Love: It Can’t Coexist with Hate

You only love Jesus as much as you love the person you like the least.  Or, how about this:  your love for Jesus equals the amount of love you have for the person you hate the most.

Harsh, right?

You’re shaking your head and saying, no way, I love Jesus way more than that.

I’ve thought the same.  In fact, I’ve been in denial for several years.  I’ve looked at other people (Christians, mind you) who were burning with anger and hatred and thought, “Wow, they must not love Jesus very much.” But all the while, I’ve not put much thought into what this meant in my own life.

The fact that the difficult equation has surfaced many times throughout the years tells me that it’s something I need to work on.

The fact that I felt compelled to write about it tells me I’m not the only one.

Think about this.  Jesus tells us to love one another.  People who aren’t Christians like to call us out on this one, too; they like to point out our hypocrisy.  And it’s rampant for a reason…loving someone you don’t like is really, really hard to do.

It’s so hard to do, in fact, that it’s easier to walk away from people we don’t like and stop dealing with them altogether rather than find some common ground or forgiveness or, gulp, here it is again, love.  We harden our hearts and dismiss people like they are broken or out of date cell phones that can be replaced by shiny, unfamiliar, newer versions.  I know because I’ve done it.  Repeatedly.

Until I decided that I’m done, I’m not walking away.  I’m going to deal with it.  By giving it to God.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but here is the thing…GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.  I got so fed up with the fury churning at the inside that I’ve simply prayed, “God, please, fill up that space, that gap, where I am so shamefully lacking, and help me love this person.”  I had to mean it.  I had to empty myself of the anger by no longer giving it my attention, and I let God do what He does.  And here’s the thing…He did.

I have stood across from people I have absolutely nothing in common with other than the fact that we both have noses on our faces; our political, spiritual, moral codes, our likes and dislikes so polar opposite it’s difficult to see them as people, and I have loved them for reasons I cannot explain.  I have recognized them as souls that God made with a purpose, and I have felt nothing but compassion.  I have faced people who have hurt me deeply and personally, and I have prayed the same prayer, and all my hurt feelings have shriveled in God’s pool of forgiveness.

Loving others, the ones that are most difficult to love, the ones that are the most distant, have brought to me more peace than anything else I have experienced in my life.  I wish there was something that I could so eloquently say that would convince you this is true, but I don’t have those words.  I can only pray that you want it enough in your own life that you try it.

And, while this may be another article of its own, I think it’s important enough to add: this goes for yourself.  If the one person you can’t stand to be around, the one person you wish you could change or punish or perfect is the girl staring back at you in the mirror, you have to love her, too.  You can’t love Jesus and hate yourself.  

Anger and hate and contempt cannot coexist within a soul that claims to love Jesus.  They are too big of burdens to bear, and they will squeeze out all the goodness that Christ wants to bring out in our lives.  Fortunately, the opposite is true.  His light is brighter than the darkness of contempt, and He will quench it if we allow Him to.  The question is, which one will you choose?


Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

Methods To Find Your Life Purpose…

We all have issues when we’re trying to find the right way in life. It’s hard, and everyone will tell you that, especially when you’re told to go and get an education in something that you don’t really care about. And then you’re expected to join the rat race and work absurdly long shift patterns for something that might pay the bills, but it doesn’t make you fulfilled. It can lead to a real feeling of emptiness, and whatever age you are, for some reason it feels like you’re too old. But here’s the secret, you’re never too old to make your life better. And if you’re stuck for ideas, let’s boil it down to how you can really find out what you should be doing.

Look At Your Passions

What do you really care about in life? This is where you will feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and while many people indulge in a hobby outside of work hours that they really enjoy because it relaxes them, for some this isn’t enough. But it’s definitely the place to start. If you care about something that you will pursue outside of work hours, and you care about it enough, you will begin to find opportunities within that area for you, or you will make opportunities. You care about performing? Join an amateur dramatics society! You love music? Write a blog. Whatever your passion, you will make time for it, which is why you really need to drill down what is important to you, and not just what you like.

Go Traveling

Traveling broadens the mind, and most people go away for months at a time for a very simple reason, because they want to see how other cultures cope with life. People come back from their travels revitalized, focused, and have a much clearer vision of how they want their life to be. A lot of people are concerned about going traveling by themselves, but there are plenty of singles vacations packages available depending on where you want to go. And there is a benefit of going away by yourself, it forces you to confront certain fears and anxieties about yourself. A lot of people wonder if they are able to cope with being “alone” and this results in people being in fruitless relationships. By understanding what you’re capable of by yourself gives you a much better approach to life.

Listen To Your Gut

Some of us tend to ignore our gut feelings about something, while others do nothing but listen to their gut! But if you find yourself stuck in life and going by what others think you should be doing, it’s very easy to end up on the wrong path in life, but once you realize you are down the wrong path (and you will), you can resent the amount of time you “lost.” This isn’t true, as everyone makes mistakes in life, and you need to allow yourself time to realize that this isn’t a mistake, but a lesson, and this is what makes everything afterward worth it. Finding your purpose can take a long time, or it can take no time at all, but enjoy the journey in getting there too!

Love the World? Finding an Inspirational Job After Graduation

When graduation looms, all graduates start looking to what they’ll do once they finally leave formal education. Now, in the big wide world, starts the real process of living. While many will be looking at jobs from all sectors (some perhaps hoping for any well-paying job at all), there’ll be others who are leaning towards a job that makes a difference. These are the people who look to the world with positivity, and who want to make an impact on the world. If that’s you, here are five ways in which you can do it.

A Different Kind of Business Owner

Have an entrepreneurial spirit, but also want to be a force for good in the world? Then why not take a look at setting up a social enterprise. These are operated in more or less the same way as regular businesses, but the money they make is invested into a cause. So if you’re passionate about, say, the environment, you would run a business and then the profits would be put into an environmental cause. Social enterprises are a small part of the American economy, but they’re getting more popular.

Using Your People Skills

If you have a natural talent for speaking with people and think you have the motivation skills needed to inspire others, then why not take a look at life coaching courses and put yourself on the track to becoming a coach? Once you have the qualification under your belt, you’ll be able to work in a wide variety of organizations and create lasting change in people’s lives. It’s a career that’ll always satisfy, challenge, and inspire you!

Getting Involved

If you’ve put spending your time at college looking out into the world and thinking, “wow a mess”, then it’s time to get involved once you’ve graduated. Working for a charity enables you to put your energy into a cause that you feel truly passionate about, fighting each day to improve conditions for other people, the planet, or animals. If you want to do this as a career, it’s a good idea to begin volunteering before you begin looking for a job, as showing a prior commitment to the cause will make you more employable.

Involved in Social Work

The real difference to people’s lives aren’t made in Washington; they’re made in local communities. If you’re a proud citizen of your community, then take a look at giving back to the town that raised you by getting involved with local issues. There are always people in need and things to be taken care of, and being a part of that process is deeply rewarding.

Just Be

Some people know exactly what they want to do when they leave college, but most don’t. Instead of panicking and trying to quickly find a job, take some time to just be yourself. The world is much more inspiring when people live true to themselves, whatever that may be. If you throw yourself into the world with a positive attitude, you’ll be the inspiration!


Love People? These Jobs Might Be Just Up Your Street

Some people like to beaver away by themselves, getting the job done without too much interaction with the outside world. But others – the extroverts among us – can’t imagine growing up and having a career where we’re not around people.

The cool thing for young people today is that the job market is changing. According to Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., the author of 150 Best Jobs for Your Skills, people skills consistently come out as number one among the best-paying jobs in the country. Maths and science might be important, but applying social knowledge seems to be what is most scarce in the job market and, therefore, most valuable.

It’s easy to work out whether you’re a people person. Do you like to be the center of attention? Do you make new friends easily? Do people describe you as chatty? Do you want to work as part of a big team? Do you like speaking in front of crowded rooms? Do you hate the thought of working in a job where you wouldn’t get the opportunity to interact with other people? If you answered “yes” to most of those questions, then you’re an outgoing person who needs an outgoing career.

Here are some of the top careers you should focus on in your education.

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts do things like process and interpret data, usually for government agencies. It might seem surprising that this job is on the list. After all, isn’t analyzing data a solo task?

It turns out that intelligence analysts don’t just analyze data. They work in big teams with numerous other people in government and business and are constantly looking for ways to make the world a better place. Intelligence analysts believe, despite the fact that they work for the government, that they are doing a good job and report high levels of personal satisfaction. Over 80 percent of analysts said that they got satisfaction in what they do which is a lot more than the average level of satisfaction in the job market as a whole.

To work as an analyst, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, as well as foreign language skills. If you’ve got both, then you’ll be able to work on exciting projects that make the world a better place, like protecting endangered species and putting people who depend on the land and polluting industries out of work. Intelligence analysts earn around $72,000 a year, according to the latest estimates from business insider.

Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers are people who help grease the wheels in the property market, matching potential buyers to sellers and taking a cut of the final sale price for themselves. Historically, the real estate broker industry has been a lucrative one and remains so today.

It’s also an industry where you’ll get to interact with all sorts of people and eventually manage your own team of brokers. Every day, you’ll meet clients keen to get your expert knowledge of housing and whether a particular property is a good buy. And you’ll get to interact with other people involved in the buying and selling process, including lawyers and other agents.

To become a real estate broker, you’ll have to get qualifications from an institution like Allied Real Estate School. After going to school, you’ll get accreditation giving you the legal right to practice. Once you’ve got the basics, you can move up the skill ladder, acquiring new qualifications enabling you to enhance your career prospects.

Foundation Program Officer

Foundations have a limited sum of money that they can use. The job of a foundation officer is to work out which projects offer the best return on investment and who should get the foundation’s money. This job is usually for people who have excellent decision-making skills and have a sense of which projects will be most valuable to people and which won’t.

Those who become foundation program officers report a high level of job satisfaction. More than 87 percent of people who hold the position report high levels of meaning at work. To become a foundation program officer you’ll need a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, so it’s worth planning ahead now.

Director Of Development

A director of development is somebody who is responsible for bringing in funds, usually at a non-profit. As you can imagine, these people need to be highly socially savvy and able to ingratiate themselves with other people in order to persuade them to part with their money. As a director of development, you’ll need to have experience procuring funds as well as have highly developed analytical skills.

Becoming a director is usually a career goal. Yes, you’ll need the usual bachelor’s degree, but you may also need to go on to obtain professional qualifications too if you want to be able to help non-profit organizations achieve their goals.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are people who help people recover from physical disabilities or injuries. As a result, you’ll constantly be working with other people in a very hands-on manner. As a therapist, your main job is to help people recover any lost physical capacities, like tying up their shoes, jogging or putting the lid back on a jar. All these activities require careful, step-by-step guidance and rehabilitation regularly lasts months, meaning you’ll build close relationships in the process.

To become a registered occupational therapist, you’ll need a master’s degree. You’ll also need to pass a licensing exam at the end of your course to be officially allowed to practice. Occupational therapists report high levels of on-the-job satisfaction concerning the work that they do. 92 percent say that they are happy doing what they’re doing which is around double the national average.

Director Of A Non-Profit

The most satisfying job for people who love people is director of a non-profit, according to Monster. More than 94 percent of people who do this job report being satisfied with what they do. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. Most individuals who run non-profits can be confident that they’re making the world a better place and helping their organizations to thrive. What’s more, if you’re a talented person, you don’t actually need any qualifications to head your own non-profit organization.


Brilliant Hobbies That Could Blossom Into Your Career

We all have hobbies and pastimes that occupy us when we get a bit of free time away from school and college. But have you ever considered about focusing on these hobbies and developing them into a full-time career? Even if they aren’t the most academic of activities, you should still be able to make a living and good money out of your pastime. And if you have a particular talent for it, then your career would really take off.

Tired of poring over books and studying for your school and college exams? Then maybe a practical career is better suited to you. Here are some of the hobbies that you can work on, and which will blossom into a wonderful career for you. We’ve also included some great tips to help you take things further.

Playing An Instrument

You might have hated it when your parents sent you to piano or clarinet lessons when you were very young, but now that you are older you will be able to pick your own instrument. So how about learning how to rock a guitar? Or, if you have always wanted to become a famous pop star, you could enroll for some singing lessons! But it’s also cool if you do actually enjoy classical music lessons – simply carry on with what you love! No matter what type of instrument you play, it could turn into a great career choice. The best way to get started is to join your local band, once you get good enough. This will give you plenty of performance experience. Once you are ready to go to college, you should apply to one that specializes in music, such as the California School of Music. These types of colleges cover various types of music, from classic to pop, so you will certainly find classes to suit your tastes.

Makeup And Beauty

There are lots of girls who spend hours preening themselves in front of the mirror and testing new beauty products. Ever thought about turning this into a career? Well, you definitely can! There are two ways of doing this. The first, and potentially most competitive, is to set up your own beauty blog and monetize it. You need to start blogging and build up a loyal audience. Once you’re fairly well established, you’ll be able to ask brands to send you products to review. To see an example of a professional beauty blogger, check out The next way to make a career out of your beauty hobby is to sign up for a beauty therapist course at college. Once you graduate, you’ll be able to find a job at a beauty salon or simply set up on your own as a freelance beauty therapist.


Sport is now a big part of childhood, and more and more parents are encouraging their kids to take up sports as a way of keeping them fit and healthy. But lots of children take up a sport of their own accord and find a lot of pleasure out of active hobbies. Do you have a particular favorite? Well, how about working on your skills and help it develop into a sporting career? In order to get to the top, you need to start going to your local sports club and playing with for a team. If you are good enough, you will then be asked to play at a higher level. If you have what it takes, you will be able to rise up through the various sporting levels, and could get signed by a professional team! Not got what it takes to make it as a pro player? No problem; there are plenty of other careers in the sporting world that might interest you! If you still want to make it out onto the pitch or the court, you could always train as a referee. There are special referee schools for different sports up and down the country. For a less active sporting career, you might want to just work behind the scenes as a sports coach or a sports physiotherapist.  

Cooking And Baking

Lots of people love spending time in the kitchen as it can be very calming and relaxing.  It’s also a great way to be creative, and lots of people enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and recipes. Just like with a beauty hobby, there are two ways you can try and get into a cooking and baking career. Firstly, you can start a food blog and try and make money out of it. There are lots of people who have been successful this way, such as Deliciously Ella. If your blog becomes a big hit, you might be able to get a book deal out of it and publish your very own recipe book! Alternatively, you might want to go down the more traditional route and go to cookery school or catering college. While you are studying, you will learn all about the ins and outs of cooking and will be able to specialize in an aspect of either baking or cooking. Once you complete the course, you could go on to work in a restaurant and work your way up to become head chef.


Another fun hobby that can very easily turn into a practical career is craft. Do you love getting arty and making your own arts and crafts? If so, you shouldn’t waste any time in getting your own Etsy shop set up. You will be able to sell your items here directly to customers. Lots of amateur crafters do this already and make quite a bit of money from doing so. If that goes really well, you might want to see if you can afford to rent out some shop space and set up your own physical shop in your town. Is that too expensive at the minute? Why not speak to other shop owners to see if they will stock your items for you?

Good look with your hobby and future career!

Mastering These Sales Skills Will Make You A Winner – Whatever Your Future Career!

Have you ever wondered what all the successful people in life have in common? The answer is simple: they have skills usually found in high-achieving salespeople! What might shock you is that some of those folks don’t make a living from sales. Some of them have occupations that seldom have anything to do with selling or sales.

It doesn’t matter whether your future plans involve being a rocket scientist, doctor, or an inventor. What you should take on board is that you need to have some vital sales skills to be successful in your future career. Let me explain the essential sales skills everyone – including you – needs to have, regardless of your dream profession:

Listen to the things people say to you

Perhaps the number one sales skill everyone needs to have is being a good listener! The ugly truth is that many of us are lacking such an essential skill. Listening to what people have to say offers you numerous benefits.

For a start, you’ll learn more about them such as what they love and hate. From a career perspective, listening to others ensures you know how to say or do the right things to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

You would think that all people know how to hear what other folks are saying. But, some of us are just self-absorbed or narcissistic! Believe it or not, in many sales training exercises, one of the first things you learn is how to listen! When you forge a career in sales, if you miss such a vital skill, it’s likely you won’t last in your job very long!

Make connections with people

You might not realize it. But, there will almost certainly be at least ONE thing you have in common with other people! Whatever your job, finding a way to connect with your clients or people you work with will make your life easier. Once you find a way to connect with other people, you can build on that connection.

Be happy to help

One of the hallmarks of a successful person is their willingness to help other people. You might think that offering simple or trivial acts of selfless support to people won’t benefit you much. But, nothing could be further from the truth!

You should remember that your acts of kindness will often go noticed. Especially if they get seen by your manager or customers!

For example, let’s say that you “go the extra mile” to help a client with a problem they are having. They will appreciate you and your company more and are more likely to consider your company first for future projects.

Do stuff because you love what you’re doing

These days, most of the things we do in our careers get measured by a variety of metrics.

All too often, many of us don’t play by the rules so that we can reach our targets. The thing is; if you love what you’re doing, achieving your career goals will happen naturally.

By applying the above strategies to your life, you’ll soon be on the road to a more successful career!


Is Love On The Horizon?

We all aim to find that one person who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. But in the modern world, it can be a lot harder than it looks. In fact, endless scrolling through Tinder and chatting to guys can take its toll. And then once a relationship finishes, the heartbreak is the worst. In fact, you might feel like you will never meet someone you will fall in love with. Therefore, when you do meet a guy, you are not sure whether it could be the real deal. Here are some ways to know that love is on the horizon with this new chap.

Get to know them on a deeper level

Although there might be an attraction between the two of you, you need to get to know their personality too. After all, once those initial butterflies have passed, you need to be able to spend time together. You don’t want to be stuck dating someone who you have nothing in common with. And besides their looks, you don’t even like them as a person! Therefore, to know whether you could fall in love with this guy, spend time with them to get to know the real them. Ask them about their past and delve deeper to find out if there is a connection and see if you agree on the important issues of faith and family. Hopefully, they will ask you questions too, so that they get to know the real you! Once you have really got to know them as a person, you can decide whether you see any kind of future with this guy!

Go with your gut when it comes to your feelings

When you are in a new relationship, it’s easy to think about whether you could see this going the long-term. After all, you don’t want to waste your time on a dalliance which will end badly. And while some people opt for a horoscope to tell them if they have found the one, this should only be in fun and games. The best person to tell you whether you can see love in the future is yourself, and you will know the most clearly when you pray about this and ask God to help you know. After all, you should be listening to your gut when it comes to your feelings for the new guy, because often times this is the way God speaks to us. If you are already feeling doubts, there might be a good reason for them. You might know deep down that this guy isn’t right for you. On the other hand, if you are feeling positive about the relationship, you should see where this love takes you. Trust God to give you an answer and be willing to receive what He reveals. 

Give the relationship a chance

It’s so easy to give up on a relationship before it’s even begun. After all, you might let your insecurities and fears overwhelm you. And then you might miss out on the real deal. Therefore, to ensure you get to know whether this guy is the one, you need to take a chance on the relationship. Push your fears aside and get to know this guy. After all, the worst thing that could happen is it ends before it gets started. But at least you know you would have given the relationship a good shot!

And remember to let your new guy spend some time with your friends and family. It’s always good to see how they act around your nearest and dearest and hearing their opinions on him can be huge. Sometimes outsiders that know you best have insight that is real and valuable. After all, if it’s going to be a long-term thing, they need to get on well with your family and friends!

How To Find Real Love: The Inside Guide

The number one thing that most of us want in our future is a happy relationship and, later, a happy marriage. Does that sound sappy? Yeah, probably, but it’s true. The idea of having someone who’s a constant support for you and the real love of your life is a dream for many people. Here are some tips on how to form a happy and healthy relationship and meet the person God has chosen for you.

Get Out There

If you want to find a partner, then you need to be in places where it’s easy to meet people! A lot of people expect love to simply fall in their laps, but that doesn’t happen in real life all that often. If you want to find love, get involved at church, start new classes, get talking to people around you at work, and don’t dismiss people too quickly and easily. Download dating apps, but make sure you’re careful to let a friend know where you’re going and what time you expect to be home if you go to meet anyone from them. Remember that kindness and humour are much better qualities than a man who’s instantly attractive to you, if you’re looking for something long term.

Be Realistic

We’ve all been fed stories by the media, by movies and by romance novels about the perfect man, the perfect relationship, the perfect diamond engagement ring, the perfect marriage. But the truth is that perfection simply doesn’t exist in relationships. That doesn’t mean that you should settle for someone who doesn’t treat you well and who you’re not quite sure about – on the contrary, you deserve nothing less than to be extremely happy with whoever you share your life with. But you need to remember that even Mr Darcy, the most famous romantic hero of all time, was actually a pretty awkward, standoffish weirdo, and it took a little time before Lizzy Bennet saw through that to the good heart beneath his snobby exterior. Don’t dismiss a good guy because he isn’t perfect – chances are, you aren’t perfect either. Trust God to lead you to the right person.

Get What You Deserve

Although it’s important to be realistic, it’s even more important to make sure that you’re with someone who treats you well and who has the same moral values as you. Don’t expect to be treated like a queen – on the contrary, your relationship should be more to do with give and take than that. You should be just as kind to him as he is to you to create a healthy and happy relationship. It’s important that he treats you well, that he keeps talking to you, and that you feel you can trust him. Above all, you should both put God first and when those priorities are lined up your relationship will benefit.

Be Open And Honest

The truth is that no one really has time for mind games. At the end of the day, they simply aren’t worth it and they make no one truly happy. If you open your heart up to whoever you’re talking to, then sure – there’s a chance you could get hurt. But remember that you could also find something incredible by being open and honest about what you want. Good luck! Finding love is a challenge, but it’s one that you’re very equipped for and likely something God already has planned for your life.


My Adopted Sister and Me

by Evelyn Horan

huggingMy younger adopted sister, Alyssa, and I live with our mom and dad and our dog and cats.  To tell the truth, when I was little, I really didn’t like the idea of having either a sister or a brother because I wanted all my parents’ attention. I remember when I was about three years old I told my mom about adopting a baby: “Mommy, I only want you to bring home one.  No more.”

“I know honey,” Mom said. “It will only be one–one little baby sister. That’s all.”

When Mom and Dad brought my new adopted baby sister home, to my way of thinking, she immediately got all the attention.  “Oh, she’s so cute!  What a precious doll!” everyone said. But when I peeked in her crib, I couldn’t understand why all the adults were making such a fuss.  To me, Alyssa looked like a tiny, red-faced mouse.

As the months passed, I grew even more jealous of my new, sister.  I began to resent Alyssa.  I wondered why she got so much attention?  Why did she get to stay up late and be held by Mommy? Mom explained, “Emma, dear, Alyssa is just a little, tiny baby and needs Daddy and me to take extra-special care of her.”

After watching Alyssa for a while, I caught on.  Then I tried crying and screaming, but my parents weren’t very disturbed.  They just glanced at one another, smiled, and told me to be a “big girl” and stop acting like a baby.  As time passed, I tried to ignore Alyssa when she was near.  I wouldn’t share my toys with her, and I wouldn’t play with her unless Mom insisted.

During those early years, we kept the house in a noisy uproar.  It was about that time that I began to give close attention to my Sunday School lessons.  Slowly, I came to understand the teachings of Jesus.  One of His messages about how we should show love and kindness toward one another seemed to be just for me.  It bothered my conscience.

I realized, more and more, I was behaving like a spoiled child.  I was jealous and selfish in not wanting to share my parents with my adopted sister.   I’d been resenting her. When I finally faced those facts about myself, I asked Alyssa to forgive me for behaving so badly.  With a bright smile, Alyssa nodded and replied, “Of course, Emma, I forgive you.”

There were tears in my eyes when she reached out and hugged me and whispered,  ” We should always love and forgive one another.” Soon we began having fun-times together.  Alyssa often thought of ways to make me happy, and since I was older, she looked to me for advice on important matters.

When I became a teen,  I recognized the real proof of our friendship.  Alyssa went away for the first time to spend a weekend with her friend, and I found myself wandering about the house trying to keep busy.  I looked into her room several times, but she wasn’t there.  I missed my sister Alyssa so much that I fell across my bed and had a good cry.

In the past, I’d sometimes wondered how I’d feel if Alyssa were to leave my life forever.  Now, I knew, I’d be miserable and lonely without her. I needed her cheery smile and happy chatter, just as she needed me for “big sister” direction and advice.

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to end.  When Alyssa came home I’d give her a big hug and tell her how much I missed her!  I knew that even if we had disagreements in the future, there was still one thing I had come to realize.  I knew that I truly loved my adopted sister, Alyssa.

All through the years my little sister Alyssa had cared about me.  She’d been forgiving and understanding.  As I anxiously waited for her return, I felt happy knowing we’d always be close, held together by our strong bond of love for one another.

7 Ways You Can Explore Your Passion and Achieve Your Dreams!

computer-outsideEverybody has a passion in something or to do something. But, when our passion becomes our profession, our life starts heading towards the destination we’ve always dreamed of. There are many golfers but there is only one “Tiger Woods”. The world has seen many actors but no one can match the cinematic charisma of “Marlon Brando”.

We are able to create that magic only when we identify our true passion. Something that we love doing again and again or that we can do without asking a penny. Our passion channels our energies to achieve the gratification that every professional aspires in life.

When we pursue our dreams, we feel inner satisfaction and that happiness gives us the energy to fulfill our goals, even in worst circumstances. Winners know their passion and which is why they understand things that they want from life. When your passion becomes your profession, you do not have to struggle or work hard in order to prove yourself. Everything comes naturally and you tend to enjoy your work on a whole different level.

1. Brainstorm

At times, we already know our passion but fail to sense it. We either take it for granted or fail to identify it. However, you can recognize talent with some brainstorming. List all the things that you enjoy doing. Ask yourself the following questions:

What everyone says I am good at?

What is one thing that I can do for free?

What I always aspired to become in life?

What is my one childhood hobby that I was crazy about?

The one ‘common answer’ of these questions should be the idea that you should focus on to find your passion.

2. Ask Your Confidant

Consult with your mentor or oldest friend who knows you from childhood. Ask him about the things that you should pursue as your passion. As he knows you since your childhood days, he can best advice you regarding your true potential. Work on that particular idea. It might be an idea that will change your life forever.

3. Listen to Your Gut Feeling

God has given us an inner instinct that guides us in a certain direction. It is just that we tend to ignore that whisper because we are too logical. When we perceive things in terms of their value in our life, we never get to know our true passion, and that feeling phases out with time. Truly successful people are those who listen to their inner voices and follow their dreams even at the cost of their time and money.

4. Explore Your Life

It is quite possible that your passion already exists in your life and you might not sense it. Collect all your personal belongings, such as your portfolios, DVDs, books and attire. Is there anything common or makes a pattern? If you find an answer, you have just found your passion.

5. Discover Life of Your Idol

Do you look up to someone? What is the one thing in him that inspires you and induces you to become like him? It might be a ‘common factor’ between you and him. If he is a celebrity, you need to read his biography. If you are able to identify with his talent, you might be the next person who can inspire others to pursue that same passion.

6. Try Doing New Things

Experiment with different things in life. Shed your inhibitions and come out of your comfort zone. . Do sports. Create portraits. Do photography. Unless you make serious efforts to find your latent talent, you cannot find it. It might be a matter of time and place. Just remain determined and resilient.

7. Work On an Existing Talent

If you are able to find something that you can relate to on a personal level, you need to work on it. Even if you are not sure about it, you should give it a try. It might develop into a passion later on. Create a blog if you have a flair for writing, for example. Get comments of your family and friends. Their suggestions will help you decide whether or not you should invest your time on that particular thing.