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Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Actor?

A lot of people dream of a fantastic career on the stage or screen. But the reality is that remarkably few of these actually have a passion for acting. The lure of fame and fortune is a strong pull, of course, but there is a lot more to acting than the glamour and glitz of Hollywood -which is an impossible dream for 95% of all actors. But you don’t have to make it to the big time – acting jobs are everywhere. And with the right attitude, experience, and desire to put yourself forward, you can make a decent living out of the art if you put your mind to it. Here’s what it takes to start an acting career…

You have an advantage

As a young person, you are in a good place to start planning a career in acting. With your life in front of you, time is most definitely on your side – but you the sooner you dive into acting, the better. Join your school drama group, and if it’s offered as a subject, take it. Sign up to local independent groups, too – and don’t be afraid to go to auditions. The truth is that auditions can be a little scary, but if you start trying out for things now, things will get a lot easier very quickly.

The college route

You don’t have to study drama – but as thespruce.com point out, it will help. You will learn all kinds of important aspects of acting, as well as learning how to set a stage up, lots of theory, and a good mix of styles. You can actually find yourself at acting school – maybe you will learn you are better suited in musicals than comedies, for example?

You need experience

Experience is vital when it comes to acting – whether you are going to college or looking for paid work. You might hear about young children who have been plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight, but these situations are incredibly rare. You are far better off doing as we suggested above, and getting as much experience as possible. There are plenty of services out there like AuditionsHq.com which list audition opportunities and casting calls. Your local papers will also display acting jobs on occasion. The most important thing, however, is to get involved with local drama groups – you will learn such a lot from more experienced actors, and don’t forget: you never know who might be watching!

Your proof

Although an audition will seal the deal for you, every actor needs proof to get that audition in the first place. You’ll need a showreel, showing off your range, skills, and experience. You might want to consider signing up with an agency, too – although please be careful to go with a reputable company. Agents have a lot of contacts and will be notified of upcoming jobs – and if you have star quality, they will back you to the hilt.

So, do you have what it takes to become an actor? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

Only Make Believe

by Tamela Aldridge

Only Make Believe Only Make Believe is magical.  Only Make Believe is creative.  Only Make Believe transcends space and time.

I’ve had the pleasure of being an actor with Only Make Believe since 2008.  Only Make Believe is a non profit organization that creates and performs interactive theater for children in hospitals and care facilities.  I love the idea that for 45 minutes children & parents can forget where they are and why they are there, and simply, play and have fun!

I remember playing as a kid and creating amazingly fanciful tales of fun and adventure. I have one older brother and we used to play endlessly together—until he discovered girls and football when he started Jr. High. But alas, my solo adventures continued, and with my then unbridled and fearless creativity, my imagination soared!

NYUHJD_Kimberly-and-childChoosing a career as an actor was an easy decision for me. I’ve always loved to play and to become someone else; my desire for storytelling has always led my path. My family was totally supportive and part of “Team Tamela” from the start, even though I could see in their eyes the fear and doubt of what could possibly lie ahead for me. I accepted their love and support, but I also unknowingly embraced their fears as well. Those fears became the first of many weights that began to hamper my soaring flight.

Over the years, the “weight” of this business has manifested itself into my life in many ways. There have been some wonderful highs and devastating lows. Many weights have been added: doubt, insecurity, betrayal, resentment, frustration, unfairness…the list can go on and on. But that desire to play, to become, to tell stories is still there…deep inside. It’s why I do what I do!  That’s why I love being a member of Only Make Believe!  So, I continue on my journey as an actor and even though it may be weighted down, I still manage to fly. But something was missing…

I discovered recently what that missing piece is: MY ability to believe!  When I truly believe, blessings happen and dreams come true.  I now manage my life not only as an actor, but also as a wife, mother and ambassador for Only Make Believe’s expansion office in Washington, DC., which launched in March 2012.  As people, we all have this gift! The gift of manifesting your dreams.  We use our imaginations to shape our dreams and desires.  So, whatever you strive for…just state it…claim it…but most importantly, BELIEVE IT and watch it FLY.

That is the essence of the magic we create at Only Make Believe.  Providing this service free-of-charge to hospitals, children & parents, Only Make Believe allows children to unlock their imaginations to believe, to engage, to spread their wings and to soar!

[You can also find more on Only Make Believe, here: http://www.onlymakebelieve.org/index.php]