Chit Chatting with Actress Lulu Lambros


Written by Jill Sheets

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing up and coming  actress Lulu Lambros. She plays Ellie, the best friend of Harley, on the show Stuck in the Middle. Read on and learn how her parents took her request for an agent when she was three years old, what five things people may not know about her, and what the strangest question she ever has been asked is.

R: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting.

L: I’m a Cali girl, born and raised in Los Angeles. I’ve wanted to act as long as I can remember. When I was three years old, I told my parents I needed an agent so I could be on TV just like the kids I watched on my favorite shows. It wasn’t that simple though. My parents said, “Start with theater, and if you still want to do it, we can talk about getting an agent for TV and film.” I performed steadily in local theater productions, including Shakespeare in the summers, from the time I was four until I was ten. It was then that my current agent scouted me at an acting showcase and signed me immediately.


R: Tell us about your show Stuck in the Middle and about your character Ellie.

L: Stuck in the Middle is a single camera comedy series on Disney Channel. We see the crazy, fun, everyday life of the Diaz family through the eyes of Harley (Jenna Ortega), the middle child of seven. I play Ellie, Harley’s lovable best friend and neighbor. My character lives next door to the Diaz’s with her hilariously over-protective mom. Ellie is Harley’s biggest fan and an honorary Diaz. The writers have created such a likable character in Ellie–she’s sweet, innocent, super eager, and ridiculously funny. I love her!


R: What was the audition process like? How did you find out you got the role? Where were you?

L: Wow, I can’t believe its been a year and a half! The audition came in just like any other audition, I had a few days to prepare, and went in hoping for the best. I remember having a good audition, but there were a lot of girls there, and you never know. A week later I got a producer’s callback and again I felt good about my audition, but the producers didn’t give anything away. The next day my dad picked me up after school, which was weird because my mom always picks me up. My dad said he just felt like picking me up, and when we got to the car I saw my mom standing there with a huge smile on her face. I looked at both of them and at the same time they said, “You’re Ellie, you got the part!” I cried, laughed, screamed, and jumped up and down all at the same time.


R: What is a typical taping day for you?

L: My favorite days! It usually starts with an early call time of 7 or 8am, sometimes earlier. Every day you get a call sheet with your schedule for the day–it tells you approximately when to go into hair and makeup, when to report to school, when you will be on set, and when the meals will be served. We all start our days with breakfast on set, and then spend a little time with the set coach before we rehearse for the actual taping. Because we have so many kids in our cast, it’s fun and games all day on set!


R: If you could pick any five shows to make a guest appearance on, what would they be?

L: Oh my gosh, five shows, that would be a dream! Well, if I could go back in time it would be Gossip Girl. Currently, and this is so hard because there are so many awesome shows out there, I would say Pretty Little Liars, Stranger Things and KC Undercover.


R: Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about?

L: There are a couple of cool projects that I would love to be a part of, but I don’t want to jinx it.


R: What are your future goals?

L: Oh, so many! Of course, like most other actors, I would love to work with the best. To have the opportunity to challenge myself and learn from the greats would be a dream. Growing as an actress is something I try to do every day with every experience. Even if don’t get the part, I learn something from every audition process. It would also be cool to combine my love of acting with my love of travel and work all over the world. Of course, school is important every step of the way, and college is definitely in my future.


R: Tell us about No Bullying.

L: First of all, I feel so fortunate to have amazing friends in my personal and my work life. I have not personally experienced bullying, but it is an important topic today. It seems like it should be pretty simple, right? Be kind, spread love, and treat others like you would like to be treated. Unfortunately for some kids, that’s not their reality, so we have a lot of work to do to raise awareness and educate. Recently I partnered with FREE2LUV and Kid Fash Magazine for a fashion show fundraiser to raise money for the anti-bullying movement. It was a fun way to spread the word! Coming up, I’m proud to be involved in another anti-bullying event: Say No Bullying Festival. It’s going to be an awesome day of presentations, speakers, and performances by talented young entertainers, as well as a young celebrity meet and greet.


R: Do you have any other charities or causes that are close to your heart? If so, tell us about them.

L: Animals! Any charity or cause that helps protect animals, keep them safe and healthy, give them love, and help find them forever homes has my support.


R: It’s not easy being a teenager. What advice would you give them in general?

L: As a new teen myself, my best advice to other teens is to be yourself and, most importantly, love that self. That will give you the confidence to go out into the world and rock it! Also, be true to yourself. It will make it a lot easier to make those tough decisions that teens face, especially when there is peer pressure.


R: What are five things people may not know about you?

L: I randomly break out in an Australian accent, I don’t like apricots, I was a competitive swimmer, romaine lettuce is my favorite food, and I love looking at real estate.


R: Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

L: Believe it or not, the strangest most-asked question I get on social media is if my lips are real. I mean, I’m thirteen!


R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their addresses? Do you have an official website and/or YouTube page?

L: Yes!

Instagram: @lululambros

Twitter: @LuluLambros  

Facebook: Lulu Lambros @lululambros

Snapchat: @luluberrypie

I do have a YouTube page, Lulu Lambros, but life has been so hectic with work and school that I haven’t been able to post. I’m hoping to work on that this summer!


R: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

L: I love you guys so much!  You have shown me so much love and support–I’m the luckiest girl! I have the greatest job and even greater fans. I love meeting you when I’m out and about, so please say hi if you see me. Sometimes fans reach out to me on social media to say that they saw me somewhere but were nervous about approaching me. I’m very friendly! I love hearing from you guys and connecting with you on social media–keep in touch!


R: Lulu, thank you for the interview. It was an honor. Have a great day.


Photo credit: Don Sparks


Meet Bunk’d Star Nathan Arenas


If you used to watch Disney Channel’s show Jessie, you might have heard of Bunk’d, a spinoff starring Karan Brar and Nathan Arenas, who plays Ravi’s spirited best friend Jorge. Nathan is a natural comedian–his energy and dedication to his role leaves a lasting impression on his audience. Besides acting, he enjoys drawing; playing piano, drums, and guitar; and performing magic tricks. Read on to learn more about him!


R: Tell us how you got into acting.

N: Well for me it started with music. Ever since I learned how to walk and talk (I learned both around the same time) I would ask my mom to film me either singing and dancing or playing my toy guitar to The Rolling Stones or The Strokes. Then my love for seeing myself on camera came along!

R: You play Jorge on Bunk’d. Can you tell us what the show is about and about your character? What is it like working with Karan Brar and the rest of the cast?

N: Bunk’d is a spinoff of Jessie, so basically the Ross kids (Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross) end up going to a summer camp in Maine called Camp Kikiwaka, where their parents had met when they were teenagers. There, the kids make friends with head counselor Lou, camp heartthrob Xander, studious Tiffany, and…Jorge. It’s a bit difficult to explain what Jorge is like. You’ll have to meet him yourself! He is well-known for his exaggerated fibs, being outgoing, and of course being, in his eyes, mature, which comes across as a bit weird. It’s really awesome working with the whole cast because I consider them family and they are also role models. They have definitely taught me a lot.


R: What is a normal filming day like for you?

N: A normal filming day for me would be going to school, rehearsal, and eventually filming for a bit, then having dinner and going back home.


R: What is your favorite part of acting?

N: My favorite part would be that you can express yourself in many ways, and also that you’re doing what you love by making people feel a certain way each time they watch you. Sometimes we have scenes that make people tear up or laugh, and that’s mainly what I like about acting.


R: Are there any charities that are close to your heart?

N: Anti-bullying, animal shelters, foster care, and children hospitals.


R: What are some of your future goals?

N: I definitely want to start with photography. I also do amateur close-up and card magic, and I would definitely like to improve so that I can get more in the “magic” realm.


R: Are you on any social media? What are their addresses? Is there a place where your fans can send you mail?

N: I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Fans can send it to my PO Box:

Nathan Arenas, PMB #10910 Long Beach Blvd. STE #103 Lynwood, CA 90262


R: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

N: Thank you for watching guys, I love all of you so much. Dream big!!


By Anna Tallarico

Photo credits: Bobby Quillard



Chit Chatting with Singer Matt Moseley


Written by Jill Sheets

Recently I had the honor of interview dancer Matt Moseley. Some of you may have seen him in Sia’s music video for the hit song “The Greatest.”  Matt is trained in jazz, hip-hop, tap, and even swing. This multitalented young man can also sing and act. Read on and learn more about him, what it was like working with Sia (and Ariana Grande) and about his EP.


R: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the entertainment business.

M: I can’t really say the day I remember starting in the entertainment business, because it was so long ago! I’ve been apart of this business since as long as I can remember.


R: What were your parents’ reactions when they found out you wanted to perform?

M: They’re both very loving, supportive, and forgiving parents. Almost all the time, I’m being told how proud they are, but they try and make sure they’re not too involved in my own career since they both have their own lives and matters to worry about.


R: You where featured as a dancer in Sia’s recent music video for her song “The Greatest.” Tell us about that. What was like working with Sia?

M: You can’t imagine just how much fun the filming and downtime process was. So many memories were made during that time. I remember we had to get our heads shaved almost hours before the shoot, and I was the first to volunteer! It may not seem too crazy, but to have to lose all your hair that fast in that short amount of time is quite a lot to handle. Sia was (and is) a phenomenal woman, though. Her smile completely brightens a room, her personality is one of a kind, and she has the mindset to be only creative. She’s a wonderful woman and loves all people.


R: You also have been on some network shows. Which shows have you been on?

M: Some shows you might’ve seen me on recently are critically acclaimed shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, and many others!


R: Not only do you dance, but you are an actor and singer. Tell us about your cover of Jack Miller’s “Dazed and Confused.”

M: The process of filming the video was very fun and a huge learning process. I got to understand the way that the filmmaking process works and it was quite interesting. My co-star was very easy and fun to work around. We’ve actually been apart of the same dance team studio in the past!


R: Do you have plans on recording an album or EP?

M: I’ve been working on a couple of originals. I have a couple of melodies stuck in my head, but I definitely want to make 2017 the year that I release my first EP/album.


R: Where can people get your music?

M: I post new content on my YouTube channel about every other Friday, I have a SoundCloud page that I post almost all of my covers on, and I also put out small covers on my Instagram (link below).


R: I read that you got to work with Ariana Grande. If so, tell us about it.

M: For the past couple of winter seasons, I’ve worked on very engaging and exciting Disney-styled panto productions with a couple of A-list celebrities–Ariana Grande, Olivia Holt, and Jordan Fisher to name a few. I got the chance to work and partner with them, and they are just fantastic! They’re extremely talented people with amazing personalities and I’m looking forward to working more with this company in the future!


R: What are some of your upcoming projects?

M: I recently got the opportunity to sign with the social media/TV/movie production company, AwesomenessTV! They’re helping me achieve my dream and work with some of the artists I look up to. I also recently competed in an episode of a popular dance show called Dance Off Juniors on the DanceOn app!


R: Do you have a girlfriend? What do you look for in one?

M: The main thing in a girl that I look for is honesty, reliability, humor, trust, and understanding no matter what situations you both may face.


R: Who has been your biggest influence?

M: Coming from a teenage boy this might sound clichéd, but I truly believe that Justin Bieber has been a very large influence, not only for me, but for boys and girls around the world who want to spread their talents.


R: What are five things people may not know about you?

M: I have a really excellent talent for impressions, I practiced the art of Tai Kwon Do when I was younger, I have three very adorable and quite yippy dogs, I’ve been dancing all styles professionally for over fourteen years, and I’ve also starred in a couple of major short films during my early teen years.


R: Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

M: It’s not a super odd question, but at the time I thought it was borderline strange and I still do. I was picking out a toothbrush from the store because I had to replace my old one, and this guy comes up to me and asks me what color toothbrush I used. I kind of just stood there for a moment and was just taken back, then I responded, but that was probably the strangest question I’ve ever been asked.


R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their addresses? Do you have an official website and/or YouTube page?

M: All of my social media tags are the same across all platforms. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube. They’re all @realmattmoseley.


R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

M: I want to just say to every single person that’ll come across to meet me, and find out more about me, that I thank you for your continued support, and that with most of my career, it wouldn’t work without any of you all being there for me. Thank you all, and much love.


R: Matt, thank you for the interview. Have a great day.

M: Thank you very much, it was a pleasure talking to you! Have a good day as well!


Chit Chatting with Actress Jillian Shea Spaeder


Written by Jill Sheets

Recently, I was blessed to be able to interview up-and-coming star Jillian Shea Spaeder. Read on as she talks about the TV shows she has been in, her love of singing, and where you can find her on social media.


R: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting. 

J: When I was in elementary school, I had some small roles in concerts and musicals. That’s how I caught the bug! I started with a private acting coach in fifth grade, and that holiday season I was cast in my first equity theater production. I was the only child in a cast of twelve. The following summer, I met my manager while in a performing arts competition in Hollywood. She was teaching a seminar the day before the competition began and told my mom after the seminar that she wanted me to come see her. I went to her office and did a cold read, and she offered to represent me. Because we live on the East Coast, we weren’t sure about living in California, so she encouraged us to come out for pilot season to test the waters. We came for two months, and at the very end of the trip, I had my first audition for Walk the Prank.


R: Tell us about your show Walk the Prank and about your character Bailey.

J: Walk the Prank is about four kids who have a popular online hidden camera show. The characters pull the pranks on real-life people, though, which gives the show a unique blend of reality and scripted comedy. Bailey is the only female of the foursome, and she’s the techie who uploads all of the videos onto the group’s channel. She is sassy, sarcastic, and one of the guys, but she’s also like every other girl fawning over the cute new guy.


R: What was the audition process like? Where were you when you found out you got the part?

J: The audition for Walk the Prank came up just as we were getting ready to leave California to return home to Philadelphia. We actually had the audition three hours before our flight was set to leave. The casting director told me she was sending me in to see producers the next day, so we canceled our flight. After I saw producers the following day, my manager called to say I would test for the role but it would be another two weeks or so. We stayed in California, and about three weeks later we had chemistry reads. Four girls read for the role of Bailey, and that evening I learned that it was down to another girl and me. We flew home and waited another month before the call finally came. The producers called while we were out to dinner with friends, saying the role was mine, and that we would be shooting the pilot just a few days later. I was jumping up and down with excitement!

R: What is your favorite part of the show?

J: On Walk the Prank, I not only play the role of Bailey, but I get to play all the roles Bailey plays when pranking. I have so much fun with all the different characters, especially when I get to be scary. I’ve always wanted to be in a horror film, so this gives me a little taste of that.


R: Do you have any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?

J: We are in the middle of shooting our second season of Walk the Prank, but I hope to do some movie auditions in the spring. I’d love to get into some films.


R: If they were to make your favorite book into a movie, what book and what part would you like to play?

J: I would love to play the main girl in one of the stories in A Tale Dark and Grimm. I love that series of books!


R: What advice would you give someone who wants to be an actress?

J: Being an actor is a lot harder than it looks! It’s easy to see someone on TV and say, “I could do that,” but actors work very hard. For teens like me, we work nine and a half hours a day and also have to do school during that time (and finish at night if we fall behind). We sometimes have school on Saturdays, as well. Private coaching and acting classes are important, too.


R: I read that you sing. Is that true? If so, do you have any plans on release an album?

J: I love to sing. I have been singing my whole life, even with my parents’ band at age nine. I started playing guitar and ukulele the past year, so now I’ve been practicing to improve them and work on some new cover tunes for my YouTube channel. I wrote and recorded my first original song in the studio this past summer, and I hope to release an album at some point.


R: Tell us about Children International.

J: Children International is a non-profit organization where you can sponsor impoverished children, sending in a small monthly amount that provides them with medical care, educational needs, or anything else to help them improve their quality of life. We learned about the organization from my aunt, who has sponsored many kids through the organization. My parents then began sponsoring three children when I was little (to match my brother, sister, and me). As a teen, my sister Emma ran a neighborhood camp for five years and donated twenty percent of her profits to CI, which made an impression on me. I hope to follow in her footsteps in some way. A few years ago, my aunt, mom, sister, and I had the opportunity to visit Ecuador to spend the day with two of our sponsored kids and learn more about the wonderful work CI is doing in that and other underprivileged areas of the world. It was truly a humbling experience.

R: It is not easy growing up these days. What advice would you give teenagers in general?

J: Be kind, be generous, and be a friend to someone who needs it. People who bully or say mean things probably do that because they don’t feel good about themselves. Don’t let them bring you down with them!


R: What is it like to communicate with your fans? What is the nicest thing a fan has said or done for you?

J: I love communicating with my fans, especially on, where they can post their questions and I can answer them live. I’m not sure if this is one of the nicest things a fan ever said to me, but it was definitely memorable. She said she was being bullied and had become very depressed, but when she watched me on Walk the Prank, she felt like something clicked, and she decided to get into acting. She says she has gotten a few leads in school shows and is much more confident about herself now.


R: What are your future goals?

J: In the near future, I hope to be shooting a third (and even fourth!) season of Walk the Prank, appear in a film or two, and release an album!


R: Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

J: Someone actually asked if I was the girl from Stranger Things (Millie Bobby Brown)!


R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their addresses? Do you have an official website and/or YouTube page?

J:  My official website is and my social media links are:

Instagram:          @JillianSheaSpaeder

Twitter:               @JillianSpaeder

Facebook:           Jillian Shea Spaeder

Snapchat:           Jillbean1982         Jillian.Spaeder                Jillian.Spaeder


R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

J: Yes…pranks a lot for watching the show!


R: Jillian, thank you for the interview. Have a great day.

J: Thank YOU!


Photo credits: Ryan West Photo

Chit Chatting with Actor Karan Brar


Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing actor Karan Brar. A lot of you may know him from the Disney Channel show Jessie. Karan is now on a new Disney show called Bunk’d. Read about him, his new series, and what he looks for in a girlfriend.  


R: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting.

K: I grew up in Seattle, WA and started taking acting classes when I was seven. I immediately fell in love with it, so I kept taking classes. Around the time I was nine, I started booking some commercials and around ten I booked Diary Of a Wimpy Kid. At twelve, I booked Jessie. Now I’m here!


R: You played Ravi Ross on Jessie. What was it like working with Debby Ryan and the rest of the cast?

K: Working with Debby and the rest of the cast was great! The whole four years I spent on Jessie I learned a lot–not only from the cast, but also from the crew. That whole experience really shaped the person and the actor I am today.


R: You are now starring in Bunk’d. Tell our readers a little bit about the show.

K: Bunk’d is a spinoff show of Jessie with a story that centers around the Ross kids going to Camp Kikiwaka, the camp where their parents met. It is a really fun show to watch and be on because we get to take our characters and expand on them with a new environment.


R: What is a normal filming day like for you?

K: Normally I get a call time around 10am-ish. I go through wardrobe, hair, and makeup, then I head down to set and begin to shoot the show. Throughout the day (whenever I get the chance) I head up to school, which is on set, and do some work. After a few more hours of filming, I’ll wrap and head home.


R: When you are filming, do you have to memorize the whole script or do they just have you remember one part of it at a time?

K: For sitcoms, it’s a bit of both. Our scripts change about three times in the week before we shoot, so instead of fully memorizing it word for word, we just familiarize ourselves with it. That way when we receive changes, it isn’t that difficult for us to adjust.


R: What is your favorite part of acting?

K: The ability to be in someone else’s shoes, even if it’s just for a few moments.


R: Do you currently have a girlfriend? What do you look for in one?

K: No, I don’t currently have a girlfriend. I’m kind of just focusing on work at the moment. However, I do like a girl that is smart, kind, and fun to be around.


R: You are Indian American. What are some of the stereotypes that you have had to deal with? How do you deal with those stereotypes?

K: Since I’m Indian American, I’m usually given the stereotype of being the scrawny, nerdy kid with an accent. This is present in both my acting and personal life. Sure, it’s annoying that people think that I can only fit that mold, but instead of looking at it in a negative way I try my best to look at it with excitement. I look forward to being able to prove these people wrong and show them that I’m more than just a stereotype in their head.


R: Tell us about The School Fund and Thirst Project.

K: The School Fund and the Thirst Project are both awesome organizations that I’m currently working with. The School Fund focuses on helping students in third world countries collect funding so they may be able to have access to an education. The Thirst Project also aids third world countries by helping them get access to clean drinking water by building wells.


R: What are your future goals?

K: I want to switch gears and focus a bit more on drama, then go back to movies. I haven’t done a movie in a while, so I think it would be fun to switch things up.


R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their addresses? What about an official website?

K: Right now I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Twitter: @thekaranbrar

Instagram: @thekaranbrar

Facebook: Karan Brar

Snapchat: brar_karan



R: Is there a place where your fans can send you mail?

K: Yeah, they can send it to the address below.


Karan Brar c/o Disney Channel

3800 W Alameda Ave.

Burbank, CA 91505


R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

K: Thank you guys for the interview. For my fans, thank you so much for the support these past few years. It means a lot to me.


Written by Jill Sheets

Chit Chatting with Actress Nikki Hahn

Written by:  Jill Sheets

nikki 1Recently, I had the honor of interview talented actress Nikki Hahn.  She started her acting career at the age of 4 and her credits are moving at a wonderful rate.  She has been in then the TV shows “Jessie, “American Horror Story” and “The Fosters” to name a few. Continue to read and learn more about her, her up and coming movies, how she remembers her script and what she would like to do in the future.

R: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting?

H: I started acting at the age of four because I loved to play dress up. I wanted to be Cinderella. My mom submitted my photo to a couple of talent agencies and a month later, I acquired representation by LA Talent/LA Models. Soon thereafter, I hit the audition world and that same year, I booked an international Disney commercial where I played *drumroll* …. Cinderella with dialogue!! Dreams do come true!!!

R: Tell us about your up and coming TV movie “Adventures in Babysitting” and about your character Emily Cooper.

H: Adventures in Babysitting is the 100th Disney Channel Original movie. It’s not a remake of the original. It’s inspired by the 80’s hit, Adventures in Babysitting. It is also the first Disney Channel movie shot at night, and I am the first Disney Emo type character. Adventures in Babysitting is an action-packed wild ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. And you’re gonna love my hair. Emily Cooper is an introverted, independent teen who loves two things; Emo music and the bad boy, Trey Anderson (played by Max Gecowets). Emily doesn’t feel that she needs a babysitter, but she doesn’t have a choice.

R:  How did you find out about the job and what was the audition process like?

H: My manager sent me the audition and the breakdown. When I read the description of the role, I felt that it was right up my alley because I had recently worked on a short film about Multiple Sclerosis titled Venom Therapy, in which I played a frustrated, emo teen. Wardrobe dept, for that film had given me some of the coolest emo threads so I immediately fell in love with the role of Emily Cooper. I gave casting at Disney my best interpretation of the role and hoped that it was what writer Tiffany Paulsen (Nancy Drew) Director John Schultz (Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer) and exec. producer Michelle Manning (Breakfast Club & Teen Beach) had envisioned. 

R: You got to work with an amazing cast.  What was it a like? 

H: As a professional actress I have worked on many sets and have made many friends along the way, but the cast of Adventures in Babysitting was on a whole different level. We basically became a big family and spent even our days off of work, together. We had many singing and dance parties and putting on talent shows for our parents. We are all still very close and make time to get together when our busy schedules permit. 

R: Tell us about “Scales” and about your character Crystal? 

H: Scales is a really cute film about mermaids. I can’t say much about it yet but I can tell you that Crystal plays a very important role in helping her best friend discover the truth about who she really is. I had a great time working on this enchanting summer project and as an actress I learned a great deal from award winning actress Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle, Joy).

R: Do you have any tricks on memorize the script?  Do you have to learn the whole script at one time?

H: I do read the entire script in order to help me build my character and then I focus on the scenes that we are getting ready to film on a daily basis the night before, as they do not shoot the scenes in order that they fall in the story. It is a very interesting process and I love every step.

R: I saw your cover of Taylor Swift’s “Style.”  Do you have any plans on recording any music or album?  

H: Yes, most definitely.  Music runs in my family. I love singing and have recently started playing guitar under the instruction of my dad, who is a classical guitarist. Recording an album is definitely part of my future plans.  

R:  If you could remake any movie, which one would it be?  What character would you play and who would you like to play opposite for you?

H:  The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton, I would play Sally and I think my buddy Max Gecowets would play a great Jack Skellington.

R: What do you like to do in your spare time?

H: I like to play my guitar and learn new songs, go for a swim or simply hang out with the cast of Adventures.

R: Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

H: I will have to say that my mother has been the greatest influence in my life because she has brought me up to stay grounded, to be grateful and to treat everyone with respect because everyone is important and that people might not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. 

R:  Do you have any causes that are close to your heart?  If so, tell us a little bit about them.

H:  The Children and animals have a special place in my heart. I support several children charities that help provide fresh water, food and medical supplies to the poor. One of my favorites is providing shoes and medical help to the children of the landfills and in appreciation they always send me little brass shoe ornaments for my Christmas Tree. I look forward to filling my tree with little brass shoes. We also help support many animal rescue groups as well as having adopted many pets myself. 

R: What are five things people may not know about you?

H:  I don’t think many people know that I’m a Star Wars geek, that I’m a Swiftie, I love Pandas, I still dress up to go to Disneyland and that my dad still carries me when I can’t see the parade!! 

R:  Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

H:  I haven’t really been asked strange questions yet but someone did ask me once if I could take their picture to my agent. 

R: Are you on any social networking sites?  If so, which ones and what are their addresses?  Do you have an official website and/or youtube?

H: Yes, I was recently verified on all my social media sites:  

Twitter @missnikkihahn  

Instagram @nikkihahnactress  

Facebook:  on 

Youtube:  Nikki Hahn’s Music Channel and my 


R:  Nikki, thank you for the interview.  It was an honor.  Have a great day.

Chit Chatting with Lauren Taylor

Written by:  Jill Sheets


Credit: Sami Drasin

Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

Recently I had the honor of interviewing multi-talented Lauren Taylor.  Continue to read on and  learn more about her, the strangest question she has been asked and what five things people may not know about her.


R:  Tell us about yourself and how you got into acting?

L:  I did a ton of musical theatre as a kid.  I grew up doing school plays and San Diego Junior theatre. Eventually, when my mom moved up here for a job, I decided to try professional acting.


R:  Tell us about your new show “Best Friends Whenever” and about your character Shelby.

L:  Best Friends Whenever is a cute, relatable show about two polar opposite best friends (Shelby and Cyd) who discover that they can time travel!  Shelby is an insanely sweet, quirky, positive girl who just wants the best for everyone around her.  She’s very smart and very determined.


R:  What was the audition process like for the show?  How did you find out that you got the role?

L:  I went in with Landry probably 6 or 7 times into Disney Channel. It was really funny acting out the special effects!  They were so awkward!

I was just casually driving with my mom and my brother to our house and we got a call.  There was a lot of screaming and celebrating!


Credit: Sami Drasin

Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

R:  You are on the show “Richie Rich” on Netflix.  Tell us about the show and about your character.

L:  Harper is very different from Shelby!  Like a Shelby, Harper is very determined, but Harper tends to come off very jealous and sometimes mean.  It’s really so fun to play two completely different characters!


R:  You also sing.  How long have you been singing?

L:  I’ve been singing since I joined choir in middle school.  I slowly transitioned into more mainstream music and learned a few instruments.


R: Do you have any future plans on releasing an album? Where can people get or hear your music?

L:  I have a few singles up on iTunes right now.  As far as an album goes, I’m working a lot on music and will hopefully be able to release some pretty soon!


R:  Some of the people that you got to open for where Wilson Phillips, Michael Bolton, Debbie Gibson and Vanessa Williams.  What was that like and did they give you any advice?

L:  It was incredible!  They’re such inspirations to me.  They all gave me words of encouragement, but I had an especially long chat with Michael and he told me to stay kind, stay humble, work hard and “the best will rise to the top.”  That kind of stuck with me.


Credit: Sami Drasin

Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

R:  What is the nicest thing a fan has ever said or done for you?

L:  I think the most special thing someone has ever told me was that I inspire them.  I think inspiration is such a beautiful thing and if we can inspire positive things in one another we can make such a beautiful world.


R:  Who has been your biggest influence and why?

L:  My biggest influence is probably my mom.  She’s so creative, intelligent, and strong.  She’s such a special person. I love her so much.


R:  Do you have any charities and causing that are close to your heart?  If so, tell us a little bit about them.

L:  I have quite a few.  I’m especially close to feeding the homeless and saving abused animals.  I’ve spent summers volunteering every day at rescue missions feeding the homeless.  It’s probably one of the best experiences a person can have.


R:  It is not easy being a teenager.  What advice would you give them in general?

L:  The best advice I can give is– BE YOU!  I know it sounds cliche, but it’s 100% true.  Be exactly who you are!  Let yourself out!  I remember being afraid to be who I was in fear of being judged, but there’s no better feeling in the world than loving yourself for exactly who you are.


R:  Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

L:  The strangest question I’ve ever been asked was “What does your hair smell like?”  Shampoo? (laughs)


R:  What are five things that people may not know about you?

L: 1. I’m a huge history nerd.  I love anything to do with history.  Books, movies, magazines, etc
2. I did four years of competitive cheerleading.
3. I’m obsessed with scents. I love nothing more than everything smelling amazing. But I’m very particular with my scents.
4. The beach is my favorite place in the world.
5. A Series of Unfortunate Events is my favorite book series and I’m super psyched Netflix is doing a mini series!


R:  Are you on any social networking sites?  If so, which ones and what are their addresses?  What about an official website?

L: Twitter: @LaurenTaylorSD
Instagram: @OfficialLaurenTaylor
YouTube: @LaurenTaylorSD


R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

L: Thank you all so much for supporting me.  You guys are honestly the best and you’re always making my day with your kind words.  I love you all.


R: Lauren, thank you for the interview.  It was an honor.  Have a great day.

L:  Thank you so much!  It was a pleasure!  You as well.


Chit Chatting with Actress Emilia McCarthy

Written by:  Jill Sheets


Picture credit:  S. Markus Mathurin

Picture credit: S. Markus Mathurin

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing the beautiful actress Emilia McCarthy.  She has an impressive resume and has worked alongside Zendaya, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett among others. Find out about the path her career has taken and five interesting things people may not know about her.


R:  Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting?

E: I was born in London, Ontario, hometown of Rachel McAdams, and Ryan Gosling (my idols). I am secretly Latina, even though I might not look it; my mom is from Mexico and I am a proud Latina! No lie, I woke up one morning and told my parents I wanted to be an actress. We literally just got in my dads car to find an agent and since then, that has been my goal in everything I do in my life and it brings me happiness to know I am pursuing my passion.


R:  Tell us about your movie Zapped and about your character Taylor Dean.

E: I play the antagonist of the movie. This character was so fun to play because she is so opposite to who I am. Letting my inner diva out was such a good time! The amount of times we all just cracked up in the middle of a scene was endless; every scene was hilarious. The best part of acting is acting, and we had a great time doing it.


R:  What was it like working with Zendaya? 

E: My experience on set of this movie was hands down one of the most fun ever. Every single person was a great time and I would look forward to getting to set and seeing everyone every morning. Zendaya is super sweet and chill, I had a blast spending time on and off set doing fun stuff with all the cast members! Love my Zapped family!


R:  What was the audition process like for the movie?  How did you find out that you got the part?

E: I was offered a role in another Disney Channel original movie, but unfortunately it conflicted with the filming of the movie Bunks. So Disney asked me to audition for Zapped. But because I was away shooting Bunks, I had to do my audition tape at one of the cast member’s, Leigh Truant’s, basement. (Including my full out dance routine.)


R:  Tell us about you other movie Maps to the Stars and about your character.

E: I filmed night shoots for Maps to the Stars so I was like half awake when I met everyone. When I met Julianne Moore, it took me three seconds to realize who I was talking to, and when it sunk in, I freaked out internally. I think I kept my cool, I don’t really remember, but thankfully she is the sweetest person! But I am so proud that the movie made it to Cannes, working with David Cronenberg was a dream come true.


R:  You have an impressive resume. Tell us about some of the other movies and shows you have been in. 

E: My first experience was shooting Babel in the Mexican desert, with Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Gael Garcia Bernal and Elle Fanning. I fell more in love with the business after that first movie. After that experience, it left me wanting to do nothing else but that.


R:  How do you prepare yourself for each role?

E: For each character I play I always find the similarity they have with myself so that each character feels real. Like with playing Taylor in Zapped I had a blast channeling my inner fierceness.


R: If you could remake any move, which one would it be and who would you like to play opposite of you? 

E: If I could remake any movie it would be The Notebook! I think it would be meant to be because, Ryan, Rachel and I are all from the same hometown and I think me and Ryan Gosling are secret soul mates, he just doesn’t know it…yet.


R: What are some of you future goals?

E: My main goal is to continue to pursue my passion for acting. That comes first before anything else.


R:  It is not easy being a teen.  What advice would you give them in general?

E: Never lose who you are even if high school tries to change you. Stick to being your own person. Because, trust me, no one will care about hearing how popular you were in high school.


R:  What are five thing people may not know about you?

E: 1. I speak Spanish

  1. I’m scared of sharks randomly. (I haven’t even watched Jaws.)
  2. With my very first paycheck, I bought a Barbie.
  3. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember
  4. My biggest pet peeve is when people chew food loudly.


R:  Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

E: This one.


R:  Are you on any social networking sites?  If so, which ones and what are their addresses?  What about website?

E: my Instagram and Twitter is emiliaamccarthy



R:  Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

E: I love you!



R: Emilia, think you for the interview.  It was an honor.  Have a great day.

E: Thank you


Interview With Olivia Holt

Written by Jill Sheets

olivia holtRecently I had the honor of interview Olivia Holt from “I Didn’t Do It.”  Continue to read on and learn more about her new show, what is like working with her cast and what are five people she would love to do an duet with.


R:  Tell us about your new show “I Didn’t Do It” and about your character Lindy Watson.

O: I Didn’t Do It is surrounded by these five best friends who are making their way through high school embracing all of the crazy, off the wall yet sometimes very relatable situations they get themselves into. As long as they have each others back there is nothing they can’t handle. I play the role of Lindy, who is very intelligent, passionate, and also a fraternal twin.


R:  What are some of the similarities between you and your character and the major differences.?

O: Lindy and I both have the same love for our friends. No matter what we want to be there for them and help them out. We adore them. A major difference we have would probably be our styles. Lindy has more of a sporty-chic look and I have a more bo-ho low-key sometimes girly look.


R:  What is a normal taping day like for you?

O: Normal is an understatement. Our taping days are always crazy fun. Since our show involves a lot of flashbacks we are constantly running from set to set, changing wardrobes, and having a blast while doing it all.


R:  What is it like working with the cast?

O: They are an endless joy to work with. We’ve all become very close and the chemistry you see between the friends in the show is the exact same chemistry off set, as well.


R:  Do you have a favorite episode so far? If so, can you tell us about it?

O: My favorite episode so far is called Lindy-licious. The storyline is super fun but the situation Lindy gets herself into, not so much. I had to have smoothie explode all over me. It was actually, kind of awesome.


R: Where, what time and what day can people catch your show?

O: You can catch I Didn’t Do It at 8:30/7:30c Sunday nights on Disney Channel.


R:  Do you have any up and coming plans on recording more music this year?

O: Absolutely! Been in the recording studio a lot recently working on new music. I actually sang the theme song for I Didn’t Do It which was super fun. And I hope to have my first album out this year!


olivia holtR:   What are five people that you would love to sing a duet with?

O: Bruno Mars, Colbie Cailet, Katy Perry, Jason Maraz, aaaand did I mention Bruno Mars?


R:  You won Radio Disney’s “ Best Crush Song” Award for “Had Me at Hello.”  What was that like?

O: Unforgettable. I was so shocked! So incredibly thankful and grateful. My first award ever!


R:  If you can make a movie out of any book, what book would it be and who would you like to play opposite of you?

O: Well, it would be The Fault In Our Stars, but they already made that into a film. But if they hadn’t, I would like to be in that and Dave Franco would play opposite of me.


R:  What are five things you can not live without?

O: My family, close friends, phone, Nutella, and music.


R:  One of the charities that is close to your heart is St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Tell us about it and what is it like visiting the children in the hospital?

O: St. Jude is one the most heartwarming places I’ve ever been too. When I visit I look at the kids and every single one of them have a smile on their face. It’s beautiful, just like them.


R:  What are some of your future goals?

O: I hope to continue to work on my music, as well as acting. And evolve in both, and also to learn more in other fields as well. Even if it’s just spending time in the writers room, or talking with the camera operators.


R:  What are the addresses to your social networking site?  Do you have a website?

O: My twitter is @olivia_holt. Instagram is @olivia_holt. My website and you can also find me on Facebook as just Olivia Holt


R:  Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

O: Thank you tremendously for your continuous love and support. I hope you love the new show as much as I do filming it and my music as much as I do making it.


R: Olivia, thank you for the interview. It was an honor.  Have a great day.


Chit Chatting with Debby Ryan

Chit Chatting with Debby Ryan

Written by: Jill Sheets

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Picture credit: Everette Perry

When I get to interview someone it is always an honor, and this time there is no
difference. I was excited to have the chance of interview this exceptional entertainer.

Some of you might remember her from our last published issue-Holiday 2009…a true
role model, Debby Ryan. Many of you know her as Bailey Pickett on The Suite Life on
Deck. Debby has made a name for herself not only on screen, but behinds the scene of
her new show Jessie. Continue to read on and learn more about her new show and the

R: Recently you just turned 18 and you got a really cool gift. Would you mind telling us
about the guitar designed with Skittles?

D: Yeah, that is so funny that you mentioned this because I literally just came in from
outside where I was playing guitar! Skittles decided to give me this beautiful, electric
guitar that they embellished with Skittles all over it. There is a clear coat on top of them,
so they will not fall off. People told me to eat the Skittles – but they are stuck on there!
It is gorgeous and so colorful. I loved Skittles growing up… I actually have a bunch of
essays that I wrote when I was a kid, saying when I am a successful actor I am going to
have tons and tons of Skittles! It was so funny that my dream came true, and I got the
guitar for my 18th birthday – an amazing gift, and it actually plays really well!

R: I love your new hair color. Why did you decide to color it red?

D: Thank you. I loved the boldness of having red hair. The new character I play on TV,
Jessie, needed to have a different hair color than the other characters I have played. I
brought the idea to Disney, and I think they liked it! It was a really exciting thing, and it
is probably my favorite hair color to date.

R: Speaking of your show Jessie. Congratulations. How does it feel to have your own

D: Thank you so much. It feels great. It feels amazing. It is something I have been
developing for the last six months, a lot of soul went into it, and a ton of time and
thought. It is very cool to see if now, all put together, and to have the cast and crew all

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Picture credit Everette Perry

R: Tell us about your new show and when is it going to premiere?

D: It is set to premiere in September 2011 – so keep your eyes open for it on Disney!
The show is about a girl named Jessie, who moves to New York City after graduating
from high school, so she can find herself before going to college. She ends up becoming
a nanny, from a few bizarre series of events. Within the first five minutes of the first
episode, she becomes a nanny for the kids of a high-powered couple on the Upper East
Side. The dad is a famous movie director, and the mom is a super model. They are
always jet setting around the world – Jessie comes in and shows them the importance of
family. All the kids are from different backgrounds – three are adopted, so they have
totally different characteristics and different cultures influencing their personalities –
so Jessie is finding the beauty in individuality in every single kid, while showing them
how beautiful family and unity can be. It is a really cool concept – and I think it will
get a bit crazy too! We have a seven-foot lizard on set, we get into some really funny
shenanigans. The family also has a private helicopter, and a gorgeous penthouse.

R: Did I hear correctly that you helped create the show?

D: I did help develop it. I was pitching around ideas with the executive producer and
show runner, Pamela Eells, who worked on the original “Nanny,” but we worked on “The
Suite Life on Deck” together. We started coming up with ideas together – she talked to
me about this nanny idea, and I loved it. We took it to Disney and I helped come up with
the characters and helped with the casting of the kids. I also was able to help with some
of the story lines. For our first season, I am a consultant on the show, next season I will
be a producer and then the season after that I will be an executive producer, assuming all
goes well and people like the show!

R: What are the major differences and similarities between you and Jessie?

D: Jessie and I are actually very similar. My dad worked with the Department of
Defense when I was younger, so I have a bit of a military upbringing, and I have an
appreciation for the military lifestyle. It was fun to be able to incorporate that, along with
her sarcasm and strength – both are qualities we sometimes share! Jessie is an 18-year-
old girl and I am truly playing an 18-year-old girl – which is nice. She can be immature
in some ways, and on the flip side be sophisticated and mature with things too. Jessie
moved out to the city on her own, so there is a certain part of her that can take care of
herself, and take care of the kids of this family. But, she is not above being taken care of.
So, I feel that we both have that balance.

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Picture credit Everette Perry

R: Does it bother you working with the 75-pound lizard?

D: No, it doesn’t bother me – it is actually a cool thing! I have worked with snakes, nine
cats, two pigs, a rat, and a tarantula – plenty of animals in my comedy career – so the
lizard is just one more to add to the list!

R: What is it like working with the cast of “Jessie”?

D: It is really fun, they are really good kids. I sat in on the auditions and watched them…
how they treated each other, interacted with each other, treated their parents – how they
treated others around them – I wanted them to genuinely be good kids. The four kids that
were cast are amazing, great people, hard workers, and so talented. They could roll with
the punches. A lot of the roles were changed or customized to fit the actor themselves.
We also have great adults in the cast as well, we have a butler, and a doorman – the
whole cast is incredible. The writers and producers are learning a lot about the characters
as we create them, and it is cool to see how we as actors take direction while also doing
things in our own way and bringing life to things. I also try to spend time with the kids
– I took them to Disneyland a few weeks ago – glow in the dark mini golf – we have a

R: You are a true role model. How do you feel about being a role model? And, what do
you think makes a person a good role model?

D: When I was younger, I would baby-sit and I would always be very aware of the way
I did things. Kids pick up on the things that adults do, so I learned at a young age to be
very aware of how I was in front of kids. Fortunately, being on a Disney show was kind
of preceded by that. My mind is naturally on being a good person, I want to make my
parents proud, and do the best I can at everything I do. There is not an hour that goes by
where I am not thinking about my fans and how something I might be doing will impact
or influence them – however being aware does not hinder me from bring who I want to
be – I think it makes me a better person.

R: Some entertainers feel uncomfortable when fans come up to them asking for their
autograph or talk to them, what advice would you give your fans who would like to come
up and ask for your autograph or just say hello?

D: My fans are some of the coolest people in the world. I love it when people come
up to me and tell me they like the show. Even when I don’t have much time or I’m sick
or tired, I am going to give them a few minutes of my time because they spend time
watching my show and I make it for them. I really work for the viewers and I like to hear
the feedback first hand.

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Picture credit Everette Perry

R: You have great fashion sense. How do you come up with your style?

D: I customize everything. I go to vintage stores, souvenir shops or my brother’s closet
– I love to find things I really like in random places. Ultimately, I love to cut and change
things and make them my own. My friend and I went to a surf shop, and I found this
shirt with “Life Guard” on it – I turned it into this really cool tank top. There are also
tons of ways to be modest, while still being and having fun. Right now I like crop tops,
high waist jeans, and shorts. You can still have coverage with proportions. It is all about
being creative, because you never go into a store setting completely what you want to

R: What some of your future goals?

D: I would love to write and produce music for a couple of artists – I want to foster and
inspire a creative spirit in people, either through a clothing line, or customizable things. I
have a few really cool things in development right now…. Over the next few months we
will be releasing new news on all of this. Someday I want to be married, have a family,
and I want to travel. Since I lived in Germany when I was younger, I love to travel and
there are so many places I have yet to see, and want to see.

R: You mentioned you lived in Germany, do you speak German or any other languages?

D: I do speak a little German. I was at the beach the other day with my friend and
couple was speaking in German, and I was able to translate some of it to my friend.

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Picture credit Everette Perry

R: Anything else you would like to add?

D: Thank you guys for watching and supporting the show. I have a lot of fun doing
what I do and I wouldn’t be able to do it if it were not for the people who watch. I am
excited for the world to see a new level me, of the heart I put into “Jessie” and the
other things that I have got going on which I will keep everyone updated through my
website “

You can also follow Debby Ryan on Twitter: