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These Skills Will Safeguard You No Matter What The Future Holds

Nobody wants to end up with a job that they really don’t like. Making sure you have the skills required to land the job of your dreams is one way to get to where you want to be. However, nobody knows what the future holds, and it’s a good idea to make sure you have transferrable skills that will safeguard you no matter what happens. Many of the jobs that exist today may not exist in the future. There will also likely be many new jobs in the future that don’t exist right now. With this in mind, it’s important not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Studies estimate that young people will change their jobs at least 7 times throughout their lives, and 5 of these will likely be jobs that don’t exist right now! Here are a few skills that will help to safeguard you no matter what the future holds:

Written/Speaking Communication Skills

Both written and speaking communication skills are essential for most jobs these days. It’s unlikely that a machine will ever truly be able to have a ‘human element’ about it, and this sort of thing is important in many roles these days. By making sure your writing stands out and that you can listen/speak effectively, you will be able to create many opportunities for yourself in the future.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Having entrepreneurial skills is a good idea for the times you feel a little uncertain about your path. Can’t find a role that’s perfect for you? Create one! This is what entrepreneurs do, and with the internet, it’s possible for just about anybody to start a business these days. Having skills like financial literacy and leadership qualities will be a huge help. It’s important to know how to use certain skills, such as innovation, in a business context too.

Having these skills in just about any role can help you to work your way up the ladder too.

Computer Coding

Computer coding is something many people can learn, even very young children. It can seem complex at first, but coding bootcamps can make it second nature for young people. With these bootcamps, anyone can become a professional software developer in just 12 weeks, being able to create responsive websites, mobile apps, and more. Most people leave the bootcamps completely job ready. This can be a great opportunity for an in-house developer or somebody who wants to work for themselves. It’s always a good skill to fall back on too.  

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a must to establish which information is most relevant. With the way the job industry is going, we all need to develop skills that allow us to better navigate ambiguity and even find comfort in it. Both critical thinking and problem solving skills are crucial for this.

Making sure you have the skills to safeguard your future now, will help to save stress and time later on down the line. You can do anything if you put your mind to it!


Mastering These Sales Skills Will Make You A Winner – Whatever Your Future Career!

Have you ever wondered what all the successful people in life have in common? The answer is simple: they have skills usually found in high-achieving salespeople! What might shock you is that some of those folks don’t make a living from sales. Some of them have occupations that seldom have anything to do with selling or sales.

It doesn’t matter whether your future plans involve being a rocket scientist, doctor, or an inventor. What you should take on board is that you need to have some vital sales skills to be successful in your future career. Let me explain the essential sales skills everyone – including you – needs to have, regardless of your dream profession:

Listen to the things people say to you

Perhaps the number one sales skill everyone needs to have is being a good listener! The ugly truth is that many of us are lacking such an essential skill. Listening to what people have to say offers you numerous benefits.

For a start, you’ll learn more about them such as what they love and hate. From a career perspective, listening to others ensures you know how to say or do the right things to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

You would think that all people know how to hear what other folks are saying. But, some of us are just self-absorbed or narcissistic! Believe it or not, in many sales training exercises, one of the first things you learn is how to listen! When you forge a career in sales, if you miss such a vital skill, it’s likely you won’t last in your job very long!

Make connections with people

You might not realize it. But, there will almost certainly be at least ONE thing you have in common with other people! Whatever your job, finding a way to connect with your clients or people you work with will make your life easier. Once you find a way to connect with other people, you can build on that connection.

Be happy to help

One of the hallmarks of a successful person is their willingness to help other people. You might think that offering simple or trivial acts of selfless support to people won’t benefit you much. But, nothing could be further from the truth!

You should remember that your acts of kindness will often go noticed. Especially if they get seen by your manager or customers!

For example, let’s say that you “go the extra mile” to help a client with a problem they are having. They will appreciate you and your company more and are more likely to consider your company first for future projects.

Do stuff because you love what you’re doing

These days, most of the things we do in our careers get measured by a variety of metrics.

All too often, many of us don’t play by the rules so that we can reach our targets. The thing is; if you love what you’re doing, achieving your career goals will happen naturally.

By applying the above strategies to your life, you’ll soon be on the road to a more successful career!


So You Want To Become An Entrepreneur?

Have you decided that you want to try and make it on your own and become an entrepreneur once you have left college? That’s a great decision, and you will find that it will provide you with a lot of independence in a very rewarding line of work. However, it isn’t simply something that you can just become overnight. You will need to work hard so that you can learn all the skills and knowledge needed to set up your own business. Ready to start working towards your career goal? Here are some important things to consider.

Be Inspired By Others

There are lots of people out there who started early and made their fortune at a very young age. For instance, just look at Mark Zuckerberg and all his success with Facebook. There are lots more success stories about young entrepreneurs. You should start reading all of these stories now. That way, you can discover people who impress and inspire you. We all need heroes and role models throughout our lives who we can look up to and motivate us to do our best. It is also a good idea to try and learn about the mistakes that all these successful people made in their journey. Learn from these, and be sure to never make the same mistakes that they did.

Do Well In School And College

If there is one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common, it is the fact that they are so hardworking and driven. And that started long before they had even set up their own business. So you need to follow their example and start to put in a lot of effort at school and college. Work hard, go to college to learn the basics of business, and you will find life as an entrepreneur a whole lot easier!

Become A People Person

Even though you will be the boss of your very own company, you will have to rely on some others to help you with various jobs and tasks. To ensure you become a great boss to all your employees, you need to try and improve your people skills. Sure, you could outsource these tasks, or rely on useful resources such as financial software or an HR tool, but there is nothing that beats having people working by your side to develop your company. And the best way to get people on board and to stick with you is to become a great people person.

Get Plenty Of Experience

You will need to have a lot of experience under your belt to succeed in the big world of business. So whenever you get the opportunity, you should take as much work experience as possible. Even better if it is closely linked to the industry that you want to eventually work in. This will give you a fantastic view of how businesses are run and what makes a fantastic leader and boss.

Good luck on your future career as a brilliant entrepreneur!

Important Life Skills Not Taught In Schools

Although schools nowadays are a lot more aware of the need to provide their students with the key life skills they need in order to function in the real world as adults, they do still have a way to go.

While it’s great to learn the things taught by schools, and you should definitely try your best to learn as much as you can about each subject, unless you’re really planning to study them at a higher education level, or make it your full time career, then there are so many subjects that you really won’t use after you leave.

On the other hand, there are other skills that are more important to your life in general once you leave school. While schools often take the stance that these things are the responsibility of parents to teach, and they’re also right, many parents don’t teach these things – and often if they do, then they teach it the way they know, so bad habits are passed on, which later cause problems.

Below, we’re going to cover a few of these skills, how they can help you set yourself up for more success, and how you can start taking proactive action to learn them now.

Finance Skills:

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with being good at math, or starting to study crazy equations. It’s simply the skills you need to be able to handle and manage money as an adult. Especially when starting university, it can be easy to get into debt, so it’s really important that you understand how to budget, how to save, how to pay taxes, and how to make sure you have enough money left over each month after paying your bills. You can find plenty of resources, such as experts like Darren Christopher Rowland online who can help you attain these skills.

Communication Skills:

Sure, you learn things like correct English in school, and you’re also taught things like manners and the appropriate ways to conduct yourself in public, both at school, and at home, it’s essential that you know how to communicate properly with your peers once in university, and in the workplace. Communication is about more than what you say, it’s really about how you say things, and the meaning or intent behind it. Being a good communicator also involves being able to listen to others, showing empathy, and also your non-verbal communication, such as body language. These skills are constantly being improved by adults, so don’t think you have to be an expert as soon as you leave school, this is a skill you’ll be perfecting your whole life.

Language Skills:

Although languages are technically taught in schools, they don’t start with them early enough. Young children are like sponges when it comes to learning and retaining new information, so languages should really be taught at nursery, or at the latest started with in primary school for the best results. It’s almost a waste of time to try and teach foreign languages in high school, because the information just doesn’t stick at that point, and usually the teachers aren’t native speakers of the language they’re teaching. They may speak with fluency, but this is no comparison to a native speaker. Of course, you may not want or need to learn a foreign language, but due to the amount of opportunities that it opens up for you, not only in your professional life, but on a personal level, it really is a skill that should be taught in school much earlier, and much better than it currently is.

The Job is Yours – Develop & Hone Your Skills

career-paperAt a young age, you still need to give some thought to the sort of career you want in the future. There are many things you can do to develop skills and craft that will help you secure the job you want. Making yourself a more employable prospect is essential for ensuring that you get better opportunities. So, use the ideas on this list to make sure you hone your skills and become a much better and more popular prospect.

Take Courses

You have to make sure you train yourself and get the right qualifications for the role you want. If you want to separate yourself from the competition, you need to make sure you are fully qualified. The goal is to make yourself a more attractive prospect for potential employers. And the way to achieve that is to get training and qualifications so you can go to them with quality and experience for the job at hand. So, consider what you want to get out of your career, and the sort of experience you need. Things like injection molding training or construction training are important. They give you the necessary skills to progress in your career.

Consider an Apprenticeship

One of the best ways to develop career and business skills is to make sure you consider an apprenticeship. These are often available in manual and labor professions. They present the perfect opportunity for you to learn the ropes and become knowledgeable in a certain profession. Then at the end of the apprenticeship, you can expect to secure full-time employment. This is something you definitely need to consider as much as you can. An apprenticeship offers you the chance to enter the working world and learn from professionals as you go. There’s a reason so many people gravitate towards apprenticeships

Use Opportunities You Get

There are going to be a lot of opportunities open to you, even if you’re still in education. Even if you are still studying or learning, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of work opportunities that are available. Work experience or part-time jobs can play a hugely important role in the process of gaining employment experience. These opportunities will give you the chance to understand how the process works. Then you can see whether a job is exactly what you thought it would be, and decide if it’s for you. Work experience is really great for making sure you develop contacts and relationships for after you leave education. You have to take advantage of any and all employment opportunities that come your way. This is the best way of developing your skills and business acumen.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; it’s always good to think about the job you want. There are so many career paths out there that are important and appealing. And you need to think about the best job for you, and how you can secure that job. If you can develop and hone your skills, you will be much better placed to secure the career of your dreams.

Be All That You Can Be

Be All That You Can Be

Be all that you can be

Be all that you can be

We all want to be the best we can be, to develop all of our skills to the maximum. To perform at our peak and to be in the zone is what we all dream about. Whether it is in sports, a hobby, our job, raising our family, relationships or in our spiritual lives.

It doesn’t matter where we want greatness; it is all going to come from the same place. It breeds inside of our self, deep within our heart. It all begins with self-love, how we are showing up for ourselves. It is difficult to show up for anything or anyone if we are not showing up for ourselves.

So, what does this mean; showing up for our self?

Here are some tips on how to show up for your self and to live in your heart, so that you can be available to your self and others, to the nth degree.

• Make sure you like who you are: It is hard to love yourself if you don’t like yourself. Make a list of the things you dislike about yourself, and see how you might be able to change your actions, attitudes, or perceptions about those things and remove them.

• Make sure you are taking care of yourself: In all areas of your life, health, relationships, job and spiritually. Make good decisions that will nurture your soul not damage it. Again, it is hard to love yourself if you are making bad decisions in your life and beating yourself up about those decisions.

• Spend time doing things that feed your soul: Don’t forget to be creative, leave room for your hobbies. Relax, take baths, read, and make time for your relationships in your life. If you are in a job that you hate, think about changing it.

• Processing your life, keep evolving spiritually: Whatever your spiritual practice is, stay close to it. Keep growing spiritually and process your life. Don’t stuff your feelings, move through them, and make sure you are clearing issues with your loved ones.

• Pay attention: Stay awake, it’s easy to fall asleep and just go about your day in your routine. If the routine is stale, shake it up with something different. Change your schedule, do something that you wouldn’t normally do. You don’t want to wake up some day at the age of 80 and say, “where did my life go”.

We all want to live our lives with meaning and purpose, being the best we can be. This isn’t going to happen if we are sitting in the back seat, with others driving, while we watch the scenery go by. Living with purpose takes full-time participation.

The great thing about living our lives to the fullest extent is that it feels amazing, and unbelievable things happen. Stay awake for the ride and even be the driver and start enjoying your life in a truly different way.

Debra Beck

Debra Beck

Debra Beck, Author of My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out, is a devoted mentor for teenage girls and parents on issues facing teenagers and parents today.

With 20 plus years experience in self-development, and first-hand awareness of how difficult the teenage years can be, empathy, and a passion for making a difference, Debra discovered her life’s work: helping young girls learn to truly love themselves from the inside out. She is also a parent of two daughters and understands the worries of parenting, so she is also devoted to guiding parents through these turbulent years to give them the tools they need to create a harmonious family unit.

She has created and facilitated her own workshops, girls groups and individual mentoring through Spirited Youth, an organization she founded to help girls in a positive and supportive way. Because she has experienced both being a tormented teen and a worried parent, she mentors through her heart with compassion.

She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

More information on her work can be found at www.myfeetarentugly.com.