Watermelon Seeds!

Summertime always reminds me of watermelon! The sweet red fruit is so good on a hot day! The sugar boosts energy levels, and its electrolytes quench thirst. It would be the perfect fruit except for those black seeds!

How disgusting it is to have to keep spitting seeds out. Yuck! The joy of a perfectly good piece of fruit ruined. Trying to pick out the seeds leaves a pile of mushed up fruit. Not very appetizing.  

Our hearts are sometimes like a slice of watermelon, full of seeds. Seeds? Yes, seeds of bitterness. These seeds of bitterness have grown slowly over time. They are the result of each little hurt that you have hidden in your heart.

Maybe it’s a circumstance that has left a bitter seed. Something didn’t go as planned. You’ve been humiliated. Harsh words have been hurled. Promises have been broken. Ridicule, slights, and all those tidbits of pain you never forgave are still there, hidden out of sight.

A key word brings one to mind, and the pain is felt anew. Memories surface that cause us to lose our joy and contentment. Maybe you blame God or someone dear to you for what happened.

When something triggers the pain or the memories, our hearts feel the seeds of bitterness.  They rob us of our peace because we can’t get past the hurts. Sadly, we willingly let go of our peace.

Seeds serve a useful purpose. They produce the fruit we love so much! They are a necessary part of God’s creation process.

So we see there are two kinds of seeds:  good and bad!  Seeds reproduce to kind. If we want good fruit, we need good seeds. Seeds of bitterness only produce more bitterness.  

We need to cultivate our heart to produce good seeds. These good seeds produce the good fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23 tells the good fruits we can produce:  “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.”

It’s difficult to overlook a hurt. It’s far easier to blame someone else for your seeds of bitterness than forgive. Life is tough. People make it tougher, so you may think they deserve your bitterness and hatred.

Did you know that those seeds of bitterness and hate can be cast out of your heart?  All you have to do is confess each thought of bitterness as sin, trusting our Lord and Savior to remove it. Let us remember Jesus took the punishment for all sin. Whatever was done to you has already been punished on the cross.

Galatians 6:1-2 teaches:  “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

Bitterness can keep us from forgiving those who have wronged us. When we are sorrowing over our own sin, our hearts long for forgiveness and forgetfulness from the one we wronged. We seek a restored relationship. So too must we provide that same gift to those who have wronged us if we want to free ourselves from seeds of bitterness.

We each have the responsibility of actively forgiving the one who hurt us. It’s wonderful to receive an apology! However, it’s important to release the hold this person has over you.  When you forgive, those seeds of bitterness disappear! Forgiveness leads to freedom!


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Late Teen Talk: How To Rediscover Your Way In Life After A Period Of Feeling Lost

The years after leaving school are very exciting, and can provide some of the best of the moments of your life. On the other hand, the uncertainties can also serve up a whole host of problems. This can leave many people feeling a little unsure of where they are heading. If you’ve fallen into this cycle of nothingness, finding a quick return to the right pathway is key.

No two people are identical, and you will need to find your own pathway. But here are four of the most common issues, along with what you can do to overcome those hurdles.


Taking Control Of Your Health

Those early years of independence are full of temptations. From excessive drinking to smoking and unhealthy eating, they can bring a variety of health issues. If you’re feeling unsatisfied and unhappy with your current situation, there’s a good chance that your image and health are the chief reasons.

Whether it’s joining a gym, drinking in a more balanced way, or paying attention to mental health doesn’t matter. Ensure that you are doing enough for your immediate and long-term needs. When you see positive outcomes here, it will influence other aspects too.

Finding A Career Path

For many youngsters, the attraction of getting any paid job is hard to ignore in those early moments after school graduation. Paying your way in life is a wonderful thing while those roles can provide great life experiences too. However, it isn’t uncommon to realize that you want more.

It’s never too late to resume your education. Community college offers a great opportunity to gain the qualifications needed for a career in your desired field. Moreover, the flexibility means that you can still attend to those other life goals and responsibilities. Knowing that you’re moving in the right direction will make the future a lot brighter.

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Human interaction will always be a pivotal aspect of your life. It’s natural to lose contact with friends during those post-school years. As long as you maintain contact with the people that matter most, you’ll be just fine. This is a time where relationships often end too, dealing with them in a positive way is key. Otherwise, the negative fallout could disrupt your progress for years.

Nothing is quite as important as your family, though. Repairing broken relationships can take time, but it will make life for more wholesome. That clarity can then spearhead your journey towards other goals too.


Building A Happy Home Life

Happiness begins at home. For some people in the 18-24 category, that means living with parents. For others, that will mean finding an affordable apartment or house share. Either way, ensuring that you feel comfortable here is key. Because if you can’t smile in your own home, where can you?

Being responsible enough to maintain good relationships with household members makes life easier. Meanwhile, learning to complete basic DIY chores can have a telling influence. A happy home is a human fundamental. Achieve success here, and you’ll instantly feel that your world feels more secure.


The 3 Key Components In Any Healthy Lifestyle Change

When you’re looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, you can often find yourself looking for the right ways to go about it. After all, you want to make sure that your body is in the best shape possible. To do that, you often have to look at both your body, overall health levels, and lifestyle choices holistically. It helps to look at the areas of your life that you find to be quite unhealthy and see how you can flip them over to being a healthy choice. With three main areas, those being nutrition, fitness, and wellness, you have a lot of ground to cover, but when you feel healthier and happier in the end, it will all be worth it.


First up, let’s talk all things nutrition. Food can often be a difficult area to discuss when it comes to making yourself healthier. You often feel as if you need to restrict yourself to be healthy, but that’s the opposite attitude to have if you’re looking to be healthy. Instead, what you need to do is make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet rich in all of the foods that your body needs.

Lean meats and fish, fruits and vegetables and whole grains are essential to keep your body functioning properly. But, you might also want to think about trying out shakes, like these https://topratedweightlossshakes.com/where-to-buy-ideal-shape-shakes/, if you need snacks to keep you going in the day, or you’re looking to lose a bit of weight so that your BMI get to a healthy range.



Then there’s the fitness side of things. Although you may not be the most sporty person in the world, it is essential to do some kind of exercise so that your body can be as strong and healthy as you want it to be. But, you don’t have to pressure yourself into joining an intimidating sports team or a scary gym if that’s not what you want.

Sometimes, working out at home, using some of the tips in this post http://www.relatemag.com/2017/06/the-best-ways-to-workout-at-home-and-stay-motivated/, can be a great way to ensure that your fitness levels are where they should be. You could also join a fun workout class with friends, or even start something different like yoga.


And then there’s also your wellness to think about. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to think about your general levels of well-being too, including all of the areas outlined here https://psychcentral.com/lib/15-tips-to-boost-your-well-being-and-happiness/. Laughing and being happy, having a key passion, and controlling your negative thoughts can all help.

But, the social side of things isn’t all that you can do. Making sure you get enough sleep, enjoying some fresh air every once in awhile, and of course using prayer to calm your mind can all ensure that you are working on being your happiest, healthiest self.

Life Experiences That Will Make You A Better Adult

When you look at successful people – be it success in their careers, their relationships, or just a general serenity in their lives – it’s easy to wonder how they managed it. For many young people, the idea of adulthood is something that is terrifying. We may crave the ability to make our own way in the world, but who wants to saddle themselves with the responsibilities of what’s colloquially referred to as “adulting”?

It therefore makes sense to aim to be one of those people who seems to have got this whole life business sorted out. The question is – how did they get there?

There is a common thought in philosophy that we are all the product of our experiences. It is the things we live – rather than the basics that we are born with – that make our life what it is. There are things we can learn as we experience them; things we can do to prompt our minds’ to travel in the right direction. If you go through one of these experiences in your formative years, then it might just make a huge difference to how that adult life you both revere and fear comes to pass.

1) Travel

Traveling is not without its perils. It can be tiring, worrying, or just seem like a lot of effort. However, there is something about expanding your horizons that alters the way you see things when you come back home.

The experience you need to glean from traveling is not going to come from the seven-day beach holidays you may be accustomed to. Consider more “earthed” experiences like backpacking or taking part in mission trips for youth groups – something that gives you more of a chance of a genuine connection with the places you see, and the people you meet.

It’s also a good idea to travel away from the normal tourist traps. Experience a different part of the world, not the polished “for tourists” areas that have a ring of inauthenticity.


2) Go To Therapy

If you don’t have a particular problem, then the idea of therapy might seem like a strange one. However, sometimes the most productive therapeutic sessions come about when the patient doesn’t think they have anything to say – but it turns out, there’s a river of thoughts they need to dissect and discuss.

Therapy doesn’t have to be about fixing a problem. It can be about helping you on your journey in the best way possible. It provides a neutral perspective on the things you experience and can help you get the most out of them, as well as helping you over any of the blips on the road.


3) Learn For The Sake Of Learning

As a young adult, you might feel you have had your fill of learning. Up until this point, your life has been about mandatory attendance and learning about subjects you might have no interest in.

As an adult, it’s hugely beneficial to be curious and want to continue to learn. The brilliant part of this is that you can choose your subject. It could just be falling into a Wikipedia clickhole and discovering a new passion, but always keep your mind open to new information to get the best out of life.


In Your 20s? Life Lessons You Should Remember To Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Youth

Life isn’t easy, and in fact it can be downright difficult. Sometimes it doesn’t play ball with us the way we like to. It’s not that hard to get lost in a whirlwind of worry, regret and what-ifs. From the age of 20 – 30, this can go tenfold. Figuring out who you want to be, how you want to make a living and what relationships to maintain can make the toughest young adult blush with fear.

There’s always going to be a ‘what if’ in your life, but making sure that you squeeze the most out of your youth is something that will help lessen how much you think of it. Sometimes, all the ‘ifs’ don’t matter because you’re right where you want to be. Follow this guide and set of maxims to enable you to make the most of your new foray into the big wide world.

Don’t Worry

This is easier said than done, but any attempt at doing so will help you become a better, more rounded person. Worrying is natural in humans, it’s how we pay attention to the details we shouldn’t overlook. Worrying too much is a problem however, and can prevent you from taking risks. Remember, God is in control and has told you to cast all your worries on Him!

Stay humble, honest and sincere, you’ll be surprised how far that gets you. Don’t be afraid to make decisions, because sometimes the best decision is something you could never have envisaged. You will only know if you experience, so say ‘yes’ to life in every way. You’ll live a fuller, happier life because of it, no matter how long you live for or how much you achieve. Being available is the opposite of worry, because you’re directing your mental energy to what’s in front of you, lending strength to your daily happiness.

Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Even the scariest looking situation such as moving to another country to start a degree can give you unforgettable memories you’ll be so happy you took the chance on. As long as you’re reasonable as to what you can achieve at the moment and understand that you have everything going for you, you’ll be much more inclined to follow love instead of fear and find out what really makes you feel alive.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Here’s a life lesson that is completely, resoundingly, undeniably true. You’re going to fail. In fact, you’re going to fail at things your entire life. It’s part of being human, and it’s no great failing in a human being to make mistakes. If making mistakes is a certainty, why worry about it? Why fear it? As long as you’re willing to learn from your errors you are doing better than most people. Remember, life is a great experiment, and not partaking in it will be worse than any form of failure you can imagine. So relax!

Don’t Feel Like You Have To Have Everything Figured Out

The hunt for a career and following your dreams is commendable, in fact, something to be encouraged, but too often we compare ourselves with those who are at the top of their industry despite them being 20 years older. Remember, these are your formative years. These are the years where you can grow, adapt, and learn to love your chosen field in thousands of ways. Just focus on being the best student of life you can be, be kind, stay focused on Christ and things are sure to work out. The old maxim is true, reach for the stars, because even if you fail, you’ll land amongst the clouds.

Do Travel

Travel broadens the mind and makes you a fuller, more whole person. You’ll gain fresh perspective about how cultures operate, how they communicate and how they navigate this thing called life. Be ready to travel anywhere and everywhere (safely,) that you can, and remember, this world exists for you as much as anyone else.

Allow Your Entire World To Be Changed Overnight

If you don’t have responsibilities to a child or someone you care for, make sure to use this time to be free as a bird! Allow spontaneous job opportunities to take you across the country. Allow holidays you weren’t prepared for to bring you out of your shell. Allow romances to sweep you off of your feet. This is where you experience life with novice eyes, so as long as you’re sensible and keep your head about you, you should let yourself feel free and open for sudden change.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s easy as a young adult to feel reckless, and you should indeed be able to have fun and let your hair down in ways that an older person might raise their eyebrow at. But you should still be sensible, and take care of your physical and mental health. Remember, this is your body that you will be carrying for the rest of your life. This is the only one you’ll have. Be sure to pray, exercise, meditate and read in order to stimulate your curiosity (as well as setting up brilliant habits for life!)

Also, don’t be afraid to look good. This is your time to show the world what you’ve got. No matter how into fashion or beauty you are, looking good usually equals feeling good. Feel free to show the world who you are and don’t feel guilty about it! For great discounts on beauty products at Ulta check here: https://www.couponsherpa.com/ulta/

See The Good In Everything

This is paramount. Make sure that even the rough times you’ll inevitably face are seen for their silver lining. This is the time when you’ll mature the most, so every form of experience will shape you in some way. Try and make sure it’s for the positive. The most trying times are often the ones that shape our character, and remember, a tree can only stretch it’s branches to the sky as far as the depth of its roots will support.

Life doesn’t end until it ends, so you have time for adventure the whole way through. Just because your 20’s are over doesn’t mean you should stop living with joy and abandon. But it’s so easy to focus on what you should be doing in your 20’s, it can be hard to see what you could be doing. Love yourself, follow your heart and you’ll be taken places you’ve never dreamed of.

Always remember, your life should never be a chore, but a dance!


Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – You Shall, You Will and You Can

How are you meant to make big life choices when you’re still so young? It’s like everybody except yourself has your life mapped out for you. It’s a shoulda-woulda-coulda lesson on repeat, with those who are older, wiser and more experienced trying to lay upon you everything that they had wished to achieve when they were your age; the possibilities that they turned down only to feel repercussions in later life. If you don’t have a clear path to go on, it’s hard to know where to start. We use parents as role models, but in this day and age we also use other people, too – friends, celebrities and anybody else we view through social media. So it all gets a bit muddled up, really. We don’t know who to look up to, who to follow the footsteps of and who we can use for guidance.

Want to know a secret? Nobody really knows what they’re doing. We’ve all had to carve our own path out along the way. No two lives are the same, and definitely no two journeys are. It’s hard to say what you can learn from this as everybody is different, but a little guidance goes a long way. Whether you’re still in school or just out of it, it’s a hard time to come to terms with. What you could do now affects the rest of your life, right? Well, to a degree, yes, but it won’t cover all of it. There’s so much more to explore. And with that…


Explore The World

There is so much of the world to see, and right now we are the most privileged we have ever been in terms of getting to explore it all; the chance to do it is lying right at your fingertips. Getting online and booking flights can be done in little to no time, but it shouldn’t be done on a whim unless you’re an experienced traveller. There are tours, programs and volunteering deals available to those who haven’t really experienced traveling on their own before, but it’s always recommended that you take a buddy with you – it’s always nice to be safe and have company! Whether it’s for a week or you’re taking a gap year, any and all travel is brilliant experience. Even if you are going with parents and are nudging them to indulge in their own wanderlust, near or far, it’s something that you will always remember.


Go For A Scholarship

There are so many companies out there which are offering scholarships to the top students who have applied for college – you just need to know where to find them. For example, if you have applied for a law degree, look at the Medler Law Firm scholarship. Always look to professions that are related to your degree to find the funding that is applicable. Things like this are an amazing way to get help towards your tuition, it’s just not many people are aware that they’re there. The more you realize that you could get financial help towards what is arguably going to be one of the most expensive things that you ever do, the more willing you may be towards being able to do it. One of the main reasons that people aren’t going on to further education at the moment is the sheer cost of it all. There is help out there, so take it.


Help Out In The Community

Not only is this a great one for your resumé, but it’s amazing for feel-good-feels. You’ll be doing fantastic things for a brilliant cause, and the best bit is that you get to see it all unfold on your doorstep. It can open the door for bigger and better things in a lot of cases – getting to know members of your community well will put you in good stead and give you the ability to make an impression on those who are able to give out opportunities. There are so many things that you can get involved in, but if you live in quite a sleepy little town with not much going on then it’s down to you to make it happen. This has happened all over the world; if something isn’t going on, people like to make something of it so that there is.  It could be an arts festival, a community litter pick or even just going round to help somebody fix up their home. It all counts, and is conveniently super fun to do.

Lessons From a Master Gardener

When I was in San Francisco I toured the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. It was created by Makoto Hagiwara in 1894. Mr. Hagiwara was clearly a master gardener. I was awed by the cultured beauty and peace of the garden, but I particularly loved the Bonsai trees. How did they grow so perfectly shaped? I knew there must be a story behind each one, just like each of us. I found the answer in the Bible.

Through my brief study of the art of Bonsai, I learned the trees are actually regular size trees or shrubs that have been cultivated to a small size. To maintain the tree’s small size, constant  pruning must be done to control growth. Roots must be cut back so the tree will not grow beyond the size of the container. Branches are wired to shape them into the desired position. The trees require regular maintenance to keep their design intact.

When I began to read my Bible regularly, I realized a Christian is like a bonsai tree. We start out as a new believer, ignorant, eager, and desirous of becoming like our Lord and Savior. We are raw material waiting for our Lord to teach and train us, so that we may be pleasing to Him and able to do the work He calls us to do.  

Jesus explained this in John 10:10b, “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Most importantly, God wants us to bear fruit. Jesus said in John 15:1-2: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away:  and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”

In John 15, we learn about the true vine. Who is the vine? Jesus. God, the Father, is the husbandman or gardener. The branches are Believers. In a biblical sense, we find that abiding is the result of a personal relationship with Jesus. If we are not part of the vine of Jesus, we will wither and die.

Just like the Bonsai master prunes his tree, so does the Lord prune His children. The beautiful form of the bonsai is accomplished by placing wires around the branches to bend each one gradually into the desired shape. Through God’s shaping process, the Believer is groomed to better produce fruit.

The Lord shapes us through His Word and through life experiences. He trains us to put aside the selfish and self-interested tendencies of the natural person. He reminds us that we are rooted in Him through the Holy Spirit. He keeps us, just as the Bonsai master keeps his trees.

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:10:  “for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

As a Believer, we are expected to obey God’s Word because we love Him. We recognize the sacrifice He paid so we might be saved from the punishment for sin. Abiding is about love, commitment to Jesus, and obedience to His commands. As we grow and develop as Believers we will be used to reach others. Our Lord created each of us for a purpose that He reveals to us in His good time.

Change in us and in a bonsai tree is gradual and oh so slow. I am thankful that my Lord is patient and kind to me, giving His life that I might have eternal life.

Written by Linda Hull


More about the Bonsai…

*Here is a link to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco:




*If you would like more information about bonsai trees, check out this website:


*Here is a link to the United States National Arboretum’s page about The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum which features a bonsai photo gallery.


Your Options When Life Is Getting To You

We all sometimes feel as though things are becoming too difficult or like we don’t know how to deal with whatever problems we might have. On thing that can be said for certain is that everyone experiences problems in life. Learning to cope with them is an essential part of maturing into adulthood, and if we never struggled with anything we wouldn’t learn much. But that is not always very helpful when you are actually in the grip of a problem yourself. Usually when that happens, you just want to escape it altogether. But as it turns out, there are probably some better ways to cope. Let’s look at some of the things that you can do to get through the tough times.

Being Mindful

Throughout the day – and most of the night – your mind is spinning out stories upon stories. These stories are what we use to interact with the world. You have stories about who you are, stories about what you deserve, stories about how people should behave. You might even have stories about the stories – and this can be a recipe for unhappiness. Something that we can do to help with these ever-spinning stories is to try and be mindful of them. By this, we just mean that you take a step back and try to look at them for what they are – just stories. Once you get good at doing this, you will gradually be able to make more and more sense of them, to the point where they will cause much less suffering. By being mindful, we can create the space for new, more helpful stories to emerge – and that is often the seat of happiness.

Talking About Your Problems

But it’s not just stories, you might say. Life throws up real problems and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, especially when tragedies occur to us as individuals. When something has happened which is hard to take on board, then it can often be helpful to talk to people. At this time, talking to someone might seem like the last thing that you want to do. But as it turns out, it is also one of the most helpful. Talking through whatever problems you might have, big or small, is essentially the nature of therapy, and it can be extremely useful if you don’t know what to do with yourself and you need a release.

Staying Active

‘Active’ here means two things. On one hand, it refers to the fact that it is healthy and useful to keep active physically. In other words, carrying out regular exercise can be a dramatically good way to keep you feeling good, even when your life situation could be vastly improved. Exercise has a way of reminding you that you are able to feel good, and that you deserve to. By its other meaning, active can mean being active within one’s everyday life. If you have any hobbies or interests, then you should consider investing more time in those as a way of helping yourself get through those difficult times. You might be surprised at how effective this really can be.

Growing Pains

Are you feeling conflicted at the moment? Like you don’t understand yourself anymore?  One minute you seem to be happy and calm, the next you are blowing off in an angry rage?  Maybe you have fallen out with a friend recently and you aren’t sure what you have done.  

Growing up is so tough.  When you become a parent you tend to get lost in how tough parenting is and forget what it was like to be going through so many hormonal changes, experiencing your first heart breaks, the pressure to work hard at school.  Adults can pretty quickly dismiss the issues you are going through and can make you feel that something which matters to you is really small.  

They don’t mean it, it’s just that they have so many issues going on that in their mind, having a friend who has fallen out with you, is really not a big deal.  Compared with having to pay for the house, or losing your job.  The problem is though is that it is all relative.  You don’t have to deal with the problems your parents do, your time will come, so currently the problems you are experiencing matter as much to you, as the problems your parents face.  So don’t feel guilty, or that your problems and worries don’t matter.  Because they do.  Don’t be angry at your parents either, they don’t mean to forget what it was like being a teen.

So how can you help yourself through your teenage years?  Firstly there are some mind blowing self development books which you can read.  These could help you become more aware of who you are and help you to focus your mind on problem solving.  Which is going to help you a lot over the next few years.  Of course The Bible is the best self development book out there! There are other ways though, to get through your issues and help make peace with yourself.  So let’s take a look at a few.

Firstly, the sisterhood is really important.  Your female friends understand exactly what you are going through on a day to day basis.  No matter how good the boys are, they just won’t get the hormones.  Sorry girls.  The sisterhood is also important because you understand what it is like to feel most of the emotions other girls are going through.  You get that no matter what anyone says, you feel too fat or too skinny.  You know what it is like to stand in the dressing room and feel worried about getting changed.  You know how hard it is to walk past the confident girls, because even if you are seen as one of them, you aren’t really.  Not all the time.  

Stand by your fellow females.  Don’t judge them or make fun of them.  You need to build them up so if you see another girl struggling, go to her aid.  Don’t bully other girls and if you see another girl being bullied, stand up.  Always.  Do not be afraid.  Too many girls turn the other way because they don’t want to get involved.  Do get involved.  

Don’t ignore the boys though, yes we need to stick together but that shouldn’t mean standing up against men.  It means working with them.  We have a slightly easier time of it that boys because girls tend to talk their feelings over more.  So get with the boys and help them talk a little more too.  You will discover a lot more about yourself when you hear a boy talking about girls.  You might even realize what it is that matters to boys.  Because it certainly isn’t the things you worry about.

Understand your parents and talk to them.  You want their respect and honesty, so give them yours.  Yes, ok parents can be pretty uncool when it comes to some matters but the truth is, they have been through almost every single emotion you are going through.  It might be tough to bring up your innermost thoughts with your mum, but trust us, she is going to drop everything to help you.  You might have to be a little persistent.  Sometimes parents need to be really stopped and told “this is important” before they really acknowledge it.  Parents have buzzwords which will get their attention.  Such as ‘help’ and ‘I’m scared’ or ‘I really need you’ these phrases are unignorable by most moms and dads.  So think of them like a computer that needs programming. Say the right words and they will listen.

Whatever you are feeling, talking is always the best way forward.  So do it.  Talk and keep talking.

All Work and No Play? No Way!

Life, whatever your age, is something that takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not until we are able to retire, or snatch a few days on a holiday, that we can truly sit back and think “hey, we’ve got this”. For those who are just getting to the end of their school career and are thinking about college, and even those who have done all of that and are trying to further their careers, there are things that can be done to both prepare you for and release you from the busyness of life.

Organize Your Schedule

Make sure that you know what you’re doing on a daily basis, and try to stay a couple of days ahead of yourself. That way you won’t burden yourself with taking on too much. Know your limits and try to understand what too much can be to you – whether this is an after-school club or volunteer work for example, if it is tiring you out too much to work effectively at anything else then you need to realise that this is something that needs cutting out. This is something that takes time and experience to master, so don’t expect that you’ll know exactly what you need and don’t need in your life – just go with the flow and see what works best for you.

Organize Your Food

You can’t get by on a busy lifestyle without the right sort of nutrition. If you aren’t feeding your body the foods it requires to give out a great performance, then you will see yourself lagging in several areas – whether this is not being fit enough to do your daily walk to school or losing concentration on whatever project you’re working on, your body needs a good nutritional diet, as explained on She Informed, to sustain a constant operating level. The best thing to do is compare yourself to a car and how much gas and maintenance it needs to keep itself going; it needs a lot more than just fuel and a service, it also needs water and oil and a whole host of other things to make sure it works to the best of its ability. Your body is completely the same.

Organize Your Fun

Don’t be so busy that you forget to take time out to have some fun. Make sure that you organise yourself enough that you have the time available to you to be able to go out and give yourself some freedom, but don’t feel like you have to hold back on doing anything other than work just because that’s what your schedule tells you. Follow the mottos of ‘work hard, play hard’ and ‘all work and no plays makes [insert name here] a dull person’ – they’re old but they really do hold a lot of powerful meaning. If you don’t de-stress once in a while, you won’t have the means and the focus to go on and keep doing as well as you’re doing … to achieve your potential.