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Meet Dutch Fashion Designer Lecy Lau

My name is Lecy Lau, I am 19 years young, and I live in the Netherlands. For four years straight now I been running my own brand called LECY LAU. I hope other young girls get inspired by reading my story.

My whole life I have always been into fashion, but to actually start my own fashion brand…I never thought about that. It just happened! Even when I was young, I always liked to design my own clothes and turn a basic piece into something unique. When I was 15 years old, I designed a pair of denim jeans by myself. I received many compliments on the jeans and people really wanted to buy them from me, so I asked myself, why not? I made the jeans for a couple of people and sold them. Then even more people wanted to buy them, and before I knew it I had so many orders that even my mother needed to help me to make them because it was just too much to do it all by myself! Then I received the question from different people, asking if I had more clothes to sell. I really liked the feeling of seeing other people happy with something I made for them. From that moment I knew what I wanted to do. I was fifteen years old when I made my brand official and started spreading my clothes all over social media.

Even after four years, every day I’m learning new things and getting so much joy out of designing. There have been ups and down, both personally and professionally, but every difficult situation makes me a stronger person. I challenge myself to be the best version of me. There is one thing I really don’t like to do, and that is competing and judging others, because we all try to do our best and I just don’t think you will get any better by making conclusions about somebody because of what you see from the outside. I know a lot of people do this to each other, and most of the time it makes them bitter, jealous, and unfocused. I just like to mind my own business, really, and do what feels and is best for me. I just want to tell all girls, as long as you work hard and don’t give up, you will get where you want to be.

“You learn as you live, you only lose when you give up everything.’’ That is the quote that keeps me focused. I love to see and read motivational quotes and stories from other people; I learn from them and get inspired. I just think you can’t have enough of them!

I am thankful for getting up every single morning, and going to my own office to work on something that I love to do. I enjoy my work every day, and I hope that every single girl will one day get her dream job, too. It doesn’t matter if it is for yourself or for a CEO, the only thing that matters is that you have fun with what you do, something that is really your passion. Stay true to yourself and don’t settle for anything less. No matter what you have been through, or what you are going through right now, you deserve the best.


Lots of love,

Lecy Lau


Check out her clothing line at http://lecylau.com/

Clothes: The Ultimate Wearables

Do you remember how you felt when you first heard the term wearables? What a strange and exotic word – but mostly just strange. These days, a wearable is a piece of technology that can be worn like an accessory. From Google Glass to the Apple Watch, the list continues to grow.

As technology develops, so too can the wearable industry. Many people don’t think of the development of clothing technology when they think of wearables, but this is the first thing we put on and should be the first “wearable” on our minds for daily use. Let’s look at a few ways clothing technology has changed.

Dual-purpose Clothing

Both brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers are always looking for ways to have their products serve multiple purposes. Along with function, fashion is being more and more considered by consumers when making their decisions on clothing. Being able to properly combine the two with technology that takes clothing to the next level is the goal both retailers and consumers are looking for. One example of a company that is advancing the way men look at clothing is Mizzen+Main. These products aim to give clean styles incorporating performance fabrics that are wrinkle-free and machine washable. Serving the purpose of office attire and casual outing appropriate is a strong dual purpose that is on the rise more and more.

Compression Clothing

There are numerous benefits of compression clothing. For some, it reduces swelling. For others, it helps them perform more efficiently and cuts down on soreness after a workout. But one of the greatest benefits of compression clothing is that it does all these things while still looking like regular clothing.

Aside from major clothing items like tops and bottoms, a category of compression clothing that should not be overlooked are compression socks. They can be a great help without looking like medical equipment for those struggling with plantar fasciitis, for example. That is not to say that compression clothing is a replacement for a necessary medical equipment, but it is a great tool to help with medical conditions on a regular basis. How many people could have thought that technology of clothing and socks has evolved to address medical issues the way they are doing so today.

Change Is Coming

Technology in the clothing department continues to advance. From smart bras to smarter underpants, you can be covered with electronic smarts from head to toe. It turns out smart clothes are the ultimate smart wearables. Google has partnered with Levi to make a Jacket with a touch gesture area for controlling smartphones. There are pants that can charge your phone. There are shirts that can read your heart rate. Clothing technology will continue to change and adapt to the way we as consumers will need our clothes to function. With the constant change in technology in our clothing, the term wearables will no longer be limited to things like the devices around our wrists.

Your clothes do not have to sport touch screens to be smart wearables. Activewear dress shirts and compression clothing also fit the bill. 

How I Turned My Passion into a Thriving Business

One of the darling dresses that can be found at daintyjewells.com

You’ve probably been told at some point, “Follow your passion and don’t give up.” It may not sound like revolutionary advice, but it’s truly some of the most important advice I’ve been given. It was my mom who first said these words to me, and if I hadn’t taken them to heart, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

At sixteen years old, I was passionate about upcycling tops, skirts, dresses, and even custom-embellished headbands. My intention wasn’t originally to start my own company; designing was a creative outlet for me. But my friends and acquaintances showed so much interest in owning one of my unique creations that starting my own business seemed to be the next logical step. Dainty Jewell’s was born, a company rooted in pursuing my passions that, after years of hard work, a few setbacks, and many successes, has become a provider of more than 80,000 pieces of clothing. It’s so exciting to watch my dream come to life! If you have a dream you’re passionate about, here is my advice to you:

Turn your passion into profit. In attempt to make extra money, I began designing headbands, shoe clips, and small accessories. Because my father was a traveling minister, I was able to sell my pieces all across the country. It wasn’t until people began encouraging me and complimenting my work, however, that I toyed with the idea of launching a full-fledged business. I was frequently asked about doing retail, so I finally decided to introduce a new clothing line on Facebook. I started my business with ten pieces, and it grew from there. Whenever you’re passionate about something or you just want to make a little extra money, try combining your passion with business savvy. It’s scientifically proven that following your passion brings deep satisfaction.  

What matters to you now many times won’t matter years from now. As I was starting my business at the age of sixteen, most people my age were totally engrossed in school activities, sports, dating, college applications, popularity, and adolescent drama. These things are huge when you’re a teenager, but they’re only a blip on the radar when you look at life on a large scale. While my peers were obsessed with matters of short-term significance, I was bootstrapping a business and learning how to manage my finances. I made sacrifices, such as choosing work over hanging out with friends, and I often chose to focus on my business when other things were calling for my attention. In the end, all the sacrifices were worth it. It’s the best feeling in the world waking up each day knowing I’m exactly where God wants me to be, doing what makes me happy.

Go against the grain. Dainty Jewell’s offers fashionably modest clothing for women and girls. The pieces have a classic elegance and vintage look (think Jackie Kennedy) with sleeves to the elbow and skirts to the knee. In a culture where dressing modestly isn’t celebrated, Dainty Jewell’s has still managed to be wildly successful. My pieces have been featured in USA Today, People StyleWatch, and BuzzFeed, and they’ve been worn by dozens of well-known fashion bloggers. I chose from the beginning to emphasize modesty, not so that Dainty Jewell’s would stand out or be unique—although those things became positive consequences of my decision—but so that I could be true to my belief that women and girls can and should be able to dress modestly and still look fabulous. Going against the grain and what society deems as normal has served my business and me well.  

Rely heavily on your support system. I can’t preach this last piece of advice enough! Surround yourself with positive, influential people who encourage, support, and love you. Your support system will be there when times are good and when times get tough: you need them for both. I would be nowhere without the encouragement and support of my parents, close family, and friends; without moral guidance from my pastor; and without the love and business advice of my husband. I’ve relied heavily on these people throughout the years. They’ve given wise counsel, lent an ear when I needed it, encouraged me, celebrated with me, and even rolled up their sleeves and helped me at times. My support system has been instrumental in the growth of my business and an asset to me personally.

Do you have a dream? A passion? A burning sense of purpose that sometimes keeps you up at night and energizes you in the day? Embrace that passion. Use it for good. Follow your passion, and never, ever give up.


About Charity Walter & Dainty Jewell’s: Charity Walter, a modern southern belle who grew up in North Carolina, began designing at the age of sixteen with the intent of upcycling and creating unique pieces featuring custom embellishments, dainty details, and decorative confections. After inspiring friends and acquaintances with her unique creations, the idea of creating her own company was born. Dainty Jewell’s remains dedicated to providing affordable and fashionably modest clothing to women of all ages because Charity believes dressing with ladylike class is a privilege all women should have access to. Combined with her intuitive business sense, Charity’s ability and passion to design clothing for every body type and age group is a gift that has enabled Dainty Jewell’s to soar in excellence for quality, customer service, and integrity. For more information, go to daintyjewells.com.


Secrets to Get You a “WOW” Without Showing Too Much!

Why prom and formal dresses don’t need to be short or revealing

promGrowing up on Long Island during the 1980’s, I can safely say I’ve seen my share of terrible prom looks. Big hair, big shoulder pads and big amounts of makeup all equaled big prom problems for some of my best girlfriends back in those neon days.

As a lifetime fashion devotee, I began to recognize at a young age which girls looked gorgeous and which girls looked like they were trying too hard with their low-cut gowns, heavy makeup and ex-treme-ly tight dresses. Sure, these girls might have been ogled for a few fleeting minutes, but there are a million ways to make sure you’re seen without being so…obvious. As a designer and a fashion illustrator – I started my career at Bloomingdales and have worked directly with Diane Von Furstenberg – I know great fashion, and I have a wealth of tips to share.

So girls, listen up. If you follow these four golden rules for prom or any formal occasion, you’re going to look unforgettable…for all the right reasons.

Accessorize the positive
So many girls focus on “the dress” and not enough on accessories. Wear a statement necklace, some sparkling chandelier earrings or, if you want to be truly bold, a headpiece or tiny veil (try Etsy for some lovely and frugal options) and you’ll instantly look high-fashion without showing a bit of thigh

Be colorful
If accessories aren’t your thing but you still want a jaw-drop moment when you walk through those amphitheater double doors, you don’t need to show cleavage or wear something backless – instead, just harness the rainbow. Forget black, navy, white and neutral – go vibrant. By using vivacious colors – think cherry red, an unexpected canary yellow or even neon – you’ll be colorfully zigging when everyone is zagging.

Dazzle! Just don’t BEDAZZLE!!!!
When it comes to makeup, pick one feature and accentuate it. Want a smoky eye? Great! But make sure your lipstick is a natural color (think berry; it’s great this time of year). Determined to rock some dramatic, cascading waves of hair? Stunning! Just consider wearing small stud earrings. When you have too many parts of you competing for attention, no one wins.

Footloose and blister free
Ever heard the expression “don’t judge a woman until you’ve walked a mile in her heels?” Well, there are lots of heels that you won’t want to walk a few steps in, let alone a mile. Trust me, sky-high heels don’t necessarily mean more fabulous; they just may mean more pain. Believe me, I love heels. But for a night filled with dancing, sparkly flats or heels under 2.5 inches are the preferred choice. You’ll be noticed enjoying your prom, instead of being overlooked as you sit on the sidelines, tending to those throbbing blisters.


Any other formal-wear fashion tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your prom style secrets! Tweet me at @bonniemarcus or visit me on Facebook: thebonniemarcuscollection.


fashion style bookBonnie Marcus is an award-winning stationery designer and illustrator. Make sure you check out Bonnie’s new collection of books with Parragon, including the FASHION STYLE BOOK. Filled with stylish illustrations from the Bonnie Marcus Collection, no girl should be seen without it!  


by Haley Norris
sweaterHello, friends! Lately, I have seen several articles or blog posts on modesty circling the social media I’m on, so I decided I may as well jump on that bandwagon and put my two cents in! Modesty is something that I have found to be very important, especially as I’ve gone through my high school years and grown as a daughter of Christ. The way I dress is a reflection of who I am. When I think of the many reasons I have decided to take a stance on modesty, I think my future husband is one of the most important. I’ll admit it, I’m a dreamer. I think about my future husband often. What he will be like. What is he doing right now? This very moment. I don’t like to think that he is being tempted to lust after another girl. Especially regarding what she is wearing. So why should I dress immodestly, tempting other young men to lust after me? In talking about the wife of a noble character, Proverbs 31:12 says: “She honors him all the days of her life.” Notice how it says all the days of her life. It doesn’t say just some of them, or just the days she knows him, but ALL the days of her life. I feel that the way we dress can bring honor to our future husbands. Wearing clothes that don’t flaunt our bodies and tempt our brothers in Christ is a statement of respect. It says that we respect ourselves enough to not seek attention in that way. It also says that we respect our future husbands enough to not dress in a way that attracts ungodly men. Above all, it shows that we respect our Maker! He made us so beautifully! We are to embrace that beauty, not by revealing everything, but by dressing in a way that makes us look like the young ladies He has called us to be! I want the way I dress and the way I present myself to point others to Him.  I want to set an example for younger girls around me! I want to show them that it’s OKAY to not dress in revealing ways. That the short shorts don’t add points to your popularity. I know there are several younger girls that do look up to me, and I want more than anything to set a good example for them. I want them to see that modesty is a good thing, no matter how much society looks down on it. I will say, the term “modest is hottest”, is quite literal in the summertime. Modesty is not always the most comfortable option. And the cutest swimsuits are often the most revealing. Yes, modesty does take sacrifice, but it is so worth it! And dressing modestly doesn’t mean losing all sense of fashion! You can still look cute and dress modestly! In the long run, the sacrifices made to dress modestly are greatly outweighed by the good that comes out of it! Think of what the world would be like if more women took a stand on modesty! If we all dressed in a way that showed how much we respected ourselves, as well as our brothers in Christ! I hope to see more girls striving for that! Thanks for reading!
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

Are You an Expressionista?

This excerpt was taken from Expressionista: How to Express Your True Self Through (And Despite) Fashion by Jackie Walker and Pamela Dittmer McKuen, and reprinted with permission of Beyond Word Publishing/Atria Books, Hillsboro, Oregon.


expressionistaAn Expressionista is someone who knows her personal sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it, no matter what anyone else says. She doesn’t need to impress anyone or follow the latest television star. She checks out the latest trends and celebrity appearances or peruses style sites online when she feels like it, but ultimately she makes up her own mind about what to wear. She believes she looks great—and she does.

Are you an Expressionista? Find out now.

Answer the following statements yes if they are true or mostly true for you. Answer no if they are not true or mostly not true.

1.  Before the big party, your friends call you to see what you plan to wear.

2.  You don’t mind when you can’t buy something new for the big party—you’ll just think up something different to do with your hair or nails.

3.  It doesn’t bother you when someone makes a rude remark about something you’re wearing.

4.  You don’t have a lot of clothes, but you mostly like everything in your closet.

5.  Sometimes you give your mom or older sister fashion advice, and she takes it.

6.  You like to experiment with colors and combinations you haven’t tried before.

7.  You don’t judge people by what they wear or how they look.

8.  You don’t buy something just because someone else does or because it’s popular.

9.  Sometimes you borrow something from your dad’s or brother’s closet to wear.

10.  Clothes are fabulous, but they aren’t the most important thing in your life.


Scoring: How many yes answers do you have? Expressionistas have lots of yes answers. Here’s how to interpret your score:

9–10 You are well on your way to becoming an Expressionista! With this book you will learn about Fashion Personas and how they relate to your independent sense of style. You’ll also be able to help your friends and sisters find theirs.

7–8 Sometimes you feel very secure in your clothing decisions, and sometimes you’re just not sure. As you learn more about your personal style and find creativeways to express it, you will make Expressionista decisions all the time.

5–6 Keep trying out new looks and new ideas until you find the ones that you feel totally comfortable with. Expressionistas are adventuresome!

3–4 You’re definitely influenced by other people. When you learn more about your personal style, you’ll be more confident about making your own decisions. That’s the first step to becoming an Expressionista.

0–2 Right now you are probably a little unsure of your fashion choices. That’s okay, because we’re here to help you feel more confident. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to become an Expressionista!

New fashion site, The Hunt, makes social media photos shoppable

New fashion site, The Hunt, makes social media photos shoppable

the hunt, how it worksHow many times have you been watching your favorite show and would up falling in love with the outfit your favorite character was wearing? Have you ever tried to search for that same or similar outfit online? You’ve probably been frustrated because you can’t find it or it’s way out of your budget. Also, nearly 50% of the photos uploaded on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr don’t contain any buying information. So how are you supposed to shop for the items you want?

Good news for all you fashionistas! A new website called The Hunt allows you to hunt for items that you see on Pinterest, Instagram, your favorite blog and even fashion you see on the street. You just post a picture and the Hunt’s fashionista community helps you find the exact item, or something similar that’s less expensive!

When to use The Hunt:

  • Did you see your favorite celeb wearing an amazing pair of pumps, jeans or earrings on the cover of Glamour but cannot afford the exact item?  Find your “wanted” fashion items by uploading a picture of the outfit.  Other members of the community find the exact piece or something similar at varying price points on fashion e-commerce websites.

  • Have a special event coming up but you’re unsure on how to accessorize your dress?  Post the outfit for the special occasion (prom, girls’ night out, a first date, spring break) and other community members will give you their suggestions.

  • Pulling together an outfit that you already have in your closet and you’re not sure which shoes are better?  Post a picture of yourself and others will chime in on the debate.

  • Are you still thinking about those floral trousers you pinned months ago, but when you followed the thread you ended up at a dead link? Hunt for them!

In addition to purely altruistic motives, The Hunt has become an addictive online scavenger hunt for the fashion obsessed. Similar to online gaming, The Hunt delivers an experiential ‘thrill of the chase’ – whether a user is hunting for themselves or others.

How to get started using The Hunt:

  1. Members “start a hunt” by uploading pictures or linking recent photos they’ve “liked” on Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest. Next, fill out characteristics about the photo that will help others hunt for the item or similar items.

  2. Once the item is found it will appear in either e-mail form or under the “following” tab. This information is sent to all of the people that have followed this particular hunt.

  3. After “finding” this product, a personal “thank you” to the member of the community that found it by posting a comment or giving them a Gem lets them know that you thought their find was great.

  4. After a Hunter deems “a find” the perfect look they can mark their hunt as “found”, culminating the hunt.

Top 4 Things We Love Most About The Hunt:

  1. “Hunting” turns pictures into real life purchases.

  2. People are connecting within the community to aid one another in acquiring pieces they truly desire.

  3. The Hunt is a time saver.  Instead of scouring the web and stores individually, others work with the original Hunter to create a team effort.

  4. The Hunt keeps users updated with new fashion trends.

  5. You can finally own the products that you like, at a price you can afford.


Visit The Hunt at: https://www.thehunt.com

Live.Work.Play.Pray: The Story of Chelsea Eubank

Live.Work.Play.Pray: The Story of Chelsea Eubank

Chelsea EubankOthers have often told me I’m a lucky girl—lucky to be a cheerleader, lucky to be tall and blonde, lucky to go to a private school and lucky to be a young entrepreneur. What everyone did not know was my story. Early on, I had a severe learning disability that, although I have a normal IQ, I perform under it in math and language. I was ultimately placed me in a special school for learning disabled students. While at Mill Springs Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia, I was finally able to thrive and excel in school and sports—my coaches even voted me “All Conference Player of the Year” in basketball my junior year of high school.

Life finally seemed normal. I felt as though I had a normal school experience, things I was interested in—fashion!—and a good group of friends. Little did I know, my world was about to be turned upside down. In May 2005, my dad’s brother, my Uncle Rusty, passed away from a heart attack at 42-years-old. Just three months later in September, and two weeks before my 17th birthday, my Nana passed on. Despite the pain, my heart was at peace knowing that my uncle and my Nana were together.

With the loss of such important influences in my life, my faith began to become an increasingly significant portion in my life. Following my Uncle Rusty’s death, my dad had gone to be with his mother – my last remaining grandparent – in Florida to help her. One day I had an overwhelming desire to speak with my dad despite having to break the rule of not talking and driving. I called him at my grandmother’s and when she answered, I knew something was wrong. I could hear screaming and she told me I needed to hang up. Just four weeks ago, I accepted the news of my Nana’s death. Today, it was the news of my father’s.

In my efforts not to let the pain and grief define me, I relied on my faith in Christ to carry me through my darkest hour. I wanted to honor my uncle, Nana and dad with my future.

My experiences stirred up a vision inside me and in 2007, I founded FAITHFUL FISH®. Coined a “Lifestyle Brand with a Cause,” Faithful Fish reaches into a unique marketplace by establishing a monogram of faith–a symbol we as Christians can wear to share their faith. My vision is to design a relevant and inspirational clothing line that allows Christians to share the joy of their faith and represent positive values through personal style.

To me, clothing is personal media; I want Faithful Fish to make it easier to state who you are and what you believe. Since the inception of the brand, the Lord has really blessed me with amazing opportunities to write, speak and tell others my story of being faithful. My ultimate goal is to use Faithful Fish as a profit center for charities. Currently, 10 percent of each Faithful Fish purchase goes to Compassion International’s Water of Life program. Just one of these water filters (which cost $55 each) can supply clean water for up to 60 people for the rest of their lives!

I graduated with a liberal studies degree from Beacon College in 2010, the only accredited university for students with learning disabilities in the United States. Now, I’m a 24-year-old entrepreneur, living in Atlanta, Georgia, and each day still brings new challenges. However, I will always be devoted to living out my faith and sharing the Lord’s love with others.

I enjoy volunteering in the Atlanta community and serve on the executive leadership committee for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign and volunteer for Chastain Horse Park Therapy, the Junior League of Atlanta and Buckhead Church. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Pure Ministries and am a Beacon College Ambassador.

I believe that each of us has a purpose and a passion in life. I’m blessed to have opportunities that allow me to make a difference in the lives of others and give back through my business and community involvement. I want other young women to realize you can make a difference, too.

The obstacles we face do not have to define our path. I believe that my faith and the Lord’s grace have defined my life—God has blessed me with challenges that have grown my faith and allowed me to share Him with others. I’ve been given an incredible story and I want to use it to share the message of Christ’s love and grace with others. I choose to believe that God did not do terrible things to me, but I know that He is the one who held my hand my heart through the hard times.  No matter what you are going through, He will bring you through. As young women rooted in Christ, you and I can do great things for His Kingdom.

To learn more about me and to see Faithful Fish products, visit www.faithfulfish.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @FaithfulFish and “Like” the brand on Facebook. I’d also love to hear from you personally. Send me an email at: Chelsea@FaithfulFish.com.

Pose Launches New Style App For Facebook Timeline

Pose Launches New Style App For Facebook Timeline

Pose, The #1 Mobile Style Community,  Launches App for Facebook Timeline, Allowing 800 Million Users To Discover Fashion & Express Their Style With Friends

Pose is launching a new app that style lovers can add to their Facebook Timeline, making it easier than ever to discover style and experience it with friends. The Pose mobile app (available for iOS and Android) enables people from all over the world to visually communicate an expression of personal style through what they’re wearing and through the looks that they discover on the Pose platform, and bring it all to their Timeline.

Sharing fashion and style is an inherently social activity. With Pose, people can create personalized style experiences and connect with friends through what they’re wearing, as well as what’s inspiring them on a daily basis. Pose allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to share authentic images of their personal style and fashion discoveries, which creates rich visual content that is a compelling addition to one’s Timeline.

Pose’s Timeline app enables people to discover and engage with new styles by allowing them to explore the details of looks from around the world.  With Pose’s outfit tagging system, photos are tagged with multiple category and brand details, allowing people to interact with dynamic content and increasing opportunities for brand discovery.

“Pose is the best way to share what you are wearing and to discover style across mobile and social platforms. We are excited to have Facebook recognize conversations about style as a large part of people’s social experience. Our integration with Facebook Timeline today takes this to the next level,” said Pose’s CEO, Dustin Rosen.

Visit [https://apps.facebook.com/pose-app/] to get started and add Pose to your Timeline today.
Visit [http://ge.tt/9yrr9RC] for hi-res Pose Timeline app assets.

Pose is a mobile platform for real-time discovery and sharing of fashion, beauty, make-up and hair. Pose’s mission is to create a global, social platform for self expression, where users share and discover style and interact with their favorite brands in a meaningful way. Pose is funded by GRP Partners, True Ventures, Mousse Partners and Founder Collective. Pose is available as a free download on iPhone and Android. Pose is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information, visit http://pose.com/.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

maurices Seeks Real Girls in All Sizes for Main Street Model Search 2012

maurices Seeks Real Girls in All Sizes for Main Street Model Search 2012

maurices Seeks Real Girls in All Sizes for Main Street Model Search 2012January 16, 2012 marked the launch of maurices’ second annual Main Street Model Search. The young women’s retailer is looking for 12 real girls in all sizes to model maurices clothing in upcoming fall, holiday and spring campaigns. Models will be selected through maurices Main Street Model Search.

“Through last year’s Main Street Model Search, we were able to express maurices’ passion for embracing real girls from hometowns across America,” says Brad Hartmann, maurices vice president of marketing. “We’re excited to give another group of women the opportunity to live their dream of modeling while demonstrating what the maurices brand is all about: fashion, fun and giving back.”

Women ages 18 and older can enter maurices Main Street Model Search online. They’ll need to upload photos of themselves, write a short essay and provide other key details. Full model contest rules should be reviewed before entering.

Stylist and fashion designer Christopher Straub from Lifetime’s “Project Runway” will once again be part of the judging panel. Straub launched Christopher Straub for maurices—a line of clothing, accessories and a fragrance—in November 2011. His second line for maurices will be unveiled this spring.

Straub was thrilled when maurices invited him to be part of its second model search. “It was incredibly rewarding to be part of last year’s contest. I met so many wonderful people who were beautiful on the inside and out. I can’t wait to be part of selecting the next maurices Main Street Models.”

Judges will select models based on appearance and how well they represent the maurices image. The top 12 models will each receive a photo shoot in one of three iconic destinations in the U.S. and national exposure at maurices locations, www.maurices.com, mailers and social media; a $1,500 maurices gift card; and $7,500 for a charitable makeover to be awarded directly to a community or charitable organization in her hometown.

Women can enter online now through February 13. Online voting is open from February 27 through March 19, with people receiving a surprise coupon offer from maurices every time they vote, plus a chance to win as much as $1,000 in gift cards. Online voting will narrow the field of contestants to 100 who will be required to create a video as part of their submission. maurices will select 20 models for a final casting call in Minneapolis, Minn., the week of April 16. The top 12 models will be announced April 23.

For more information, visit maurices.com , facebook.com/maurices or mauricesmainstreetmodel.com.

maurices Main Street Model Search 2012 Timeline

Model submissions: January 16 – February 13
Women from across America enter online for the chance to model for maurices and win fabulous prizes, including a fashion shoot in an iconic destination in the U.S.

Online voting: February 27 – March 19
Voters help narrow the search to 100 contestants with each of their votes earning a surprise coupon offer from maurices, plus a chance to win as much as $1,000 in gift cards.

Meet the top 100 contestants: March 20
reveals the voters’ top 100 choices online.

Video submission: March 20 – 27
The top 100 contestants create and submit a video that tells why they should be a maurices Main Street Model.

Introducing the top 20: April 2
Judging panel reveals the top 20 contestants.

Casting call: Week of April 16
Top 20 finalists are brought to Minneapolis, Minn., for a casting call with a panel of judges that includes Christopher Straub from Season Six of Lifetime’s “Project Runway.”

And the winners are: April 23
will introduce the 12 winners of maurices Main Street Model Search 2012