How To Make The Choices That Matter

The younger you are, the bigger the future will seem to you. However, the future doesn’t suddenly shrink with your age – when you get older, the future seems as big and bright as you were when you were fourteen! However, with age, we get a bit more realistic, and we might accept that some ideas are just dreams. Youth is where this changes, as with the right planning, you can make your dreams come true. Certainly so if you are grounded and ready to put the work in. Some big choices are coming.

The first huge choice that people make in their young lives is a college degree. Sometimes, that choice comes earlier when kids choose specialized high schools to enroll with. This all hinges on the area of life that you want to learn about and specialize in. Sometimes, the choice of college is just as big of a degree, but what you choose to study is important, and often more so than where you choose to study it. It’s never too early to start thinking about your major or degree, and there’s plenty online to learn. You can examine and explore the career prospects that come with degrees. You can even find out who makes what in terms of income based on their degree. You can also study online with courses like the online MBA in Healthcare Management, so it’s not just research you can perform. Question what you want to do with your life and find courses and majors that can propel you in the right direction. It’s not just online, consult with school and college counselors and make the right decision – doing what you want to do.

It’s difficult, because college is followed by a huge decision. College degrees fall in line with a future line of work, but this is not always the case. No matter what you choose to do with your education, you will have to choose a line of work at some point. Sometimes, this might not be what you have studied – so research career paths and see how your skills could take you up that path. This might mean you need to jump into internships and the like, but once you find the right path for you find ways to climb it.

There are a lot of big decisions to make in life, and as you get older you might get worried. You might get cold feet and think about changing your mind. If this happens, it’s no bother. You are never too old to pursue a new path in life as long as you start again and follow the correct path of doing your research.

These decisions are stressful to make, and that’s only right – because they will be a big part of what defines your future. However, if you take the decisions needed for your future seriously and do your research and make balanced decisions, you’ll do alright. Remember that changing your mind is not an issue, as long as you do one thing – you guessed it. Do your research!

It’s Not Too Late To Put The ‘U’ Back Into Your Summer Break

The beginning of summer was all about fun, fun, fun. By now, though, you’re probably wishing that you’d made more of this opportunity to better yourself. Well, given that the new school/college/university year is still a few weeks away, you still have time.

Here are just five phenomenal ways to maximize productivity throughout the rest of your summer. Use that time wisely to…


#1. Look & Feel Your Best

If you’re planning to take time out to focus on becoming the best possible version of you, your appearance is the first place to start. It may seem a little vain, and looks aren’t everything in this world. Still, there’s no denying that feeling your best bring many rewards.

Reinventing your style with a little retail therapy can help. However, your first focus should be on your natural appearances. Start using a hyaluronic acid serum to get your skin looking better than ever. The confidence and happiness gained from doing this are second to none.

The increased recreational time is also the perfect moment to start getting fit. Whether you join a gym or find fun home workouts is entirely up to you. Either way, hitting those body goals will fill you with happiness.


#2. Seek Work Experience

While the academic year is on a break, you might not be thinking too much about your future career. This is a huge error of judgment, however, because you have a wonderful opportunity to seek an advantage over your future competition.

Unpaid internships may not feel overly attractive right now, especially as they mean you’ll be giving up a large section of your leisure time. The rewards are plentiful, though, and could help point you towards your future dream job. Besides, you never know who you might connect to during that work experience.

Alternatively, you could look for paid work in an unrelated field. You might not be working towards your dream job, but it’ll still prepare you for a far better career.


#3. Invest In Your Future

Working on a short-term contract with no long-term guarantees may not appeal to everyone. But there are other ways to start building towards your future career. With the extra time on your hands, you could take the time to write a better resume or build a portfolio website.

Alternatively, you could launch a business of your own. Thanks to the benefits of online interactions, an increasing number of teenagers are carving a name for themselves. Even if you don’t gain the riches that you’d love, the lessons you’ll gain could have a telling impact on your future.

Finally, you could look at learning a new skill. In today’s climate, being bilingual is more attractive than ever. Add another language to your repertoire, and it will pay dividends for your future.


#4. Prepare For The School Year Ahead

There is still plenty of time left this summer, but the new academic year is still fast approaching. Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or will be a returning student doesn’t matter. Putting yourself one step ahead of the game will be very rewarding.

Ultimately, you want to reduce the stress so that you can concentrate on studying. In truth, financial elements are likely to be the biggest problem. Learning how to save money with couponing and other tips for students will work wonders. Aside from the physical gains, it’ll give you peace of mind.

All academic years are important, but there’s no doubt that some are more crucial than others. If you’re entering a big one, there’s nothing wrong with sourcing textbooks or thinking about projects at this early stage. You could even find graduates online and ask for their support. Anything that provides an advantage can only be positive.


#5. Help People Out

The rest of the summer should be committed to making personal improvements. Sometimes, however, helping others is the best way to help yourself.

This can manifest itself in many different forms. Having said that, spending time with senior citizens is one of the most mutually beneficial. While they will take a lot of comfort from your visits, they’ll also repay you with valuable lessons and knowledge. Moreover, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of happiness that comes from helping someone in need.

If this isn’t your bag, helping out at charity events or signing up for one yourself can be equally wonderful. Seriously, the confidence boost you’ll gain is massive. And it should prepare you nicely for the coming academic year.


True Beauty: Understanding What It Means

God tells us we are wonderfully and fearfully made, and to Him, you are beautiful and unique. He does not compare you to others, as you are the person He made you to be.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we can feel judged. Despite what the Bible says, we can face pressure within ourselves, or from others, to conform to a false idea of beauty. In this article, we will try and get some perspective on the matter, and try to understand what true beauty means.

On the surface

When most people think of beauty, they think of face value. First impressions are made, wrongly, by the way somebody looks on the outside. The media doesn’t help. From magazine models to movie stars, we wonder why we don’t look like the people we see on the page and screen. There is also peer pressure at school to look and dress a certain way. If you are too fat or thin, or you are wearing the wrong fashions, you may struggle to fit in with the crowd.

For starters, don’t be fooled by the false image the media portrays. The pictures you see in magazines and on the internet have often been photoshopped, with any blemishes removed before publication. Movie stars are as insecure as anybody else, spending a fortune on making themselves look beautiful for the screen. You can look after your skin, with advice from a website such as, but you don’t need to compare yourself to others, as chances are, they will still look like you do first thing in the morning.

You don’t want to neglect your body, and we have offered advice at Health is important, so while you don’t need to feel ashamed about the way you look, there is still the need to be sensible and take care of yourself. Body shaming has become a trend, but there is no ‘perfect’ weight provided you are healthy and looking after yourself. There will always be bullies in life, but don’t subject yourself to their torment and criticism.

On the inside

The Bible tells us we are made in God’s image. We don’t know what God looks like, but the verse refers to the qualities of God, rather than physical appearance. You have probably noticed some of these qualities in other people, including love, kindness, and grace. It is this writer’s opinion that true beauty radiates from the inside. As you will know from movies such as “Mean Girls,’ people can be beautiful on the outside, but very ugly on the inside.

Focus on your inner beauty. Be somebody that cares for others. There will be people in your life who may not be physically attractive, at least to society’s standards, but you won’t notice this when their beauty radiates from the inside. Think of the people you love, and ask yourself why you do. It will be who they are on the inside, and the way they care for you.

So, what is true beauty? You decide, but above all, love yourself, for who you are, and be good to others.

Love: It Can’t Coexist with Hate

You only love Jesus as much as you love the person you like the least.  Or, how about this:  your love for Jesus equals the amount of love you have for the person you hate the most.

Harsh, right?

You’re shaking your head and saying, no way, I love Jesus way more than that.

I’ve thought the same.  In fact, I’ve been in denial for several years.  I’ve looked at other people (Christians, mind you) who were burning with anger and hatred and thought, “Wow, they must not love Jesus very much.” But all the while, I’ve not put much thought into what this meant in my own life.

The fact that the difficult equation has surfaced many times throughout the years tells me that it’s something I need to work on.

The fact that I felt compelled to write about it tells me I’m not the only one.

Think about this.  Jesus tells us to love one another.  People who aren’t Christians like to call us out on this one, too; they like to point out our hypocrisy.  And it’s rampant for a reason…loving someone you don’t like is really, really hard to do.

It’s so hard to do, in fact, that it’s easier to walk away from people we don’t like and stop dealing with them altogether rather than find some common ground or forgiveness or, gulp, here it is again, love.  We harden our hearts and dismiss people like they are broken or out of date cell phones that can be replaced by shiny, unfamiliar, newer versions.  I know because I’ve done it.  Repeatedly.

Until I decided that I’m done, I’m not walking away.  I’m going to deal with it.  By giving it to God.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but here is the thing…GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.  I got so fed up with the fury churning at the inside that I’ve simply prayed, “God, please, fill up that space, that gap, where I am so shamefully lacking, and help me love this person.”  I had to mean it.  I had to empty myself of the anger by no longer giving it my attention, and I let God do what He does.  And here’s the thing…He did.

I have stood across from people I have absolutely nothing in common with other than the fact that we both have noses on our faces; our political, spiritual, moral codes, our likes and dislikes so polar opposite it’s difficult to see them as people, and I have loved them for reasons I cannot explain.  I have recognized them as souls that God made with a purpose, and I have felt nothing but compassion.  I have faced people who have hurt me deeply and personally, and I have prayed the same prayer, and all my hurt feelings have shriveled in God’s pool of forgiveness.

Loving others, the ones that are most difficult to love, the ones that are the most distant, have brought to me more peace than anything else I have experienced in my life.  I wish there was something that I could so eloquently say that would convince you this is true, but I don’t have those words.  I can only pray that you want it enough in your own life that you try it.

And, while this may be another article of its own, I think it’s important enough to add: this goes for yourself.  If the one person you can’t stand to be around, the one person you wish you could change or punish or perfect is the girl staring back at you in the mirror, you have to love her, too.  You can’t love Jesus and hate yourself.  

Anger and hate and contempt cannot coexist within a soul that claims to love Jesus.  They are too big of burdens to bear, and they will squeeze out all the goodness that Christ wants to bring out in our lives.  Fortunately, the opposite is true.  His light is brighter than the darkness of contempt, and He will quench it if we allow Him to.  The question is, which one will you choose?


Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

How To Form A Social Life When You First Start College

Now that the summer is officially in swing, you’re probably planning a lot of fun activities to do (and then enjoying them). But if you’ve just finished high school, you may also be enjoying what feels like your last summer in your home town too. And that can feel bittersweet. On one hand, you’re sad to be leaving your home behind, but on the other hand, you’re excited to start college. If you’re getting your preparations underway as well this summer, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. One of those things will definitely be how you’re going to make friends. So, if you’re moving away to college this fall and you want to figure out how to adjust, here are a few ideas on making friends and forming a social life.

Find Friends In Your Dorm

First of all, one of the best ways to make friends for life is to look within your dorm. When you first move in, it can feel intimidating, but if you want to build budding friendships, make sure you speak to everyone and get to know who you can. Making friends in your college dorm might seem scary, but remember that everyone is in the same position as you. Nobody knows anyone else either, so why not break the ice? You can often form lifelong friendships this way.

Make An Effort In Classes

Next up, you can also look for friendship opportunities in your classes. For starters, you’re taking some of the same classes, so that means that you have shared interests. Again, like you did in your dorm, just start a conversation. If there are people that you think seem like you or share your interests, then strike up a conversation and see where it goes.

Join A Team

Another option you have for finding new friends would be to join a bunch of different teams. If you’re interested in sports or other extracurricular activities, then sign yourself up. Being on a team is a great way to find friends. Not everyone will become your best buddy, but a lot of them might. The thing is to put yourself out there and try out as many things as you feel like if you want to form a social life in college.

Start To Date

If you’re single, another great way to ensure that your social life is buzzing is to make sure that you date. Again, dating can seem scary – especially if you’re putting yourself out there, but it can be another great way to meet people in a new place. Be sure to consider opportunities on campus or how to see who super liked you on tinder to find a potential mate. After a while, you may make a great guy friend or even find romance.

Go On Socials

Another way that you can make sure your social life is fun and varied is to make sure that you go on socials. To form a great social life, you have to take charge of it. So, when you first move in, make sure you go to all kinds of events and activities that are advertised in your dorm or talked about in classes. You could find that regular movie nights, or poetry readings are just what your life is missing.

Bad Teenage Decisions: Rectify & Recover

It’s not entirely your fault.

Truly, if you find yourself in the aftermath of a bad decision, it’s not entirely your fault.

The fact that teenagers have poor decision-making skills is often referenced in pop culture as a rite of passage. People dismiss their previous actions, rolling their eyes at their past behaviors as if unable to comprehend how they ever felt like that. “What was I thinking?” is the common refrain, and one you might be beginning to experience for yourself.

It’s still not entirely your fault, though.

The reason that young people are prone to making poor decisions is a simple matter of biology. Before the age of 21, your frontal lobe – the information processing part of your brain – isn’t properly developed. You’re not yet able to make decisions in the calm, rational way that those over the age of 21 are able to do. This isn’t an excuse to just continue to plow down a bad path, but it is a justifiable reason why you might have made bad thus far in life.

When you’ve made a poor decision, rather than cursing your prior self, it’s healthier to focus on God and repent. You may also choose to follow the two Rs: Rectify and Recover.

Rectify: Explained

Rectifying your choices might not always be possible. Some things are permanent; if you said something hurtful, for example, there’s no way of turning back time and being able to snatch the words back.

However, there’s usually something you can to do to heal the wounds. That might be in a very literal way; if you got a piercing that you now regret, you can remove it, and let the wound heal. If it’s a tattoo that’s been your downfall, then laser tattoo removal clinics can consign your regret to nothing but a distant memory. And while you might not be able to ever take back words said in anger, you can apologize for them.

For any mistake, there is something you can do to rectify the situation as best as you can. It might not be perfect; you might not be able to go back to exactly how things were before, but think hard and you’ll come up with something that can at least help.

Recover: Explained

Guilt is a strange emotion. If you’re living in the aftermath of less-than-stellar decision making, it’s also a useless emotion – but one you can feel very strongly.

Learning to forgive yourself for your mistakes is a vital component of ensuring you don’t do the same thing again in future. That’s not to say you should just give yourself a pass; that’s not the same thing as forgiveness. You have to acknowledge what happened and why, take steps to prevent it ever happening again, and then let go of the memory that you’re still struggling with.

If this is something you find you’re having difficulty with, then it helps to seek the advice of a therapist. There’s no reason to carry guilt around with you; all it’ll do is slow you down from progressing into your future. So take the steps you need to reconcile with God and yourself and then, finally, you can move on.

Transitioning From College To Full-Time Employment

If you’ve recently graduated from college and have already secured a full-time position, then congratulations! Getting a job so soon is in itself an achievement, and you should be looking forward to getting your career underway. However, it won’t all be so straightforward. Even if you love the job and company you work for, it can still be difficult to transition from the laid-back, fun college life to a full-time job. Below, we offer five tips to make sure the shift in gears is as smooth as possible.

Give Yourself Time

There might come a time, soon into your new job, when you look around and think, ‘well this sucks.’ Everybody does at first. They’re used to being more or less on their own schedule, having the option to skip a class without any problems if they didn’t feel well, or every now and again spend the afternoon binge watching re-runs of their favorite TV shows. The urge to go back to this carefree existence will be strong, but it’ll also pass. Soon the benefits of a career and the rest of adult life will blow away any lingering desires for afternoons of Grey’s Anatomy.

Get Ready To Work

It goes without saying that you’ll need to work hard in your new job. You already know that. But you might not know the hints and tips you need to make sure you have the energy to work to the best of your ability. There’ll be no afternoon naps for you anymore! Set a sleeping routine so you’ll be well rested, and have an energy-boosting breakfast before you head out the day. During the day, keep supplies of Monster Energy drinks by your desk, as well as snacks such as bananas, almonds, and walnuts. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll be gliding through the day like an energetic bumble bee.

Handling the Money

Remember those days of counting the pennies, hoping you’d have enough money to pick up a packet of ramen noodles? Now that you’ve got a job, those days will be behind you. However, now you have the opposite problem: having more money than you know what to do with. Before your first paycheck, create a plan for what you’ll do with your money. You’ll have necessary expenditures like rent and school loans, then there’s the money for socializing and shopping, and then the rest can go in savings.

To the Future

You should be ready to throw yourself into all the challenges and rewards that await you as part of your new job, but it’s important that you don’t get too comfortable in your office space. Your twenties are a time of exciting opportunities and personal growth; if your job isn’t challenging you, then you’ll have to keep an eye on what else is out there.

People Old, People Young

Finally, you’re not working in a dorm. There’ll be young people working with you, but also older workers too. Treat them with the same levels of respect and listen to what they have to say: they’ve been there and done it all before you.

Almost A Giant

The hallway seemed crowded with kids even shorter and smaller than last year!  When two girls passed, I heard their giggles.

“Did you see her? She’s so tall!”

“She’s almost a giant,” the other girl said.

“Why did I grow so tall over the summer?” I moaned.

In the lunch area, I found Jan and Amy, my friends from last year.  It was different looking down at them.  It was REALLY different being able to see over their heads.  In a moment they suddenly exchanged glances and left in a hurry.

The day was ruined!  The whole year was ruined!

Fighting back tears, I pretended everything was normal until the long day at school ended.  Then I hurried home and threw myself on my bed and had a good cry.

“Dear Jesus,” I whispered, “I’m different. Why did I grow so tall?”

Something warm and fluffy brushed against me.  “Hi, Maggie.” I ruffled the fur of my orange cat.  “You’re small and cuddly.  And I’m like Gulliver in GULLIVER’S TRAVELS.  I’m a giant!”

My cat rubbed against me,  purring softly.

I smiled tearfully.  “I’m suffering and you want to be petted.  You’re so selfish, but I love you.”

Mike, my seventeen-year-old brother, stuck his head in the doorway and grinned. “I couldn’t help overhearing,” he said.  “You love me even though I’m selfish.  Thank you, Sandy, thank you!”

I  hurled my pillow at him.  “Ooh, you weren’t supposed to be listening!”

Mike caught the pillow.  “Someone,” he said softly, “has been crying on your pillow.”

I picked invisible specks of lint from my jeans.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, I think I can guess,” Mike said.

“No, you can’t. Nobody understands what I’m going through.”

“I’m still a teenager.”  Mike grinned teasingly. “Even though I look and act like a dashing young man.”

“You’re a boy!”

“Sometimes, but being short and cute and sensitive has its advantages.”

I still didn’t look at him, as he sat beside me.  “Well, being the tallest girl in class has no advantages I can see; starting with your SHORT friends not liking you anymore,” I mumbled.

“Remember last year when I had that physical before I became a church camp-counselor for the boys?” Mike asked.

I nodded.

“I asked Dr. Johnson something I’d been worried about for a long time.  “‘Doc,’ I said, ‘I’m one of the shortest guys in my class, and I feel lousy about it.  Am I going to grow anymore?'”

“What did he say?”

“He showed me a growth chart and told me  that most of the guys my age would be taller than me.  I probably wouldn’t grow much taller.  He said he wouldn’t recommend a career in basketball!”

I gasped.  “Why did he say that?”

“He was being honest. He put his hands on my shoulders and told me, ‘The world is made up of tall people, short people, white people, black people,–all kinds of people. You are what you are.  You can spend your life wanting to be something else.  Or you can accept who you are, and be a happy person who will bring love and happiness to others.  You can choose for yourself.'”

“That’s deep!”  I whispered.

“Right,” Mike said rising. “I’ll never forget it.  That’s why you see me, as I am.  On the small side, but otherwise perfect.”  He beckoned playfully.  “Stand up.  Now, look at you,” he said. “You aren’t as tall as I am.  You’re a shrimp!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  “The girls think I’m a giant.”

“They’re probably wishing they were taller,” Mike said. “They know you’ll be great in sports like basketball and soccer and don’t forget track.”

“Oh, sure!”

“It’s true.” Mike smiled and crossed to the door.  “We older people know these things!”

As Mike closed the door I looked over at the picture of Jesus on my desk.

“Thank you Jesus,” I said sighing. “Thank you for giving me an understanding brother like Mike. He’s just what I needed today.”

As I  started to do my homework the phone rang.  “Hi, Sandy, it’s Jan.”

“Oh hi, Jan,” I said, cautiously.

“Sorry we had to rush away today. Amy and I had to hurry to the library to get some books for a social studies assignment.  But let’s all eat lunch together tomorrow and get caught up on what’s been going on over the summer.”

“Well, sure,” I said, happily. I’d been wrong about the girls!  “I’ll see you at lunch.”

I hung up the phone smiling.  Tomorrow would be a much better day.  “Thank you, Jesus, for showing me I didn’t lose my friends,” I whispered.  “And I’m not going to worry about being tall anymore!”

Written by Evelyn Horan

It’s Time To Take Charge Of Your Life!

When you’re a kid, it’s easy to feel as though everyone else is in charge of you. You’re told when to eat, when to sleep, who you can see, and where you can go. But when you’re a teenager, you’re right on the cusp of being a real adult, and it starts to feel like you have a lot more freedom over what you do. Now, this can be an amazing thing and something that a lot of teens spend their lives waiting for, but it can also be pretty intimidating. After all, for the first time in your life, you’re faced with the idea of actually having to make your own choices and be responsible for the consequences. It’s enough to make some people want to retreat to their rooms and go back to being a kid. Of course, you can’t go back, so here are some ways in which you can start taking charge of your own life.


Once you’re old enough, there are few things more exciting than the idea of being able to start earning your own money! After all, do you really want to spend your life asking your parents for money every time you want to go to the movies? Of course not! However, finding work when you’re still young can be really tough. There are plenty of places that will hire you; they just might not be your dream job right now. That’s okay. The job that you have now won’t be the one you have forever, and it’s more about being able to enjoy the freedom that earning your own money provides than finding your lifetime career. Don’t put it off either, take 5 minutes to get started with your Subway application, or any other application that you can find, and get out into the working world! Sure, fast food places, retail stores, or restaurants might not be the most glamorous places in the world, but they help you gain that independence that is so important as you get older.


When you’re younger, you’ve often got teachers and parents staring down your neck all of the time in order to make sure that you’re pushing yourself as hard as possible and that you’re studying as much as you can. However, you’ll find that once you’re in college, that’s all going to change. When you’re in college, the only person who’s around to hold you accountable is, well, you! This is something that a lot of people struggle with at first because it’s something that they’re really not used to. Because of that, it’s important that you start being more independently motivated with your studies right now. Sure, you might still have your parents and teachers around right now, but if you can avoid leaning on them and push yourself forward independently then not only are your studies going to improve a lot, but you’re also going to be in a much better position to move onto a more independent stage in your life.

3 Great Tips For Making A Fresh Start

If you’ve just started senior high, college, or a new job, this is just one of the countless fresh starts you’ll make in your life. The road ahead of you is going to be full of new relationships, new career opportunities, and new environments that you’ll have to adjust to. Even with all this in the future, there are times where we feel stuck in a rut. Here are three of the best tips we can offer for making a fresh start.

Try Something New

You may not have discovered it if you’re still working through your education, but a lot of people in the millennial generation are kind of a cookie-cutter commodity in the job market. A lot of them have studied the same subjects, read the same books, played the same video games, and watched the same movies. What they don’t have is valuable experiences, original ideas of their own, and unique world views. It may seem strange, but with most executives being a generation or two older than you, these are the things that really elevate your career. Try doing something different. If you’re not very sporty, try going to a local gym. You can find more details from Club Fitness here. If you usually read young adult fiction, read something from the western canon. Whatever it is, trying something new is a great first step towards a fresh start.

Come Out of your Shell

Some of the biggest opportunities in your life have the potential to come from people outside of your immediate circle of friends and family. However, most of us don’t bother talking to strangers in any given environment. If you feel you’re stuck in a rut, open yourself up to some new opportunities by coming out of your shell. Put on a nice, approachable smile, assume anyone who seems interesting is shy, and say hello. Then, try to find some common ground you can use to start a conversation. If you touch on something interesting, don’t be scared to ask for some contact information, and follow up with them. Doing this can be daunting if you’re a little lacking in self-confidence. You can read a helpful article on this at Teen Vogue here. Just remember that most people are as worried about making a good impression as you are!

Lose Your Fear of Failure

Far too many people think of failure at something as the end of it, pure and simple. When you try and fail, it can be very easy to think that you’re simply not good enough to achieve whatever it is you were working towards. This is completely wrong! If you really want to succeed, you need to start viewing failures as just temporary setbacks, and a learning experience you can use to determine what you should do differently the next time you try. From the smallest of slip-ups to full-blown epic fails, we’re all going to screw up sometimes. The important thing is forgiving yourself, and getting back on that saddle!