feel totally comfortable with. Expressionistas are adventuresome!

3–4 You’re definitely influenced by other people. When you learn more about your personal style, you’ll be more confident about making your own decisions. That’s the first step to becoming an Expressionista.

0–2 Right now you are probably a little unsure of your fashion choices. That’s okay, because we’re here to help you feel more confident. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to become an Expressionista!

New fashion site, The Hunt, makes social media photos shoppable

New fashion site, The Hunt, makes social media photos shoppable

the hunt, how it worksHow many times have you been watching your favorite show and would up falling in love with the outfit your favorite character was wearing? Have you ever tried to search for that same or similar outfit online? You’ve probably been frustrated because you can’t find it or it’s way out of your budget. Also, nearly 50% of the photos uploaded on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr don’t contain any buying information. So how are you supposed to shop for the items you want?

Good news for all you fashionistas! A new website called The Hunt allows you to hunt for items that you see on Pinterest, Instagram, your favorite blog and even fashion you see on the street. You just post a picture and the Hunt’s fashionista community helps you find the exact item, or something similar that’s less expensive!

When to use The Hunt:

  • Did you see your favorite celeb wearing an amazing pair of pumps, jeans or earrings on the cover of Glamour but cannot afford the exact item?  Find your “wanted” fashion items by uploading a picture of the outfit.  Other members of the community find the exact piece or something similar at varying price points on fashion e-commerce websites.

  • Have a special event coming up but you’re unsure on how to accessorize your dress?  Post the outfit for the special occasion (prom, girls’ night out, a first date, spring break) and other community members will give you their suggestions.

  • Pulling together an outfit that you already have in your closet and you’re not sure which shoes are better?  Post a picture of yourself and others will chime in on the debate.

  • Are you still thinking about those floral trousers you pinned months ago, but when you followed the thread you ended up at a dead link? Hunt for them!

In addition to purely altruistic motives, The Hunt has become an addictive online scavenger hunt for the fashion obsessed. Similar to online gaming, The Hunt delivers an experiential ‘thrill of the chase’ – whether a user is hunting for themselves or others.

How to get started using The Hunt:

  1. Members “start a hunt” by uploading pictures or linking recent photos they’ve “liked” on Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest. Next, fill out characteristics about the photo that will help others hunt for the item or similar items.

  2. Once the item is found it will appear in either e-mail form or under the “following” tab. This information is sent to all of the people that have followed this particular hunt.

  3. After “finding” this product, a personal “thank you” to the member of the community that found it by posting a comment or giving them a Gem lets them know that you thought their find was great.

  4. After a Hunter deems “a find” the perfect look they can mark their hunt as “found”, culminating the hunt.

Top 4 Things We Love Most About The Hunt:

  1. “Hunting” turns pictures into real life purchases.

  2. People are connecting within the community to aid one another in acquiring pieces they truly desire.

  3. The Hunt is a time saver.  Instead of scouring the web and stores individually, others work with the original Hunter to create a team effort.

  4. The Hunt keeps users updated with new fashion trends.

  5. You can finally own the products that you like, at a price you can afford.


Visit The Hunt at: https://www.thehunt.com

Color Psychology to Happiness: Mixing Up Your Color Palette for 2013

Color Psychology: Style Your Room, Design Your Mood

Thanks to Macys.com for this colorfully-inspiring infographic.