Sonflowerz: Love Walked In

Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

sonflowerz-sisters Sonflowerz-Love Walked InsonflowerzSee what they did there, with their name?  I love it!  And I love just as equally these two sisters’ message, delivered with the gentleness of their voices that are mightier than swords. With their sweet harmonies, they offer lyrics that are light in a dark place, praise in the midst of every circumstance-including trials and tribulations, and peace and comfort that sweep away pain with incomprehensible ease.  “Love Walked In,” the Sonflowerz lead single, is all about God’s amazing ability to turn a horrible situation into a good one, while “Little Lies” deals with the way that the world’s view of who we are supposed to be can destroy a soul that chooses to believe the deception.  “Offering My Life” is about being a sacrifice-not because we are trying to earn God’s love, but because we love Him.  The lyrics, often written in a story format, made it easy for me to find myself or a friend deeply embedded in the heart of the message, and transitioned the songs from simply being ones that I would listen to to songs that are personal.  But their gifts aren’t only in their songwriting skills-their melodies are so pleasant that any defenses and arguments are hushed immediately.  They have the voices of my older sister.  They have the voices of my best friends.


Relate:  First memory of music:

Becca:  Singing with my dad as he played guitar.  My earliest memories are around the living room singing as a family together.

Relate:  Name one song you wish you had written and why?

Becca:  “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble” By Delirious? Is one of my all-time favorites!  I’m glad Martin Smith wrote it, and I would love to co-write with him one day (dreaming).

Relate:  If you could ask anyone from the Bible one question (besides Jesus!), who would it be, what would be the question, and why would you ask?

Becca:  Paul.  My question would be, “How did you have courage to speak about your faith so strongly – in the midst of so much opposition?” I’m amazed at his life lived 100% for God.

Relate:  Tell us about the moment when you knew music was something you wanted to pursue.  How has this journey been different than from what you expected?  In what ways has it been better than you anticipated?

Becca:  It was probably in the midst of a 2-week tour in England.  We were not used to touring yet, and had barely begun as a band.  I had some key discussion with peers who didn’t believe in God or have any faith, and that gave me a passion and purpose to communicate God’s love through music.

The journey has been different – better! – than expected.  God has opened so many doors for our music and yet I believe one of His main purposes in using us is to grow individually in our faith. Being obedient to God’s will always draws us closer to living like Christ.

Relate:  What inspires you to write a song?

Elissa:  Almost anything! Specifically, the stories that I hear from people inspire me. The difficulties they faced or a triumph in my own life.

Relate:  Do you ever doubt what you are doing, and what has brought you the most comfort to calm your fears?

Elissa:  I don’t doubt what I’m doing. That’s probably why I’m still doing it! Music is an expression of worship to God and every time I get on stage I know He is listening. There are definitely hard days – when my voice wasn’t working or when a tour takes me away from family. But God gives me the courage to face these things when I need to. Seeing someone enjoy the music or experience God through my lyrics keeps me going strong.

Relate:  Tell us about the songs from your new EP, Love Walked In.  Which song was the most difficult to write?  Which song is your favorite one to sing?

Elissa:  Each of these songs came with a lovely ease – but they were preceded by a period of 12 months where I couldn’t write a single song! So, I knew for a fact that these songs were a gift from God and very timely. Even though I tried, I couldn’t write them a day sooner. My favorite to sing (right now) is Speechless – because, if it doesn’t sound too corny, I am so speechless at how God has given me these songs.

Relate:  You also have a devotional book called Made to Shine that was inspired by girls.  If you had to sum up your message to young girls in one sentence, what would you say?

Becca and Elissa:  “You are dearly loved daughters of a faithful God, who made you to shine the light of His truth, love and grace to this dark world around you.”

Relate:  I love the song, “Little Lies,” and as a Christian, I find it almost embarrassing that I understand the dark thoughts so well.  As sisters in Christ, how do you think that we can help not only ourselves but others around us see our worth from the perspective from which God sees us?

Elissa:  You are right. We all battle with lies from our enemy and the world around us. The only place we can unravel these lies and stop the poison from setting in is by reading the word of God. We can speak words of truth to one another, remembering what God has said about us. But individually we have a responsibility to continually feed our lives with the word of God so we are prepared to be a light in this dark world.


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