A Career in Interior Design

A Career in Interior Design

Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

If you are artistic, find yourself changing your room around often, or find yourself
analyzing how you could make spaces more functional or more enjoyable, you might be
interested in a career in interior design.

Three major requirements of a good interior designer obviously include artistic aptitude,
but also someone who communicates well and has managerial skills.

A good interior designer will be interested in a vastly wide range of materials used to
furnish a space and understand how texture, color, and light work together. She will have
a good understanding of psychology; not only to utilize how color or shapes affect mood,
but how to position tables and chairs to focus on prominent characteristics. Beyond the
art, a good interior designer will also know about structure, health and safety issues,
building codes, and many other technical aspects.

The ability to present your ideas effectively is imperative, as is the ability to listen
attentively to clients so their needs can be met. That not only goes for the people an
interior designer works for, but who she may work with as architects, contractors, and
others are also involved. Compromise is essential.

An interior designer will also have good managerial skills. Because work on more than
one project at a time with different deadlines is involved, a good interior designer knows
how to manage her time effectively. She also needs to know how to sell those ideas that
mean the most to her with carefully planned proposals and presentations. And once a
good relationship with a client is established, she will maintain it.

Interior designers average between $31,000 and $60,000, but some make dramatically
more or less, and the amount of education needed also varies with as little as two
years to four or more. Some can be self employed while others are employed by large
architecture firms. If you’re interested in pursuing this career, as with any other, research
colleges carefully and consider how many graduates have found employment in their

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