Just Say No to Sex Before Marriage

Written by Jill Sheets, Relate Contributing Writer


Former First Lady Nancy Reagan began a “Say No to Drugs” campaign.

Even though drugs are still a problem today, there should be a new campaign started, if it is not already in existence. It is a campaign that says no to sex before marriage. You all have heard this before, but hear us out. Teenage pregnancies are on the rise, but first let us tell you about this girl who was a senior in high school.


By telling you about this girl, it’s not a story to say that it’s okay. This is a raw reality for someone who wishes she had waited. She had met her boyfriend through a friend, when she was around 16 years old. He was older than her, but she did not realize that it was against the law. Soon her boyfriend asked her to marry him. Being in “love” for the first time, she said yes. Thinking that she was supposed to because she was engaged, she had sex with him. To make a long story short, she was pregnant when she was a senior in high school. She was not mentally ready to be pregnant. She told her fiancé that she could be pregnant, and he skipped town. To add to that stress, she didn’t know how to tell her mom, so she kept counting the months until her graduation. She was going to be pregnant through the rest of her senior year, and she may or may not have been in labor on her graduation day. What about her future? Was she going to be able to work, go to college and take care of a baby? Could she rely on her finance, if he came back? The stress got to her, and she lost the baby one day when she was at school. Put yourself in her place.

If that doesn’t work, here are the hard facts and consequences of teenage pregnancy. According to www.womenshealthchannel.com, in the U.S around one million teenagers get pregnant each year.


  • Pregnant teenagers are more likely to drop out of school early, which will result in lower pay and possibly not having the skills they need to get a job.
  • Teenage mothers and teenagers who are pregnant could experience depression along with the worry they now have. Their bodies and their brains are not ready to have a baby and the choices they have to make.
  • The teenage parents have to grow up fast. There is no more going out with their friends, and they miss out on a lot of their childhood. Some feel like they are isolated.

Some other facts:

  • Teenage marriages are more likely to end in divorce.
  • On top of that, there is a great possibility of violence in the teen parents’ relationship.
  • Also, there is the health risk of the teenage mother and her baby. For example, having the baby early will result in a lower birth weight. Also, the pregnant teenager could hurt her spine and pelvic bones. They also risk having anemia, high blood pressure, placental problems and pregnancy-induced hypertension.


We love the idea of Purity rings. There are many teenage celebrities out there who are making a promise to their parents, to God and to themselves that they will not have premarital sex. That is a great gift for you to give yourself.

It all comes down to this: not having sex is the only guaranteed way not to get pregnant. Give yourself that gift along with your future husband. Stay pure.