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Retro Items Your Parent’s Loved, And That You Can Still Buy!

Are you heading off to college soon and you want to purchase the freshest items for your student accommodation? Would you just like to create a retro feel in your bedroom? Then you’re guaranteed to love some of the products mentioned in this post. Your parents will know all about these items, and some of them might still have them kicking around at home. So, make sure you ask your parents if they can donate any of these products before you go out and buy them from a retailer. With that in mind, let’s get started!


Record players

Nothing says retro like the ability to play vinyl in your bedroom. There are some cool all in one record players available today that work in the same way as the items your parents used in the past. Indeed, most adults will have a stash of LPs in the attic, and so you might want to ask your mother or father to get them down. Some dance music professionals still release music using that format, and so you can purchase new records too! Just make sure you get something that comes with speakers, or you can buy some separately. Your new student pals are going to feel jealous when they see you have one of those in your room.

VHS players

Before DVD and Blu Ray, all parents used to watch movies using VHS tapes. You probably still have some at home if you check those bookcases. However, most people don’t have the device used to watch those films any longer. Thankfully, you can still purchase them online, and they don’t cost the earth. Maybe you could arrange a retro movie evening with your new college friends? Perhaps you could ask them to bring any old VHS tapes from home for the occasion? Just be sure to invest in a head-cleaning tape, so you get a clear picture on the screen.

Lava lamps

Lava lamps were exceptionally trendy during the late 1960s and 70s. However, you could still find them in most shops until just before the year 2000. If you like the idea of getting a lava lamp, it makes sense to check online auction websites so you can buy an original design. Some online sellers still stock those products, but they’re not as impressive as they once were. That is why you’ll need to invest in a lava lamp created before 1999 for the best outcomes. Again, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money as many people still have those items at home.

Now you know about some of the best retro products for your student accommodation or bedroom; you just have to check your budget and start making purchases. Everyone who spends time in your room is going to love playing around with those old devices. Of course, there are plenty of other items that you could buy if you want the best results. So, don’t make the mistake of halting your research here. Those suggestions were just to point you in the right direction and provide some inspiration.

I’m Unfit! How Can I Build Up My Strength and Endurance?

We all know the importance of regular exercise. It helps us to maintain our weight, boosts immunity, improves brain function and makes us feel good too. It’s recommended that we do at least 150 minutes of activity a week to keep us in peak physical shape. However working out doesn’t have to mean pushing yourself to your limits while you pour with sweat and utterly exhaust yourself. You can keep trim and get all of the health benefits with far more gentle exercise too. If you’re quite unfit, you probably won’t be able to hop on a treadmill and start sprinting, or perhaps you have an injury. If you’re looking to start on your fitness journey here are a few activities are suitable for everyone, and will burn excess fat and calories without risking injury.


Walking is fantastic exercise. It’s free, you don’t need any special equipment, and you can save yourself money on travel too. Give yourself a little extra time to go to school, college or work and instead of hopping in the car or on the bus, walk instead. While it mainly works the muscles in the legs, walking also helps to tone abs and even your arms too. You don’t have to power walk, but for the best benefits keep a good pace. You should be able to feel your breathing and heartrate is elevated, but not to the point you feel like they’re going to explode. Pop your headphones in, listen to some music and go for a walk or hike. If you have a dog, take them along too!


Cycling is great for weight loss and shaping your body, and it’s fun too. You could pack up a (healthy) picnic and go on a bike ride all day with friends. You get to explore your local area, take in the sights and enjoy the health benefits too. Cyclingweekly.com suggests making the most of your commute by cycling, so this could be something to consider. If you’re a beginner in the gym, using the exercise bike is a good place to start. Unlike some of the other equipment, it’s self-explanatory to use, and you can increase the resistance the fitter you get.


Not only is yoga good for the body but it improves the mind too. It helps to build your strength and flexibility meaning you have less chance of injuring yourself during other forms of exercise. It teaches you breathing and mindfulness techniques which can be useful if you suffer from anxiety or depression. It might not seem like the most cardio-heavy exercise, but according to bestyogablog.com it’s effective for weight loss with different types of yoga burning a surprising number of calories. It’s definitely something worth including in your fitness routine and helps break things up a little too since it’s a bit different from most other kinds of exercise.


Swimming is both gentle and fun but is incredible for the body. This article by livehealthy.chron.com states that it uses just about every muscle, so is ideal for an all- over workout. Start by doing a few laps and then increase it from there. You could aim to do an extra lap every time you swim, or set a time and try to beat it. It won’t aggravate the joints so is suitable for everyone (providing you can swim!)

Have a Way With Words? Here’s How You Can Put Your Writing Talent To Good Use

Are you naturally gifted when it comes to the written word? Perhaps you’ve been told from a young age that you excel in this area, and teachers and parents have commented on how you’d make a fantastic author. While writing is something that you can continue to improve on all the time, some people are naturally eloquent with words and find it easy to put thoughts to paper. If this sounds like you, chances are you want to nurture and expand on your gift, and are on the lookout for ways you can become more well-versed as a writer. Here are a few ways you can go about it.


Blogging has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and that’s because it’s so flexible. A blog can be anything you want it to be: it can be used to document your life, it can be used to share your knowledge on a topic with others, many businesses even use them to promote their site and products. It’s free to sign up, and once you do you have this incredible platform where you can express yourself any way you like. As well as improve your writing skills, blogging will also encourage you to improve your photography (even if it’s just with your smartphone- you need beautiful pictures for your posts after all!) You’ll learn the basics of coding and HTML and can even use free online editors to design and create your own banner and graphics. When you’re writing regular content for your blog, you will quickly find your ‘voice.’ This is something that you never get to do in formal, academic writing, with blogging you can just be yourself. You’ll expand your vocabulary, improve your writing and have fun in the process. Blogging also has a fantastic social side to it, you can speak to other likeminded individuals on platforms like Twitter. Join in with group chats, and even attend meetup events.

Write a Journal

Unlike blogs which are generally public, journals are for you rather than for an audience. The benefits of journalling have been well documented, they can help improve stress, evoke mindfulness and even improve your IQ. Because they allow you to explore your feelings they can help you to improve your emotional intelligence too, this is your ability to understand the feelings and emotions of others. Which is of course a fantastic skill to have in life! We’ve all experienced troubling times, and when your mind is racing, it’s difficult to make head or tail of the situation. Writing things down can really help you to work through and understand any issues that you have, and it can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. The practice of writing every day will certainly improve your writing skills, even if you plan on no one ever reading the journal you

Write a Book

Have you always dreamed of writing a book, but put it off as something to do when you’re a little older? Don’t delay, writing a book now while you’re young could be the best time to do it. Sure you don’t have as much life experience as someone older, but your thought processes, creativity, and imagination right now are bound to be incredible. When you finish education and get into the workplace things can get a little monotonous, and you might find that creative spark you once had dwindling unless you really invest in nurturing it. You could always start your book now and continue to work on it over the years if you don’t feel like it’s quite there. Either way, there’s nothing stopping you as a younger person.

Do Some Freelance Writing

Many students choose to get a part-time job while they’re still in education, so they have their own money to spend, and aren’t living entirely off their parents. But instead of going out and working in a shop or fast food joint, why not do some freelance writing? Many websites will require you to take a short test before you can sign up, but if you get through and are good enough, this is an excellent way to earn some money in your spare time. You get to make some cash, improve your writing and do something you know you’re good at.


How Educational Institutes Are Improving

When you take a look at the old school system compared with the new school system, it isn’t difficult to see that things have improved. It’s hard to believe that children were allowed to be physically punished by their teachers! However, there’s still room for improvement. Many educational institutes are still improving today. Here are a few ways they are getting better:

Different Learning Styles
People have different learning styles. One learner may learn best in the traditional way; simply reading things, repeating them, and writing them. Somebody else may retain information better if they practice it themselves. Some people may need to see somebody else do it before they can understand it. Many institutions are realizing this and catering to different styles.

Technology is incorporated in many classrooms today. Tablets are used to take notes, smartphone apps can be used to help give and retain information; there are so many ways that technology helps the education process. In fact, around 75% of educators said that the believe technology benefits the education process in a positive way.

Data Analysis
Data analysis is now an imperative part of any educational institute. By incorporating data analysis, just about everything can get better. With data analysis, expenses can be reduced, learning analytics paid attention to, and even teachers matched with the subjects most suited to them. Things that need to be addressed can finally be addressed when data analysis is used effectively.

You can learn more about data analysis using the infographic below.

Credit to Maryville University

How I Turned My Passion into a Thriving Business

One of the darling dresses that can be found at daintyjewells.com

You’ve probably been told at some point, “Follow your passion and don’t give up.” It may not sound like revolutionary advice, but it’s truly some of the most important advice I’ve been given. It was my mom who first said these words to me, and if I hadn’t taken them to heart, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

At sixteen years old, I was passionate about upcycling tops, skirts, dresses, and even custom-embellished headbands. My intention wasn’t originally to start my own company; designing was a creative outlet for me. But my friends and acquaintances showed so much interest in owning one of my unique creations that starting my own business seemed to be the next logical step. Dainty Jewell’s was born, a company rooted in pursuing my passions that, after years of hard work, a few setbacks, and many successes, has become a provider of more than 80,000 pieces of clothing. It’s so exciting to watch my dream come to life! If you have a dream you’re passionate about, here is my advice to you:

Turn your passion into profit. In attempt to make extra money, I began designing headbands, shoe clips, and small accessories. Because my father was a traveling minister, I was able to sell my pieces all across the country. It wasn’t until people began encouraging me and complimenting my work, however, that I toyed with the idea of launching a full-fledged business. I was frequently asked about doing retail, so I finally decided to introduce a new clothing line on Facebook. I started my business with ten pieces, and it grew from there. Whenever you’re passionate about something or you just want to make a little extra money, try combining your passion with business savvy. It’s scientifically proven that following your passion brings deep satisfaction.  

What matters to you now many times won’t matter years from now. As I was starting my business at the age of sixteen, most people my age were totally engrossed in school activities, sports, dating, college applications, popularity, and adolescent drama. These things are huge when you’re a teenager, but they’re only a blip on the radar when you look at life on a large scale. While my peers were obsessed with matters of short-term significance, I was bootstrapping a business and learning how to manage my finances. I made sacrifices, such as choosing work over hanging out with friends, and I often chose to focus on my business when other things were calling for my attention. In the end, all the sacrifices were worth it. It’s the best feeling in the world waking up each day knowing I’m exactly where God wants me to be, doing what makes me happy.

Go against the grain. Dainty Jewell’s offers fashionably modest clothing for women and girls. The pieces have a classic elegance and vintage look (think Jackie Kennedy) with sleeves to the elbow and skirts to the knee. In a culture where dressing modestly isn’t celebrated, Dainty Jewell’s has still managed to be wildly successful. My pieces have been featured in USA Today, People StyleWatch, and BuzzFeed, and they’ve been worn by dozens of well-known fashion bloggers. I chose from the beginning to emphasize modesty, not so that Dainty Jewell’s would stand out or be unique—although those things became positive consequences of my decision—but so that I could be true to my belief that women and girls can and should be able to dress modestly and still look fabulous. Going against the grain and what society deems as normal has served my business and me well.  

Rely heavily on your support system. I can’t preach this last piece of advice enough! Surround yourself with positive, influential people who encourage, support, and love you. Your support system will be there when times are good and when times get tough: you need them for both. I would be nowhere without the encouragement and support of my parents, close family, and friends; without moral guidance from my pastor; and without the love and business advice of my husband. I’ve relied heavily on these people throughout the years. They’ve given wise counsel, lent an ear when I needed it, encouraged me, celebrated with me, and even rolled up their sleeves and helped me at times. My support system has been instrumental in the growth of my business and an asset to me personally.

Do you have a dream? A passion? A burning sense of purpose that sometimes keeps you up at night and energizes you in the day? Embrace that passion. Use it for good. Follow your passion, and never, ever give up.


About Charity Walter & Dainty Jewell’s: Charity Walter, a modern southern belle who grew up in North Carolina, began designing at the age of sixteen with the intent of upcycling and creating unique pieces featuring custom embellishments, dainty details, and decorative confections. After inspiring friends and acquaintances with her unique creations, the idea of creating her own company was born. Dainty Jewell’s remains dedicated to providing affordable and fashionably modest clothing to women of all ages because Charity believes dressing with ladylike class is a privilege all women should have access to. Combined with her intuitive business sense, Charity’s ability and passion to design clothing for every body type and age group is a gift that has enabled Dainty Jewell’s to soar in excellence for quality, customer service, and integrity. For more information, go to daintyjewells.com.


How Young People Can Help Save The Planet

It’s fair to say that we haven’t been very kind to our planet. Acid rain, global warming, oil spills: unfortunately as a human race we’ve not always made the best decisions. But thankfully, modern technology mean that things do have the potential to get better. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, homeowners are fitting their properties with solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs, and wind farms are being used as a major source of power. As young people, it’s so important to take an interest in the environment, after all this is the earth we’re inheriting and what will happen next is in our hands. We collectively have the opportunity to create a better world. Here are some of the ways you as a young person can help save the planet.

Educate Yourself

The first step to making things better is to have a proper understanding of the situation. Knowing what issues we currently face and why, and what the next step is to making it right is extremely powerful. Read newspapers, articles, and blogs. Listen to the news, watch documentaries and speak to others.

Make Better Choices When Purchasing Things

Every time you buy something, it helps to create a demand for that product. Therefore when you choose products that are kind to the environment, there’s more demand for them and they become more widespread and popular. It could be things like products that contain low VOC levels (these are low in volatile chemicals that damage the environment). It could be items that are made from recycled materials or products which actively try to help or protect the environment. If everyone thought carefully and made these kinds of choices when they bought products, think of what we could help to influence.

Consider Alternative Forms of Travel

As a teenager or young person, chances are you’re always on the go. School, college, part-time or full-time work, meeting friends- it’s a particularly busy stage of life. Consider how you get around and how this affects the planet. It’s great learning to drive and getting your own car, as this can give you a fantastic sense of freedom and open up more opportunities. However, it doesn’t mean to say you always need to use the car. You could consider an e bike, this is an electric bike which is kind to the environment and makes traveling even over long distances and hilly roads a breeze. For shorter journeys, you could use a standard bicycle or walk and get some exercise in at the same time. Using public transport where possible is beneficial too.



Not only does volunteering hugely help certain projects, but makes you feel really proud of yourself too. Everyone should aim to volunteer if they can, but for young people, it’s especially beneficial. It can help you to make new friends, looks good on your resume and teaches you the importance of real life issues. There are plenty of environment and conservation based projects out there which are always in need of volunteers, so see what’s available near you.


Worried About A Friend: How You Can Help

Whether at school or in college, sometimes we can notice changes in our friends which over time can cause us to worry.

Maybe they are a little quieter than usual in class.  Or you have noticed them looking distracted.  Whilst often it can be nothing more than a simple phase or maybe they are just a little tired after a few late nights, it could be there is something more serious that they need to talk about or, with their health.

The most important thing is to respect their privacy.  If they have trouble at home they may not want to talk about it, and that is their choice.  However the first thing you should do is quietly mention to them that you have noticed there is something wrong.  Wait to see how they react.  If they stay quiet then put your hand on their arm and reassure them that you are always available.  Let them know that you aren’t going to keep going on about it, but you will always listen.

If your friend feels ready to share then you need to be prepared just to listen.  Often talking a problem through can lift a lot of the pressure.  They may ask you for advice and on smaller issues like school stress or boyfriend troubles, you can give some best friend pep talks.  However on larger, more complicated problems at home or within themselves, the best advice is to always speak to an adult.  Either someone in school or at a local youth or support centre.  Offer to go with your friend and be there every step of the way.  It may be most appropriate for her to tell her parents how she feels.  If that is the case, offer her guidance and if she is really worried, maybe suggest she talks to your parents and gets their advice.  Do not give any advice fuelled by your own emotion, you could influence a decision that may not be taking into consideration the varying subtleties of the situation.

Occasionally it is health worries that cause our concern for friends.  If your pal is reluctant to talk you could get some advice from a doctor app.  Your friend may be showing symptoms of something serious such as diabetes or an eating disorder.  If this is the case, talk to her and let her know you are really worried.  Offer to go with her to the doctor and help her talk to an adult.  

We go through a lot of emotional and physical changes as we grow into young adults and it can be hard to admit these or share experiences with other people.  Whilst you cannot force anyone to take care of themselves or unload their worries, you can ensure you are always available and ready to listen and although privacy is vital, you may be able to get advice from your parents on how to help.

Girls need to stick together and then stay together when they are women.  Never judge and always support.  Those are the basic rules of friendship.

How And Why You Should Get More Involved With Your University

By the time you get to university and spend a little time there, there’s a fact that a lot of students find it pretty hard to miss. As much as the faculty and staff are in charge, the inmates run the asylum, as they say. Student involvement in the university is crucial and can contribute to real improvement.

Become an ambassador

Universities are always trying to get new people to enrol, obviously. Most universities get more applications than they can handle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep targeting as many people as they can. With your experience as a student, you can help promote the university and shed some light on what it offers by becoming an ambassador. It will take up a lot of your time during Fresher’s week and open days, but it’s a great help to the university.

Become a course rep

When those students join, then they might be able to benefit from someone who can help them deal with the exact course they’re on. A course rep can help new students prepare their timetables, course costs, and reading lists. They can also serve as a safe way for students to offer anonymous feedback to their faculty.

Offer a hand to fellow students

If you haven’t seen them yet, you might have been living under a rock. The Student Unions of most universities serve all kinds of purposes. If you enjoy a sport or a hobby, they can link you up with groups that share that same interest. They help students manage finances, share safety advice, and help those in trouble get the help they need. The Student Union is an invaluable resource, so consider becoming part of it.

Help run the place

The actual staff of the university might need some help, too. A lot of it might be paid, but a lot of it might not be. For instance, you can help the administrators of the university as an assistant. Or you could work in a library, which might range from anything like tracking orders and inventory to helping to choose school library furniture. The range of options and the level of involvement will obviously differ from campus to campus.

Do local community service

The campus itself serves as a centre of community and you’re going to find that staff, faculty, and students alike will be involved in voluntary efforts to make that community better. For instance, you could get involved in services that offer safe transport from the campus at night. You could join efforts to keep the campus and its surrounding area clear. Then there are undoubtedly going to be charity and caused-based events running through the year that could use a hand.

As well as creating a better education experience for you and your fellow students, getting involved at university can have some perks for your future, too. Any kind of volunteering, as well as administrative and work experience, is going to absolutely shine on your resume. Not just because of the experience, but because of the forward thinking and engaged nature it shows you have.