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Getting Creative With Your Job Search

There’s no denying that the job market is more competitive than ever. The fragile nature of our economy and the increasing number of people with degrees from colleges and universities has led to a narrowing of the number of jobs available, but a massive influx of people searching for jobs. It’s no longer good enough to simply have a good education if you want the career of your dreams. You have to be presenting yourself in increasingly intriguing ways in order to captivate the attention of potential employers.

The key lies in getting a little creative with your job search. You need to be widening the net and your mental horizons in terms of the kind of careers which suit your interests and in which you could truly flourish, but you also need to be selling yourself to companies as if you were the hottest new product on the market. If you’re wondering what more you could possibly be doing to get creative with your job search, then here are some tips which just might change your luck.

Spruce up your application.

Yes, you already know that a CV is vitally important when it comes to applying for jobs. What you may not realise, however, is that employers are, for the most part, fed up of reading them. Seeing endless applications which all showcase the same grades, the same experience and the same sentences about being a “hard-working and passionate person” is enough to drive anyone to boredom. That’s why you need to get a little creative with your job applications to various employers.

You need to personalise the CV depending on the role for which you’re applying. A cover letter doesn’t go amiss, as this provides you the opportunity to give a direct and straightforward message to the employer which explains why you want the job. That’ll likely make much more of an impact than the CV itself. Of course, there are also resume writers out there who could help you if you needed an external perspective or slight tidy-up of your end product. The point is that you need to be thinking outside the box and snapping potential employers out of their stupor.
Monopolize on your skillset.

If all the good jobs seem to be taken and you’re simply struggling to find potential roles which inspire you, then it might be time to look at your talents and think about different ways to achieve the career of your dreams. Maybe you’ve always had a passion for makeup or arts and crafts. On the surface, these may seem like fun hobbies and nothing more, but if you have a driven, entrepreneurial mindset, these interests could become so much more than that.

You could start blogging about beauty tips for fun, alongside job searching or even alongside a job you already have, and see where it leads; brand deals could come your way before you know it. In this shaky job market, building your own brand and business could be the best way to create a job or a fully-fledged career for yourself; there are alternative avenues to traditional job seeking.

Online networking.

In the modern age, people say we’re less connected than ever before, but that isn’t true in the business world; there are more opportunities than ever before to connect with people all over the world. Your next job opportunity could be waiting out there, but you can’t hope that it’ll find you. You need to putting yourself in the line of sight of potential employers on LinkedIn and other social networks, as your enthusiasm to network and promote yourself could impress the right person.

New Career: What Can You do to Get the Best Possible Job?

Looking for a new career path is always complicated, but sometimes a change is necessary. You have got to understand that there are many different career paths available. It’s just a case of making sure you take the time to find the right kind of job role for you. Now, there are a lot of things you can do that will help you choose the ideal and ultimate career for you. Think about what you can do to secure the best possible job for your future. This is something you have to get right, and it’s important to make sure you explore different avenues available.

Hunt Online

The optimum way to hunt for career opportunities these days is to hunt online. You have to ensure that you make sure of all the online resources you can. So many companies advertise vacancies and job roles online nowadays. So you need to make sure you keep your ear to the ground and catch the new jobs as they are advertised. You have to make sure you check out online job databases. There are lists of all the vacancies that have been advertised online that you can benefit from. Hunting online makes the process of job seeking a lot easier and much less stressful. So you have got to make full use of it wherever you possibly can.

Keep an Eye Out for the Prized Roles

The one thing you have to remember when applying for jobs is that the prized ones come along rarely. You have to understand that the coveted roles are difficult to come by, and you need to pay attention if you don’t want to miss the window. If you’re connected by a Top 10 executive recruiter, it’s a pretty good sign that you are looking at a pretty awesome job. So, you have to make sure you keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. It’s important that you make sure you get in there quickly with the important jobs because they are going to be in high demand. The quicker you react, the more likely you are to give yourself the perfect chance of securing the big opportunities.

Smash the Interview

The one area of applying for jobs that is the most exciting but also nerve-wracking is the interview phase. This is the phase where you need to make sure you are at the top of your game as much as possible. The interview can be definitive and will make all the differences hen separating you from other candidates. If you can smash the interview stage, you will find that you are more likely to be offered the job. So you have to work on interview techniques and make sure you do as much as possible to make the best impression. This is the most important part of the process, so you have to make sure you do what you can to ace it at all times.

Consider Your Contract Carefully

When you are offered a business contract, you need to be careful with it. Before you sign, you have to make sure you consider the contract carefully. This is something that too many prospective employees ignore, and it can be to their detriment. You have to make sure to your contract includes everything you want it to. It’s important to be happy with it as much as possible before you actually sign. And the way to achieve this is to ask questions before you sign your new job contract. It’s something you have to ensure you are happy with before you proceed.


A new career path can be daunting, but it’s important to make sure you get the best job you possibly can. The way to achieve this is to make sure you are prepared for job hunting and using techniques to secure the best role you possibly can.


The Job is Yours – Develop & Hone Your Skills

career-paperAt a young age, you still need to give some thought to the sort of career you want in the future. There are many things you can do to develop skills and craft that will help you secure the job you want. Making yourself a more employable prospect is essential for ensuring that you get better opportunities. So, use the ideas on this list to make sure you hone your skills and become a much better and more popular prospect.

Take Courses

You have to make sure you train yourself and get the right qualifications for the role you want. If you want to separate yourself from the competition, you need to make sure you are fully qualified. The goal is to make yourself a more attractive prospect for potential employers. And the way to achieve that is to get training and qualifications so you can go to them with quality and experience for the job at hand. So, consider what you want to get out of your career, and the sort of experience you need. Things like injection molding training or construction training are important. They give you the necessary skills to progress in your career.

Consider an Apprenticeship

One of the best ways to develop career and business skills is to make sure you consider an apprenticeship. These are often available in manual and labor professions. They present the perfect opportunity for you to learn the ropes and become knowledgeable in a certain profession. Then at the end of the apprenticeship, you can expect to secure full-time employment. This is something you definitely need to consider as much as you can. An apprenticeship offers you the chance to enter the working world and learn from professionals as you go. There’s a reason so many people gravitate towards apprenticeships

Use Opportunities You Get

There are going to be a lot of opportunities open to you, even if you’re still in education. Even if you are still studying or learning, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of work opportunities that are available. Work experience or part-time jobs can play a hugely important role in the process of gaining employment experience. These opportunities will give you the chance to understand how the process works. Then you can see whether a job is exactly what you thought it would be, and decide if it’s for you. Work experience is really great for making sure you develop contacts and relationships for after you leave education. You have to take advantage of any and all employment opportunities that come your way. This is the best way of developing your skills and business acumen.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; it’s always good to think about the job you want. There are so many career paths out there that are important and appealing. And you need to think about the best job for you, and how you can secure that job. If you can develop and hone your skills, you will be much better placed to secure the career of your dreams.

Make Job Hunting Easy! Three Pointers To Help You Land A Job

jobsEven before you finish school, you should start considering getting a job. Working from a young age will help you in many ways. It will look great on your resumé, stand out to future employers, and give you career skills for the future.

But many people might be intimidated by the prospect of finding a job. Perhaps you don’t know where to start, or you don’t think you’re qualified for anything. The fortunate thing is there are jobs out there even for people with no experience. All it takes is being a proactive job hunter. Here are some tips for you to start landing jobs.

Improve Your Resumé

Since all your potential employers will see your resumé, you’ll need to make sure it stands out. It will help you land interviews and ultimately get a job.

Work experience is the most important part of a resumé. If you’ve had any former employment, work placements, or even done voluntary work, be sure to include the skills you picked up. Education is also important, so include your GPA and any certifications you’ve acquired.

Even those with no relevant experience can make their resumé stand out. Include your personal qualities, such as being reliable, hard-working, and punctual. Things like being on a sports team and extracurricular activities should also be included. If you have a driving license, be sure to include this- employers love staff to have their own transport.

Search For Jobs

With your resumé up to date, it’s time to start searching. You may want to look at stores, cafés, and restaurants in the local area. Many will advertise their need for workers in the window. You can also go inside and ask the staff if any jobs are available. Be sure to have copies of your resumé to hand out.

You should also look online. More and more employers find workers through the internet these days. There are many job sites, such as Belk Careers, which can help you find an ideal job. Now is an especially good time to look online, as many companies will be hiring for the Holidays.

You could also ask friends and family if they know of any available positions. Getting interviews will be easy as long as you’re proactive in applying for positions.

Learn More

Although there are jobs available which don’t require a degree, getting the right education can help you land your dream career. If you aren’t already in college or planning for it, you should start looking into degrees and schools now.

Education won’t just give you the qualifications needed for a career. It can also give you many employable skills. You’ll learn to work to deadlines and communicate with others well. It can also enhance your writing and technical skills.

College isn’t the only option when it comes to learning. There are also online learning opportunities which can help you with your job hunt. You can even learn online in your spare time while you have a job. You could also get on-the-job learning through internships and apprenticeships.

10 Wrong Assumptions Teens Make When Seeking Work

10 Wrong Assumptions Teens Make When Seeking Work

 by Suzanne Kleinberg

Do you think you know everything about finding a job?  Many teens think they know the right way to getting or keeping a job, but they often blame their unemployment or dissatisfaction on others.  Many base their choices on their parent’s expectations, their friend’s expectations, society’s expectations as well as their financial expectations.  Here are ten assumptions that teens often make when searching for a job. 

1.     A summer or part-time job must be within your career path.

Many teens choose to follow their career dreams through summer or part-time jobs.  However, whether you are sure or unsure about your career goals, take the opportunity to try for a job that interests you.  Now is the time in your life that you can take risks or try jobs just for the fun of it.  So if you want to work as a clown, pet sitter or kids’ baseball umpire, now is the time to do it.

2.     Choosing a career path is simple.

Actually, choosing a career is an involved process and you should give it the time it deserves. Career planning is a multi-step path that involves learning enough about yourself and the occupations which you are considering in order to make an informed decision.  Talk to your friends, parents, parents’ friends, friends’ parents and guidance counselor.  Oh, and plan to change your career throughout your lifetime as industries, technologies and your interests change.  So don’t put pressure on yourself to know it all now or to find a summer job on that path.

3.      Getting a job at McDonalds or Walmart is not constructive for my future.

Many teens make the mistake and think that a job flipping burgers or stocking shelves is beneath them or won’t help them in their future career.  That is totally incorrect.  Firstly, there is no shame in working – at any job.  Even if you plan to be a doctor or a movie director, these types of jobs teach you communication skills, networking, managing relationships and customer service.  All key skills needed regardless of your career.

Secondly, a lot of these jobs also teach business skills such as money management, inventory tracking and working in teams.  It is these types of skills that will be highlighted on your résumé that you will use to get your career launching job in the future.  You can’t get these skills watching Jersey Shore reruns.

Plus, you may actually have fun at these places.

4.      I can’t make a living from my hobby.

Says who?  When choosing a career path, it makes perfect sense to choose one that is related to what you enjoy doing in your spare time.  In addition, people tend to become very skilled in their hobbies even though most of the skill is gained informally. So if you are a gamer, look into getting a summer or part-time job working for a game developer even if the job is ordering supplies.  You will learn from the developers what the job is really like and what skills you need to reach your goals. 

5.     If I don’t get a response from my job application, then I should just move on.

  Many people make the mistake of submitting a job application or résumé and wait to get a call back.  When they don’t hear back, they assume that they are rejected.  Not true.

Sometimes you need follow up with the hiring person.  This shows that you have initiative and that you really want the job.  Even if you get a rejection, then at least you will know that you should move on.  If you are rejected, take the opportunity to ask why so that you can make the necessary changes to get the next job.  Don’t take it personal – it is just business.  It may take a few calls to get an answer.  Don’t be a nuisance but do be persistent.  Studies have shown that it takes 5-12 times to make a “sale” – most people stop at 3.  Don’t lose out because you assume the worst! 

6.     Making a lot of money will make me happy.

While salary is surely important, it isn’t the only factor you should look at when choosing a job. Countless surveys have shown that money doesn’t necessarily lead to job satisfaction.  For many people enjoying what they do at work is much more important.  And if you enjoy what you do, you will be good at it which will help you succeed later in your career.

7.     Volunteer work is useless because I won’t earn money.

Not true.  You can get the best work experiences through volunteering.  Many charitable organizations such as animal shelters are desperate for volunteers.  This means that you may be able to do tasks that a paying job would never let you. For example, you may start working at an animal shelter scooping litter boxes but, once there, you may offer to help with fundraising or event planning or marketing or graphic design.  These organizations can’t afford professionals and don’t require someone to have experience to do these tasks.  Sure you won’t get paid, but you will get an opportunity to try out your graphic design skills and be able to put that on your résumé.  Besides, charities are the best places to network and meet really great people. 

8.     I can wait until July to get a summer job.

Good luck with that approach.  Because of the struggling economy, teens are now competing with college graduates for summer employment.  A lot of the best summer jobs are snatched up by grads by April and May.  So by the time you clean out your locker, a lot of opportunities will be long gone.  Depending on the job that you are seeking, start your search no later than May.  Have all your materials ready (résumés, target list of companies, discussion points highlighting your skills, etc.) by March or early April.  And start the search soon after asking if the company plans any summer openings.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity just because you assume that everyone will wait for you. 

9.     I should look for a summer job where I can work with my friends.

Everyone is different and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another – even if that other person is someone with whom you have a lot in common.  If someone you know has a job that interests you, look into it but be aware of the fact that it may not necessarily be a good fit for you.

Plus many people have found that hanging out with a friend is one thing, but working with them is another.  On the job, many people’s demeanor and focus change and many become much more serious.  And if your friend gets you the job by putting a good word in for you, you have added responsibility to do your best and not tarnish his/her reputation.  Sometimes working together ends friendships.

10.  I don’t need a resume to apply for a summer job.

Nowadays, a résumé is actually expected in most job applications.  Even if it is not, you should always provide a well-written résumé because it will highlight the skills that you want the employer to see.  Job applications usually highlight just the past employers and titles.   Your résumé speaks for you and tells the employer that you will be an asset to them even before the interview.

You will need to invest time and research in your job search as well as patience and an open mind.  Regardless of your expectations of the job, make the most out of it.  You won’t regret it.

In 2010, Kleinberg founded Potential to Soar, a unique career and talent coaching service wherein she guides new graduates, seasoned professionals and corporations, small and large, through private coaching, customized workshops and psychometric assessment tools.

Kleinberg’s books include Employee Rights and Employer Wrongs, an everyman’s guide to navigating the complex world of labour and employment law, It’s All About the Elizabeths, which introduces financial management to teens, and From Playstation to Workstation, aimed at youth starting their careers.